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Chapter 194: Mengyao Xu“s Boyfriend

Chapter 194: Mengyao Xu's Boyfriend

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"Director, I have brought the person you want to meet," Mengyao Xu said as she pointed to Qingfeng.

A flash of displeasure appeared in the eyes of the young man on the right. He said, "Mengyao, he is not the Director. He is your father."

"Brother, he is my father but he is also the Director of the criminal police. My words are not incorrect," Mengyao Xu said with a light smile.

It was clear from her tone that she was somewhat dissatisfied with her father.

"Director, didn’t you want to meet my boyfriend? This is my boyfriend. His name is Qingfeng Li," Mengyao Xu said to Tianming Xu with a light smile as she pointed to Qingfeng.

What? Boyfriend?

Qingfeng was stunned. He quickly realized that something was wrong. Mengyao Xu said that the Director invited him to dinner. Why did she introduce him as her boyfriend?

Everyone turned their eyes on Qingfeng when they heard Mengyao Xu’s words. They looked curious, puzzled and shocked.

"Young man, my name is Tianming Xu. I am the Director of the Criminal Police and Mengyao Xu’s father," Tianming Xu said with a faint smile. His manner was not very enthusiastic.

His face was expressionless. It was clear that he did not like Qingfeng very much. This made Qingfeng slightly confused. Mengyao Xu had said that the Director invited him for dinner. Why was he treating him so coldly?

"Director Xu, Mengyao Xu said that you invited me for dinner?" Qingfeng asked as he furrowed his brows.

"Yes, I invited you to dinner. Mengyao Xu said that she had a boyfriend so I wanted to meet him," Tianming Xu said.

The young man with glasses suddenly stood up and said loudly,
"Mengyao, we grew up together. You know that I like you. I don’t believe that he is your boyfriend."

The name of the young man was Chen Song. He grew up in the same neighborhood with Mengyao Xu. He had just returned from his studies abroad and was currently pursuing Mengyao Xu.
Mengyao Xu’s father had agreed for Chen Song to pursue Mengyao Xu but she said that she had a boyfriend. Thus, they asked for Mengyao Xu to bring his boyfriend to meet them.

"Chen Song, truthfully, I don’t like you. The person I like is Qingfeng. He is my boyfriend," Mengyao Xu said with a charming smile as she held onto Qingfeng’s hand.

What? I finally get what is going on. I am used as an excuse.
Qingfeng finally understood what was going on. He knew that the young man must be pursuing Mengyao Xu and has even convinced her father. Mengyao Xu used him as an excuse to reject this fellow.

I knew it. Why would the important Director of the criminal police invite an ordinary employee of the Ice Snow Corporation like me for dinner? It was all made up by Mengyao Xu.

Qingfeng glared at Mengyao Xu with displeasure. He thought, "You should at least let me know that you are going to use me as an excuse. It is such a surprise attack that I am completely unprepared."

"Qingfeng, I hope that you can leave Mengyao Xu. You do not deserve her," Chen Song said with an air of superiority as he stood up.

His tone was filled with pride. He looked down at Qingfeng with disdain in his eyes. What the f*ck, why are you looking at me like that? With disdain and mockery?

Qingfeng furrowed his brows when he saw Chen Song’s gaze. He was angered and thought, "It is none of my business that you are pursuing Mengyao Xu. But how can you look down upon me? There is no way I can tolerate it."

"Keke, Mengyao Xu is my girlfriend. Why should I leave her?"
Qingfeng chuckled and placed his arm around Mengyao Xu’s waist intimately.

Qingfeng purposely placed his arms around Mengyao Xu to anger Chen Song. Who said he could look down at him? Even a mud man had a temper, it was even more so for the Wolf King like Qingfeng.

"Qingfeng, I hope that you can recognize your identity. There are some people you should not anger," Chen Song threatened when he saw Qingfeng placing his arm around Mengyao Xu. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

What? Are you threatening me? There are people I should not anger?

Qingfeng was so angry he almost laughed when he heard Chen Song’s threats. He was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent. Even the President of the Wolf Continent did not dare to speak to him in such a manner.

"I don’t like to find trouble but I am not one to back down if anyone finds trouble with me. Who are you? Why should I not anger you?" Qingfeng smiled coldly with disdain.

"Since you want to know, let me tell you. My father is the Vice-Mayor of Eastern Sea City," Chen Song said with pride.
Vice-Mayor. That was the second most influential person in Eastern Sea City next to the Mayor. An ordinary person who heard that he was the son of the Vice-Mayor would try to please him.
But to Chen Song’s surprise, Qingfeng’s expression did not change after hearing his identity. It was as if Qingfeng had not heard his words.

"I thought you were the son of the Wolf Continent President. But you are merely the son of the Vice-Mayor," Qingfeng said insultingly.

On the Wolf Continent, even the son of the President would pass a cigarette to Qingfeng and asked him how he was doing if he saw Qingfeng. Chen Song did not deserve to flaunt in front of him.
Chen Song’s face darkened when he heard Qingfeng’s insults. He coldly asked, "Qingfeng, you are such a boaster. Who do you think you are?"

"Why should I tell you who I am? Who are you?" Qingfeng looked sneeringly at Chen Song with disdain in his eyes.

He was the King of Wolf Continent and the Emperor of the underworld. Chen Song did not deserve to know his identity.

"Director, the dishes you ordered are ready. Should I bring them to the table?" Qingfeng and Chen Song were still arguing when a middle-aged manager walked in and asked Tianming Xu.
Tianming Xu frequently dined at the Hotel. The manager knew him as he was a regular customer.

"Serve the dishes," Tianming Xu said with a light nod.
He paid attention to Qingfeng and Chen Song’s conversation. He wanted to see who was stronger. After all, his daughter often praised Qingfeng in front of him. She often said how strong and heroic he was.

Tianming Xu had yet to see Qingfeng’s heroic feats today. But he has witnessed his sharp-tongue and boasting abilities.
The son of the Vice-Mayor, Chen Song, could not refute Qingfeng’s insults.

But, Tianming Xu did not like Qingfeng. To survive in society, no matter if it was in the political realm or in a corporation, the most important thing was one’s skills and power.
No matter how strong Qingfeng was, how could he be a match for the Vice-Mayor?