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Chapter 195: Mengyao, You Are Being Biased

Chapter 195: Mengyao, You Are Being Biased

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Not long after, the delicacies were served. There was five spice chicken, Roasted duck, steamed perch, roasted pork, and meatballs.
There was a total of eight dishes and four soups. Each dish was delicious and exquisite. The dishes were both beautifully presented and aromatic. The soup was also fragrant. The dishes provoked everyone’s appetite.

Green Restaurant was a five-star Restaurant. The dishes were naturally extremely delicious. A lot of wealthy people liked to dine here.

"Mengyao, have a seat. Let us eat," Tianming Xu said with a smile.
Tianming Xu has worried greatly over his daughter. She was no longer young so he wanted to find her a good man such as Chen Song. But she did not like him.

Of course, Tianming Xu also had his self-interests. He did not highly value Chen Song as a person, but rather, his identity as the son of the Vice-Mayor. Song Chen identity was of help to him.

"Hmph, I will sit on this side," Mengyao Xu snorted. She did not look at her father. Instead, she dragged Qingfeng and sat down. She sat next to Qingfeng instead of her father.

She was still displeased with her father. It was already modern society where there was equality between men and women. But her father still wanted to interfere with her marriage and marry her to Chen Song.

Yes, he was the son of the Vice-Mayor. He came from an influential background and had a bright future but Mengyao Xu did not like him.

If Mengyao Xu had to choose between Qingfeng and Chen Song, she would definitely choose Qingfeng instead of Chen Song.

"This roasted pork tastes great. Have a taste," Mengyao Xu said with a charming smile as she placed a slice of pork into Qingfeng’s bowl.

"It tastes great." Qingfeng took a bite of the pork and gave a thumbs-up. The pork was delicious and soft.

"Mengyao, you are biased. You are only picking up dishes for Qingfeng. Have you forgotten about your Sister-in-law after you got a boyfriend?" The beautiful woman poked fun at Mengyao Xu with a smile.

The beautiful woman was Rou Li. She was Mengyao Xu’s sister-in-law and treated Mengyao Xu very well. The two of them had a great relationship.

Mengyao Xu’s charming face became red at her sister-in-law’s words. She was shy.

"Sister-in-law, let me get you a chicken thigh," Mengyao Xu said with a flustered face as she quickly grabbed her sister-in-law a chicken thigh.

"Hmph, I have not yet recognized Qingfeng as her boyfriend. What are you saying?" The young man said with dissatisfaction when he heard Rou Li’s words.

"Jun Xu, what are you saying? Mengyao already said that Qingfeng was her boyfriend. What did I say wrong?" Rou Li looked at the young man with displeasure.

The young man was none other than Mengyao Xu’ elder brother, Jun Xu.

Like his father, Jun Xu did not like Qingfeng. He liked Chen Song.

Jun Xu’s expression changed when he heard the displeasure in his wife’s voice. He was slightly afraid of his wife.
"Mengyao, introduce your boyfriend to me," Rou Li said with a glance at Qingfeng.

"Sister-in-law, his name is Qingfeng. He is a salesman of the Ice Snow Corporation," Mengyao Xu said with a smile. With her cleverness, she naturally understood her sister-in-law’s intentions.


He was just a salesman?

Qingfeng was puzzled. Their family was one of the four big families of Eastern Sea City. She could not understand how a salesman met Mengyao Xu.

"Mengyao, how did you meet Qingfeng? What is his family like?" Rou Li asked with a faint smile.

She was close with Mengyao Xu. Since Mengyao Xu said that the young man ahead was her boyfriend, Rou Li had to understand his family background to prevent Mengyao Xu from being tricked.

"Him and I…" Mengyao Xu parted her lips and was about to recount how they met but quickly closed her mouth.
Why did she close her mouth? It was because Qingfeng and Mengyao Xu first met at a foot spa. Qingfeng went to the foot spa to rescue someone and Mengyao Xu went to raid the foot spa. Because of the misunderstanding, she even arrested Qingfeng.

Their first encounter was slightly awkward. The foot spa was not very presentable so Mengyao Xu did not want to bring it up.

Mengyao Xu knew nothing about his family as well. She had never been to his home. How would she know about his family?

Rou Li frowned slightly when she saw that Mengyao Xu did not speak. She muttered in her heart, "Mengyao knows nothing about Qingfeng. Could he be a fraud?"

In modern society, there were many frauds who specially targeted women from wealthy background.

Qingfeng was slightly speechless when he saw Rou Li’s gaze. What is wrong with your gaze? Why are you looking at me like I am a fraud?

Qingfeng looked towards Rou Li and realized that even though her face was gorgeous, her face was pale. Her forehead and ears were slightly yellow. This was the classic presentation of accumulation of chilly air.

"Why are you staring at me?" A flash of displeasure appeared in Rou Li’s eyes when he saw Qingfeng staring intently at her.
Was this fellow a pervert? How could he stare intently at her? Her husband was right next to her.

"This is my sister-in-law. Why are you staring at her?"
Mengyao Xu’s face was flustered. She pinched Qingfeng heavily on the arm to make him attentive of his actions.
"Sister-in-law, do you suffer from insomnia and feel that there is a chilly air within your body? Does your abdomen hurt?" Qingfeng asked Rou Li with a slight smile.


You called my wife ‘sister-in-law’?

Jun Li was stunned. It was alright for Mengyao Xu to call my wife ‘sister-in-law’. But who are you to call her ‘sister-in-law’?
Jun Xu was about to reprimand Qingfeng when Rou Li’s expression changed greatly.

"How did you know my symptoms?" Rou Li’s mouth was slightly parted. Her beautiful face was filled with shock.
When she heard her sister-in-law’s words, Mengyao Xu said, "Sister-in-law, Qingfeng is a highly skilled doctor. He was the one who healed the heavily injured kidnapped children I told you about."

"Sister-in-law, if I am not wrong, you suffer from infertility," Qingfeng said with a light smile as he revealed Rou Li’s illness.
Miracle Doctor!

This was indeed a miracle doctor!

At this moment, Rou Li was stunned. Jun Xu was stunned. Even Tianming Xu was stunned. Qingfeng knew the symptoms of a person with a single glance. He was truly a miracle doctor.
The only person who was not surprised was Mengyao Xu. She already knew of Qingfeng’s prowess.

At the police station, Mengyao Xu’s chest was flat. After Qingfeng’s treatment, her breasts have become much bigger. Even though he was often a pervert, Qingfeng was a highly skilled doctor.

"Qingfeng, can you cure infertility?’ Rou Li asked anxiously. Her eyes were filled with desperation.