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Chapter 196: Infertility

Chapter 196: Infertility

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"Don’t worry, I can cure your infertility," Qingfeng said while smiling.

Through the "Qi-Inspection technique" from the art of Chinese Medical Skill, Qingfeng has noticed that Rou Li’s body was full of cold gas and had started to show the syndrome of infertility.

"Could you really treat my infertility?" Rou Li asked desperately while feeling surprised.

She and her husband Jun Xu have been married for eight years though they still didn’t have a kid. After checking in the hospital, they were told that Rou Li had infertility and wouldn’t be able to get pregnant.

Since Rou Li and Jun Xu both wanted a kid, they searched around all the famous hospital in Eastern Sea City including even the largest one in Jing Capital. They also went to see different professionals numerous times, but they still couldn’t have their problem solved.

What Rou Li wanted was only a child. She wanted to be a mother yet she couldn’t conceive one. This was the biggest punishment for such a heart-broken lady.

But upon the arrival of Qingfeng, she seemed finally found some hope since he could immediately figure out her condition just by looking at her.

"Your infertility was caused by something special, I can heal that and make you able to get pregnant within a month," Qingfeng nodded and said while smiling.

Become pregnant within a month? Rou Li Looked at him surprisingly with her mouth opened as well as Jun Xu.

Jun Xu were even more surprised than Rou Li. They have been searching for solution to make Rou Li for eight years and still didn’t find one. Now, Qingfeng said he could actually make it happen within a month? They would certainly be amazed.

"You don’t look like you believe me, huh?" Qingfeng asked them while smiling after seeing their skeptical face.

He already detected that the reason why Rou Li couldn’t become pregnant was due to the cold in her body. As long as the cold still remained there, she would be able to conceive.

"Of course we do! How could we not believe you?" Jun Xu made a dry laugh while touching his nose. He still seemed very skeptical about Qingfeng even though he said he believed him.

After all, how can a young man like him cure a syndrome that couldn’t be cured by experts from large hospitals?

"Hahaha, this is hilarious. Who do you think you are? You could cure infertility?" Cheng Song started to laugh at Qingfeng with disdain.

He felt unbalanced and started to sneer at Qingfeng for his arrogance since he was looked up by Rou Li.

"Cheng Song, it’s not your business when I am checking for Rou Li. Who are you to try to stop me?" Qingfeng replied calmly while glancing at him.

"Huh, you must be a liar trying to favor Ms. Li by saying you could fix her infertility," Cheng Song said with contempt while laughing.

In his opinion, Qingfeng must be lying by saying he could cure the syndrome to get the attention of Mengyao’s family.

"Cheng Song, if I am right, you just had your appendicitis removed last month, right?" Qingfeng said with a faint smile.

Cheng Song changed his face after he heard what Qingfeng said.

"Wait, how did you know that?"

Cheng Song just had his appendicitis removal surgery done last mont. Besides his family, nobody else, including Tianming knew such a thing.

"You would tend to look pale, have dark spots on your appendix and lose weight if you have appendicitis. All these symptoms have appeared since you have had the surgery done"

Qingfeng said what he observed while pointing at Cheng Song’s body.

Cheng Song became silent since Qingfeng has got all the points right.

Miracle doctor! What a miracle! Both Rou Li and Jun Xu were so excited. They have always been wanting to have a child, now they finally saw some hope.

Tianming Xu also showed his excitement while standing aside. Jun Xu, as his only son, hasn’t had a kid even though he’s been married for years. He has been wishing a grandson so much while seeing other friends of his age all had a grandson already.

Because of that, Tianming now has just changed his attitude on Qingfeng from annoyance to appreciation.

"Let me explain to you guys. There are a lot of reasons to cause infertility including ovarian malfunction, poor endocrine, anovulation, menstrual irregularities, fallopian tube stenosis, adhesion, obstruction, cervical erosion, and semen abnormality. In your case, you have too much cold accumulated in your body, blocking the fallopian tubes and the vas deferens. So it’s an issue of both of you."

Qingfeng knew that Rou Li and Jun Xu were still a bit skeptical, he directly pointed out their problems.

"You mean, I also have a problem?" Jun Xu pointed at himself with confuse.

He always thought the reason why they couldn’t have a kid was all because of his wife. But now, he seemed to understand it might be part of his problem after listening to Qingfeng.

"Exactly. Staying up late, smoking and drinking, all these things that you often do has a harmful effect on your sperm. You seemed like a soldier since you looked physically strong and always posted your back straight. All the fatigue you experienced these years have damaged your kidney." Qingfeng pointed at Jun Xu and said calmly.


It was all correct!

Jun Xu was tremendously shocked. This young man in front of him not only had the medical education but could also spot his life habits right away. He also detected his hidden condition and identity immediately.

"Qingfeng, I am telling you the truth. I am the instructor of a special military unit in the Eastern Sea City and it is such a stressful job. I know staying up late is bad for my health but its hard for me to change." Jun Xu looked concerned while explaining his problems.

He was a workaholic and needed to stay up late often to manage lots of duties. He couldn’t even take a break.

The reason why he came back from the military unit was because he wanted to see his sister’s boyfriend, otherwise, he wouldn’t even come back.

"Don’t worry, I ‘ll prescribe you some Chinese medicine and your problem will be solved immediately," Qingfeng nodded his head while smiling.

Jun Xu's problem wasn’t a big deal to him. It could easily be solved by some Chinese medicine.

"Thank you so much, Qingfeng. Let me know if you need help in the future. I have some influence in the Eastern Sea City," Jun Xu stood up and thank Qingfeng sincerely.

He no longer looked down at this young man in front of him. Instead, he showed him respect.

"You are very welcome. It is my pleasure to help you as Mengyao’s boyfriend." Qingfeng waved his hand to show it was something he should do while still feeling highly accomplished.

After all, Jun Xu came from the Military Unit. He could avoid lots of troubles in the future with his help.

On the other hand, Song Chen who was standing beside was already ignored since the beginning. All the glamour was gathered at Qingfeng at the moment.

"Qingfeng, I was wondering how you are going to cure my wife?" Jun Xu asked curiously.

"It quite simple, I am going to do acupuncture on her," Qingfeng said with a faint smile.

"Acupuncture? The Chinese medical therapy?" Jun Xu frowned and asked suspiciously.

He knew that acupuncture needed to be performed on naked body. Does that mean his wife is going to be naked then?