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Chapter 197: The Heartfelt Appreciation from Sister-In-Law

Chapter 197: The Heartfelt Appreciation from Sister-In-Law

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"Rest assured, big brother, I can perform acupuncture through the clothes." To put Jun Xu’s mind at ease, Qingfeng decided to perform acupuncture for Rou Li with her clothes on. After all, Rou Li was Mengyao Xu’s sister-in-law and his elder.

Big brother? This fellow knew how to push his luck. Jun Xu looked at Qingfeng speechlessly. He felt that this fellow was taking advantage of him but he could not say anything since he was treating his wife.

"Sister-in-law, have a seat here. I will perform acupuncture on you," Qingfeng said with a smile as he took out his nine silver needles.

Pu Pu Pu Pu Pu…

Qingfeng’s movements were fast like lightning. He inserted the nine silver needles to the GuanYuan, SanYing Jiao, and XueFu pressure points. Since she had chilly air in her body, he also inserted needles to various pressure points.

Rou Li had a gorgeous body. Her skin was silky smooth. Her breasts were voluptuous and her legs were long and thin. When he was performing acupuncture, he touched her calf which caused her face to redden.

Qingfeng only touched her calf lightly. He dared not caress it. After all, Mengyao Xu and Jun Xu were both watching by the side.

His movements were fast like lightning. The nine silver needles swirled and a thread of chilly air was released through the needles.

Rou Li’s face was flustered. She felt that her body was extremely warm. In the past, she was extremely scared of the cold and she was always cold. But now, she felt much better.

10 minutes later.

Qingfeng removed the nine silver needles and said, "Sister-in-law, I have already removed all the chill air inside your body. All your blocked pathways are now clear. Within a month, you will definitely become pregnant."

"Thank you, Qingfeng," Rou Li bowed sincerely at Qingfeng.

She felt that her entire body was very comfortable. She was warm with energy. The pain in her womb has also disappeared.

This meant that Qingfeng had really cured her illness.

The sister-in-law’s thanks made Qingfeng very happy.

After Qingfeng cured Rou Li, he wrote down a list of Chinese Medicine for Jun Xu. The script included many precious herbs such as lotus, dried scallop, trifoliate orange and black bean.

If Jun Xu followed Qingfeng’s instructions and take the medications, his weak kidney would be completely cured.

"Thank you," Jun Xu thanked as he poured Qingfeng a cup of tea.

Only a select few in Eastern Sea City could make the Director’s son pour them a cup of tea.

Tianming Xu also looked approvingly at Qingfeng. He knew that Qingfeng’s acupuncture was effective when he saw the rosy complexion of his daughter-in-law.

When Qingfeng first arrived, everyone had negative opinions of him. But now, everyone admired him. He had become the focus of the table. Even Tianming Xu, the Director of the Criminal Police, poured him a cup of wine.

Chen Song looked upon with a look of envy. But he knew that he did not have any medical skills. It was no use to be jealous. Everyone had a great meal. After the meal, Qingfeng prepared to leave.

Before he left, Jun Xu insisted on giving him his cellphone number. He told Qingfeng to call him if he was in any trouble. He was very satisfied with his sister’s boyfriend.

"Sigh, it is such a pity Qingfeng’s father is not the Vice-Mayor. It would be so good if his father was also a powerful figure," Tianming Xu sighed in his heart.

Truthfully, Qingfeng was more attractive than Chen Song. He was also more skilled and had a sharper tongue than Chen Song. However, Qingfeng’s father had less influence than Chen Song.

Thus, even though Tianming Xu admired Qingfeng greatly, he still hoped that Chen Song could become Mengyao Xu’s boyfriend.

It was a pity that Tianming Xu did not know that Qingfeng belonged to the Li family of Jing Capital city. Or that he was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent. If he knew, he would not have such thoughts.

Qingfeng did not care about Tianming Xu’s thoughts. After the meal, he left the restaurant with Mengyao Xu.

Outside of the restaurant, Mengyao Xu said, "Thank you, Qingfeng."

She knew that without Qingfeng’s help, her father and brother would force her to become Chen Song’s girlfriend. But since Qingfeng had cured her sister-in-law’s infertility, it was awkward for them to force her to date Chen Song.

But Mengyao Xu knew that her father deeply valued power. He would not give up easily.

"Little Yaoyao, I am your boyfriend. It is my duty to help you," Qingfeng said as he stroked Mengyao Xu’s soft hand.

Mengyao Xu’s small hand was pale and soft. It was very comfortable.

"What..what..you are only my temporary boyfriend. It is only for today." Mengyao Xu said embarrassedly. Her face was flustered.

She invited Qingfeng today to use him as an excuse for his father and Chen Song. Now that Qingfeng had served his purpose, she no longer wanted Qingfeng to be her boyfriend.

Qingfeng unhappily said, "Little Yaoyao, you dumped me right after you used me. I look down upon you."

"Qingfeng, I’m sorry. I will treat you to food next time."

"No. I want a reward."

"What reward do you want?"

"I want a kiss to heal my injured soul."

Qingfeng looked at Mengyao Xu’s red lips and said.

He was still slightly upset to be used as an excuse today. Naturally, he had to claim some compensation.

Kiss me. Mengyao Xu face changed. She shook her head and said,

"No, why don’t you change a reward."

"No, I want to kiss you." Qingfeng did not regard whether Mengyao Xu was willing or not. He directly pulled her by the waist and kissed her red lips.

Her cherry lips were soft and sweet.

Bastard! Mengyao Xu had just insulted Qingfeng when her lips were kissed. She could only make sounds of protestations but they were no use.

Tianming Xu, Jun Xu, Rou LI and Chen Song had just walked out of the restaurant when they saw Qingfeng and Mengyao Xu kissing at the entrance.

Tianming Xu’s expression changed when he saw the sight. He knew that her daughter loved herself. She had never even held a man’s hand but now, she was kissing a man.

Could it be that Qingfeng was really her boyfriend? Tianming Xu’s eyes were filled with confusion.

Initially, he did not believe that Qingfeng was his daughter’s boyfriend. He thought that Qingfeng was just an "excuse" to reject Chen Song. But the sight ahead changed his mind slightly.

Jun Xu and Rou Li looked at each other. They saw looks of surprise in each other’s eyes. Their affection towards Qingfeng had grown tremendously after Qingfeng had cured Rou Li’s illness. It would be a good if Qingfeng could become Mengyao Xu’s boyfriend.

The unhappiest person in the bunch was Chen Song. His face darkened when he saw Qingfeng and Mengyao Xu kissing. He was so angry his nose was crooked.