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Chapter 198: Sneak Attack, Sneak Attack!

Chapter 198: Sneak Attack, Sneak Attack!

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Chen Song was sad and upset.

He grew up with Mengyao Xu but has never even held hands with Mengyao Xu. But now, Qingfeng had achieved what he had never accomplished. There were flames of anger in his heart.

"Qingfeng, release Mengyao Xu immediately," Chen Song said angrily as he rushed to Qingfeng’s side.

What? I’m in the middle of kissing? Why are you third-wheeling?

Qingfeng released Mengyao Xu and looked at Chen Song unhappily. He felt that this fellow was so wicked. This timing was awful. Qingfeng wanted to kick him.

After she was released, Mengyao Xu gasped for breath. But she was stunned when she saw her father, brother, and sister-in-law on the side.

"You’re so bad, I’m so embarrassed." Mengyao Xu’s face was so flustered. Her charming face was red with embarrassment.

She knew that they must have seen her kissing with Qingfeng.

"Chen Song, I am officially announcing to you that Mengyao Xu is my girlfriend. Don’t harass her or I will beat you up," Qingfeng said while glancing coldly at Chen Song.

"You, you, you…" Chen Song said while pointing a finger at Qingfeng. He was so angry that he could not speak when he heard that Qingfeng wanted to beat him up.

He was the son of the Vice-Mayor. Everyone tried to please him. It was the first time that someone said they wanted to beat him up.

"What are you trying to say? Are you a stutterer?" Qingfeng looked at Chen Song with disdain. This fellow couldn’t even win an argument, how was he a match for him?

"Mengyao, follow me home. Your mother is waiting for you,"

Tianming Xu did not want to see Chen Song make a fool of himself. He quickly called his daughter to go home with him.

He knew that once his daughter leaves, the two men would not be able to fight.

Mengyao initially did not want to listen to her dad’s words. But when she heard of her mother, she immediately agreed. Her mother was still bedridden and needed someone to care for her. She naturally had to go home.

"Qingfeng, I am going to go. Thank you for today," Mengyao Xu muttered in a low voice and left.

Her father, brother, sister-in-law and she boarded an Audi and left the hotel.

As for Chen Song, after Mengyao Xu left, he got on a Ferrari sportscar and looked haughtily at Qingfeng before leaving.

He knew that he could not win Qingfeng in a verbal battle. But he had power and money. He could use his Ferrari sports car to scorn Qingfeng.

"Since everyone has left, I should go too." Qingfeng smiled lightly and left the hotel.

Qingfeng did not care about Chen Song’s taunts. In the Wolf Continent, he had countless luxury cars from brands such as Rolls Royce, Maserati, and Lamborghini.

He even had a few private jets and luxury yachts. However, they were all in Africa.

Chen Song’s actions of flaunting his Ferrari was a joke for Qingfeng. In Qingfeng’s eyes, Chen Song was a clown. Qingfeng did not need to care about him.

Why would a lion care about an ant? It would be a waste of time.

It was 10 pm. Eastern Sea City was filled with lights and cars. A bunch of nocturnal people and hooligans appeared on the streets to find their next target.

The dark night was a favorite barrier of an offender.

"I wonder if the wife has already slept? She should still be awake. She said that she will wait for me to get home…" Qingfeng muttered in his heart as he walked.

His liking towards his wife has grown more and more. It was a love that has developed with time.

Since it was already 10 pm and a cold frigid winter, there were very few people on the streets.

Qingfeng had just walked a while when his expression changed suddenly. His pores exploded.

"Danger!" Qingfeng muttered as he stepped to the side and escaped the attack of the person behind him.


The green stone crashed onto the spot that Qingfeng was standing a moment ago. It made a sharp piercing sound and landed loudly on the ground.

The stone was the size of an egg and left a huge imprint on the ground.

If Qingfeng had been hit with the stone, he would definitely have fracture a bone.

"It’s a sneak attack, how cunning." A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes when he saw the stone on the ground.

He looked around the surroundings in search of the sneak attacker.

Pew pew!

Two stones suddenly appeared in the air. The stones made a sharp piercing sound and accelerated towards Qingfeng.

"Weak shot."

Qingfeng sneered as he heavily kicked against the wall ahead with his right leg. His entire body flew out like a cannon.

Boom Boom!

The two black stones hit the wall and two small holes instantly appeared on the wall.

"Appear before me if you have guts. Why are you hiding in the dark and attacking sneakily?" Qingfeng said darkly towards the quiet alley.

Clap Clap Clap Clap!

Qingfeng’s words had just ended when a thin young man in black appeared from the dark alley.

The thin young man clapped as he walked.

"Keke, not bad, not bad. You could dodge my stones."

The thin young man was only 1.7m. He had inverted eyes and a fierce appearance. He looked coldly at Qingfeng.

He looked like a poisonous snake and gave off a cold demeanor.

"Who are you? What grudges do I have with you?" Qingfeng asked the young man.

"My name is San Chen. Young Master Chen ordered me to break your limbs. My hands itched so I shot my stones at you. I did not expect you to be able to avoid them," San Chen said with a cold smile.

"Oh, so it is that bastard Young Master Chen. Do you think someone like yourself can break my legs?" Qingfeng insulted Young Master Chen with a cold smile.

Qingfeng had already guessed that Young Master Chen would seek revenge after he slapped Ting Chen today.

But Qingfeng did not expect Young Master Chen’s revenge to come so quickly. He was already targeted just after leaving the hotel.

In reality, San Chen had already followed Qingfeng when he got off work.

"How dare you insult Young Master Chen. Would you like to break your own limbs or should I do it for you?" San Chen clenched his fists and emitted the air of a strong warrior.

He was very powerful; he was trained in combat and silent weapons. That was why he dared to seek out Qingfeng alone.