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Chapter 199: Telling the Wife a Story

Chapter 199: Telling the Wife a Story

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"Since you want to break my limbs, I shall return the favour and break your limbs."

Qingfeng smiled coldly. He emitted a powerful presence as he walked towards San Chen.

"Hahaha, what a joke. You want to break my limbs? Are you sure you can do it?" San Chen said mockingly when he heard Qingfeng’s words. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

San Chen was the private bodyguard of Young Master Chen. He was highly skilled in combat. Usually, he could defeat 7-8 men by himself. He did not think that Qingfeng would be a match for him.

"Since you want to die, I will help you."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and accelerated towards him like a lone wolf. In an instant, he was in front of San Chen.

"How fast!" San Chen was stunned. Qingfeng’s speed was too fast.

He clenched his right fist and gathered his 100kg strength. His fist made a piercing sound as he punched heavily towards Qingfeng’s head.

Qingfeng growled lowly and kicked his right leg out with the speed of lightning. His instantly kicked San Chen in the abdomen.


Chen San’s body fell out and crashed heavily into the wall of the alley. He spat out a mouthful of hot blood and slipped to the ground. He could not get up even after a long time.

"How strong. Who are you?" San Chen lied on the ground and looked at Qingfeng in fear.

He never thought that this young man would be so strong. Qingfeng had defeated him with a single attack.

One must know that his combat ability was the top ten in Eastern Sea city. Within the top ten fighters, he had never heard of anyone by the name of ‘Qingfeng’.

"You do not need to know who I am. You only need to suffer the consequences of your mistake."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and stepped heavily on San Chen’s limbs.





San Chen’s limbs broke one by one. He spat out a mouthful of hot blood and screamed painfully before fainting.

The poor San Chen wanted to break Qingfeng’s limbs. He did not expect his own limbs to be broken instead.

Qingfeng hunched and fumbled around San Chen’s chest. He found a 500,000 Yuan check.

"Wow, a 500,000 Yuan check." Qingfeng’s face was filled with happiness when he saw the check.

Young Master Chen had given San Chen 500,000 dollars to teach Qingfeng a lesson. Unexpectedly, the cheque ended up in Qingfeng’s hands. San Chen will definitely be filled with regret once he wakes up and realized that the cheque had been taken by Qingfeng.

Today must be the unluckiest day of San Chen’s life. He not only failed his mission but lost his money.

Qingfeng placed the 500,000 Yuan away and stopped a taxi. He then headed towards Noble Palace.

When Qingfeng arrived at mansion number 13, it was already 11 pm. The lights of the mansion were still on. Xue Lin was clearly still waiting for him.

Qingfeng quickened his steps when he saw the light from the mansion. He was touched.

He was an abandoned child of the family. Nobody had ever cared about him. Nobody would ever wait for him at night. Xue Lin was the first woman who waited for him at night.

It felt so good to have a home. Qingfeng felt warm in his heart. He took out his key, opened the door and walked in.

At the moment, Xue Lin was wearing white pajamas. She was watching television on the couch.

She was watching a TV drama called < The Journey of Flower>. It was a great drama. The story of Qiangu Hua and Zihua Bai had won the tears of many women.

Of course, the main character Liying Zhao was also a beauty. Xue Lin held onto the teddy bear and was so engrossed in the drama that she did not even realize that Qingfeng was home.

"Wife, is the drama that good?" Qingfeng was slightly speechless when he saw that Xue Lin did not realize he was home.

Xue Lin got a scare when she heard Qingfeng’s voice. She smiled and said, "This drama is quite enjoyable. This is the first drama I have watched. It is unexpectedly good."

Xue Lin was the CEO of the company. She was always busy and never watched dramas. Whenever she was home, she would study and read books.

But these two days were too stressful for her because of Young Master Chen’s sister who wanted to sue the company. Qingfeng was not home because he had gone to dinner with the Director. To relieve her stress, she switched on the TV to relax.

Unexpectedly, was so good that Xue Lin could not stop watching the drama. She watched the drama until Qingfeng arrived home.

"Dear, how was dinner with the Director?" Xue Lin asked as she turned off the television.

The Director was an influential figure in Eastern Sea City. It was Qingfeng’s honor to dine with him. Qingfeng must not anger the Director.

Qingfeng did not know how to answer Xue Lin’s questions. He could not say that the dinner was only an excuse for Mengyao Xu to use him as an excuse. If he said that, Xue Lin would become angry.

Xue Lin thought for a moment and said, "Wife, the Director seemed to like me. He said I am an ‘outstanding citizen’. He asked me to continue to contribute towards Eastern Sea City in the future."

"Dear, it seems like the Director highly values you. You must perform well in the future," Xue Lin said excitedly. She was elated that her husband was highly valued by the Director.

"Wife, rest soon. We still have to go to the Antique Competition tomorrow, " Qingfeng said to Xue Lin with a smile.

Xue Lin frowned slightly at the mention of the Antique Competition. Her face became worried.

When he saw the worry in Xue Lin’s eyes, Qingfeng held onto Xue Lin’s hand and said, "Wife, don’t worry. You can depend on me tomorrow."

"Yeah, dear, I believe in you." Xue Lin nodded her head. She was quite confident in Qingfeng.

"Wife, I will carry you to your bed."

"Dear, it is okay. I had a cold yesterday but I am okay now."

"No. I will carry you to your bed every day from now on."

Qingfeng smiled faintly as he lifted Xue Lin and walked towards her bedroom on the second floor.

One had to say that Xue Lin’s figure was truly excellent. Her skin was porcelain like and her skin was silky smooth like jade. Her long skinny legs were a joy to touch.

In a moment, Qingfeng arrived at the bedroom at on the second floor. He placed Xue Lin on the huge bed. He wanted to pounce on her when he saw her seductive face and body, but he resisted his urges.

His relationship with Xue Lin had improved greatly. He could touch and kiss her now. He did not want to destroy their relationship.

Qingfeng believed that it would not take long for him to conquer Xue Lin. Very soon, he would be able to sleep with her and make her his woman.

"Dear, tell me a story," Xue Lin said. She was hidden in the blankets with only her head visible.

When she was young, her mother would tell a story before she slept. After she grew up and married Qingfeng, her mother has never told her a story.

"Okay, let me tell you the story of the Princess Snow-white. In a faraway land, there was a King and a Queen. They wanted a child so they prayed to God. Soon, they had a cute girl with silky white skin so they named her Snow-white…"

Qingfeng told Xue Lin the story of Snow-white. But Xue Lin fell asleep before he could finish the story. There was a sweet smile on her beautiful face. It was as if she was Princess Snow-white.

"Good night, honey." Qingfeng tucked Xue Lin’s sheets before he closed the door and stepped out of the room.