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Chapter 200: The Antique Competition

Chapter 200: The Antique Competition

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The next morning. The sun had just risen and the bright rays shone on the ground and warmed up the cold winter day.

Qingfeng and Xue Lin both woke up very early. Xue Lin specially dressed up for today and applied some light makeup. She wore white clothes and a purple-red lipstick which accentuated her snow-white skin.

She wore black leggings which made her long legs and perky butt even more attractive. Her face and body were both gorgeous.

The two ate a simple breakfast and headed out.

Today was the of the Antique Competition. Ting Chen’s fake jewelry would be authenticated today; it affected the reputation of Ice Snow Corporation.

For once, Xue Lin did not go to work. Qingfeng had also asked for the day off. He was prepared to go to the Antique Competition with Xue Lin.

"Wife, should you drive or should I drive?" Qingfeng asked while standing next to the BMW.

"Let me drive. You are participating in the Antique Competition later. You need to preserve your energy," Xue Lin smiled charmingly as she opened the car door and sat in the driver’s seat. As for Qingfeng, he naturally sat in the passenger seat.


Xue Lin turned the key, stepped on the gas paddle, swirled the steering wheeling and drove towards the Antique Association.

The Antique Association was located next to the Eastern Sea City Museum on People Road. It occupied more than 1000 square meters of the first floor of the Cloud-Top Highrise building.

Cloud-Top Highrise was a tall building with more than 20 floors and was one of the most famous buildings of Eastern Sea City. The Antique Association must be powerful to be able to occupy the best spot within the building.

When Xue Lin and Qingfeng arrived at the building, there were already numerous luxury cars in the parking lot.

Xue Lin’s BMW was only considered an ordinary car here.

Only people with power, money, status, and fame such as high ranking officials, CEO, socialites and multimillionaires could attend the Antique Competition.

Those who were close to the Cloud-Top Highrise building were all discussing the Antique Competition. This included the security of the parking lot, the manager of the mall and the boss of the convenience store. After all, the Antique Competition affected all of them.

Those who attended the Antique Competition would park their cars here. If they were in a good mood, they would leave a good tip and spend lots of money in the mall.

Some of the participants of the competition were also discussing animatedly. They were more excited than the security.

The Antique Competition was a festival of the Antique Realm of Eastern Sea City. All those who loved antiques would attend and many multimillionaires were guests.

If they were able to win the Antique Competition, they would be sought after by high-ranking officials and multimillionaires to pick their antiques for them.

But once the participant failed, the multimillionaires would not even spare them a single glance as a failure was of no use.

Society was a realistic place. If you wanted others to respect you, you needed to have skills.

The Antique Competition determined the fate of the participants. To win, the participants studied very hard and did not stop seeking out information.

They gossiped about who has recently advanced their authentication skill level and who had become the pupil of an Antique Master.

Unlike them, Qingfeng did not care about that kind of gossip. This was because he already knew everything about antiques.

He was not stressed in the slightest about the competition.

"I will win the Antique Competition to help my wife." A smile appeared on his face.

Xue Lin was his wife and the Ice Snow Corporation was where he worked. Qingfeng naturally wanted to win to help his wife and company get over this crisis.


At 8 am, the entire Antique Association became abuzz with activity.

A huge amount of high ranking officials, multimillionaires, socialites, guests, and participants walked towards the first floor of the building.

Today was the day of the Antique Competition. It was the biggest event of the Antique Association.

Not only were the President, Vice-President and members present, even the other influential powers of Eastern Sea City were present to witness the Antique Competition.

Since the economy of Hua Xia has been rapidly developing, the quality of life of people has improved greatly. Many people have started to collect antiques as a hobby and investment.

In recent years, collecting antiques have become more popular. Antique for sale and collectors could be seen on television and the streets and alleys of the city.

Only those with a deep understanding of antiques could enter the competition. Thus, the multi-millionaires would often attend to see if they could discover any talents they could use.

If there were talents, the multi-millionaires would try their best to recruit them for their self-interests.

When Qingfeng and Xue Lin walked into the Antique Association, many people in the hall had looks of jealousy.

Many people recognized Xue Lin as she was the number one beauty of Eastern Sea City. They were jealous when they saw that she was with a man.

"Wife, do you see the death glares of those people? You are a dangerous beauty," Qingfeng exclaimed with a sigh as he patted his forehead.

"Don’t mock me," Xue Lin said shyly as her face reddened.

Big brother Li is here. Lingxiu Xu’s eyes brightened when she saw Qingfeng. She quickly walked towards him.

"Big brother Li, here is your participation card." Lingxiu Xu took out a card and handed it over to Qingfeng.

The participation card was the size of a poker card. It was a card which contained the name, identity, and identification number of the participant.

For example, this participation card said his name, his affiliation with the Ice Snow Corporation and an identification number.

There were only 100 participants in the competition. Since Qingfeng signed up late, there were initially no more spots for the competition. Xun-Chang Xu had used his authority as the President to make him a participation card. His identity number was 100.

"Thank you, Lingxiu," Qingfeng thanked Ling-Xiu Xu as he took the participation card.

Lingxiu Xu was extremely pretty today. Her face was charming and her skin was silky white. She specially dressed up for the competition and even wore eyeliner. She wore a fashionable dress and looked charming.

"Big brother Li, I also entered the Antique Competition. But I registered earlier than you. My identity number is 2," Lingxiu Xu said happily as she took out her participation card.

She was very happy to see Li and had numerous things to talk to him about.

Xue Lin frowned when she was how excited Lingxiu Xu was. She was slightly gloomy. But Lingxiu Xu was Yunchang Xu’s granddaughter and had helped them greatly so she could only repress her feelings.