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Chapter 201: Ruyan Liu is the Judge

Chapter 201: Ruyan Liu is the Judge

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"Yo, it’s Qingfeng. Why are you here? What can a bum like you know about antiques?"

A pretty women who stood close to Qingfeng said mockingly.

She had seen Lingxiu Xu give Qingfeng his participation card. She was very displeased and her words were very insulting.

Qingfeng turned his head when he heard the voice. He said coldly to the woman, "Ting Chen, it seems like I did not teach you a memorable lesson last time. Are you looking for another beating?"

"You are such a crude person. What else do you know other than beating up others?" Ting Chen said angrily as she took a step back in fear.

Ting Chen became fearful when she recalled Qingfeng’s crude actions. This fellow was no gentleman. He would beat up anyone who angered him.

"Some people deserve a beating," Qingfeng said lightly after glancing at Ting Chen.

Qingfeng’s words touched a raw nerve and Ting Chen’s face became livid.

"Sister, the Competition is going to start soon. Stop fighting." A haughty voice suddenly appeared behind the trio.

A handsome young man then appeared next to them and covertly stared heatedly at Xue Lin’s gorgeous face. The man was none other than Young master Chen, the son of the Chen Family.

"Okay, brother. During the Antique Competition, I will present the fake jewelry I bought from Ice Snow Corporation. The reputation of the company will be ruined."

She knew that she could not win over Qingfeng with words. She was no match for Qingfeng in combat either. Thus, she could only frame him with conspiracies.

"Qingfeng, how can you still be okay?" A flash of confusion appeared in Young Master Chen’s face when he saw the healthy Qingfeng.

He had asked San Chen to teach Qingfeng a lesson last night. How could Qingfeng still be okay? This made Young Master Chen very confused. He was still not aware that San Chen had fainted after a beating.

"Young Master Chen, you are the one who asked San Chen to teach me a lesson right?"

"Qingfeng, I don’t understand what you are saying?"

"You know what you did. It is time for the competition so I will not teach you a lesson now. But, I will remember what you did…"

Qingfeng looked at Young Master Chen lightly. A flicker of coldness appeared in his eyes.

Fighting was banned at the Antique Competition. Participants would be disqualified if they were found to be involved in a fight. Naturally, Qingfeng would not seek out trouble at a time like this. He had plenty of time to teach Young Master Chen a lesson in the future.

"Qingfeng, don’t be so arrogant. The competition is going to start soon. I have also joined the Antique Competition. You should pray that you don’t meet me in the competition," Young Master Chen said coldly.

The Chen Family was also involved in the jewelry business. Young Master Chen had started learning about antiques and jewelry at a young age and was very knowledgeable about antiques. It was no surprise that he had also signed up for the Antique Competition.

Of course, the reason Young Master Chen signed up for the competition was to authenticate fake jewelry. His intentions were extremely malicious.

"Hehe..Young Master Chen, you should pray that you don’t meet me instead. Have you not heard the saying ‘the haughty soldier will fail’? It is good to be confident but over-confidence will kill you," Qingfeng retorted.

Qingfeng strongly disliked Young Master Chen and Ting Chen.

The best way to deal with arrogant people like them was to crush their pride.

"Hmph," Young Master Chen snorted and said, "Qingfeng, once the Antique Competition starts, I will show you the gap between you and I. You peasant."

"You are a boaster who is not afraid of being exposed. Only a peasant would call someone else a peasant."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and turned away from the livid Young Master Chen. He led Xue Lin towards the hall.

He spotted Yunchang Xu and wanted to greet him.

Yunchang Xu wore grey clothes. He was surrounded by a group of people and taking large steps towards the judging panel.

The Vice-President of the Antique Association, Shuqing Song, and other important members of the association stood next to Yunchang Xu.

The hall was filled with commotion when Yunchang Xu appeared.

All the participants immediately stood up to greet the President. On the other side of the Hall, the audience who had been invited to the Competition also stood up and nodded to the President.

Qingfeng spotted many familiar faces among the audience. There was Song Chen, the son of the Vice-Mayor, Young Master Wang, Young Master Li and Young Master Zhang.

After all, Yunchang Xu was the President of the Antique Association. He was influential and a distinguished member of the Antique Community. Proper etiquette and respect were necessary.

"It is her…why is she here?" Qingfeng’s expression changed as he furrowed his brows.

He spotted a seductive woman next to Yunchang Xu. The seductive woman was someone Qingfeng was acquainted with. The woman had snow-white skin and eyes like rubies. Her red dress accentuated her gorgeous body and made her even more charming. She was like a star who attracted one’s gaze.

Xue Lin had also noticed Qingfeng’s glassy gaze. She fluttered her charming eyes and asked confusedly, "Dear, what’s the matter?"

"Ah," Qingfeng quickly covered up his actions and said, "Nothing, I was thinking about something..."

"Why would she come and watch the Antique Competition?" Qingfeng muttered in his heart.

Qingfeng quickly stepped towards Yunchang Xu and greeted, "How are you, President Xu!"

"Qingfeng, let me introduce everyone to you. This is the Young mistress of the Liu Corporation, Ruyan Liu. You have already met her at the Charity Banquet. She is one of the five judges today," Yunchang Xu pulled over Qingfeng and introduced him to the seductive woman in red.

Yunchang Xu wanted to introduce Qingfeng to the judges so that he could leave a favorable impression in their hearts. That way, Qingfeng had a higher chance of winning the competition.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Liu," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Xue Lin was next to him so Qingfeng dared not call her ‘Ruyan’. He could only refer to her as ‘Miss Liu.’

Ruyan Liu was disappointed when she heard Qingfeng calling her ‘Miss Liu’. But she knew that Qingfeng could not call her ‘Ruyan’ in front of everyone.

Ruyan Liu also did not want anyone to know her relationship with Qingfeng. After all, she was Shaoyang Wang’s fiancée; her actions were under the watch of everyone.

It would be bad for both Qingfeng and herself if their relationship was discovered by anybody.