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Chapter 206: The Second Round, Authenticating Antiques

Chapter 206: The Second Round, Authenticating Antiques

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"Don’t be so pleased with yourself, Qingfeng Li. During the second round of the competition, I will bring out the fake jade bracelet bought from the Ice Snow Corporation. You are screwed," Young Master Chen said darkly.

"Young Master Chen, the Ice Snow Corporation only sells authentic jade bracelets. We don’t sell fake bracelets," Qingfeng said as he looked at Young Master Chen coldly.

"Really, I will show everyone the fake jade bracelet my sister bought from your company," Young Master Chen said coldly while touching his pocket.

The poor Young Master Chen did not know that the fake jade bracelet has been changed into authentic bracelets by Qingfeng.

"Alright, I will see later if your bracelet is authentic or fake," Qingfeng smiled faintly and walked away.

He walked out of the hall. After making sure that no one was looking at him, he quickly arrived at the women’s washroom.

Inside room #1 of the female washroom, Ting Chen and Sitao Song were still engaged in their xxoo activities. Neither of them realized that Qingfeng was right next to them.

Qingfeng took out the box containing the fake jade bracelets and slid it through the door to its original position. After putting back the fake jade bracelets, Qingfeng smiled coldly and walked away. He had no intentions of watching the xxoo activities of this couple.

"Dear, this is the brush holder I prepared for you. You can use it for the second round." Xue Lin smiled a charming smile and handed a red brush holder to Qingfeng.

The mission of the second round was to authenticate antiques. Each participant had to bring out an antique which their opponent had to authenticate.

"This brush holder is not bad." Qingfeng held onto the brush holder and thought that it was quite good.

The brush holder was as long as a chopstick. It was made of redwood. There was a swan engraved on the holder and the words "Yi Shao" imprinted at the bottom of the brush holder.

Qingfeng knew that "Yi Shao" was the name of the great calligraphy master, Xizhi Wang. Thus, the brush holder belonged to Xizhi Wang, a famous figure from the ancient time.

But Qingfeng knew that the brush holder did not belong to Xizhi Wang. It was a fake.

"Honey, this brush holder is fake," Qingfeng said with a light smile as he held onto the brush holder.

"Dear, it can’t be. An uncle gifted me the brush holder as a wedding present. I sent it for authentication and they said it was authentic."

"Honey, your uncle lied to you. Think about it. Xizhi Wang is from the Jin Dynasty. It has been a thousand years. How could the wood be preserved for so long? It would have decomposed," Qingfeng explained with a smile.

"Dear, what should we do. Since it is a fake brush holder, how can it be authenticated?" A look of panic appeared on Xue Lin’s face.

She was in a hurry this morning and had casually grabbed an antique before she left her home. She thought that Xizhi Wang was a famous calligraphy master. His brush holder must be famous. She did not expect it to be fake.

"Don’t worry, honey. It is even better that it is fake," Qingfeng comforted her with a smile.

When he saw the confusion in Xue Lin’s eyes, Qingfeng explained,

"Honey, each of the participant has to take out an antique for the opponent to authenticate. If the opponent thinks that the brush holder is authentic, then they would lose."

Xue Lin’s eyes lit up at Qingfeng’s words. She realized that his words were true. If she thought that the brush holder was authentic, others would think that it was authentic too. They would then fail their mission.

"My husband is the best. He can always turn things around," Xue Lin thought as she looked at Qingfeng with approval in her eyes. It was a fake brush holder but in Qingfeng’s eyes, it was an object that could defeat the opponent.

30 minutes passed by very quickly.

The 50 winners gathered in the hall and waited for the second round. Qingfeng continued to stand at the last position. To his surprise, Xiaomei Wang had also managed to make it to the second round.

"Congratulations, Xiaomei. You made it to the next round too," Qingfeng said as he patted Xiaomei on the shoulder.

"Hehe, even though I am not as good as Li, I am still very awesome," Xiaomei Wang said narcissistically.

Qingfeng was speechless when he saw Xiaomei Wang’s narcissistic behavior. But he knew that, Xiaomei Wang deserved to celebrate since she had made it to the second round.

"Quiet down, everyone. We are going to start the second round. Everyone will draw to determine their opponent. You will then get your opponent to determine if the antique you prepared is authentic. I will be the judge."

Everyone became silent when they heard Shuqing Song’s words and looked excitedly at the draw holder in Shuqing Song’s hands.

There were many sticks in the draw holder. The participants’ names were written on the sticks; the participants who were drawn would go against each other.

"Qingfeng, you are the winner of the first round. You can pick first," Shuqing Song said lightly as he placed the draw holder in front of Qingfeng.

Shuqing Song strongly disliked Qingfeng. However, it was a rule of the Antique Competition that the winner of the first round would draw first. It was a rule that not even the Vice-President could change.

Qingfeng drew a stick from the draw holder. He looked at it and was dazed for a moment. The stick read: Number 3, Young Master Chen, Haiyang Chen.

"Young Master Chen, the road of enemies is narrow. I did not expect to be your first opponent," Qingfeng smiled coldly as he looked at his stick.

He had wanted to teach Young Master Chen a lesson for a long time. Now, he finally had the chance to teach him a lesson at the competition. He will beat him up later. After a while, everyone had drawn their opponents.

Shuqing Song gathered the results and announced, "The first match of the second round is between #100 Qingfeng and #3 Young Master Chen. Can the two make their way to the stage and display their antiques for the other to authenticate."

Shuqing Song had just finished speaking when Young Master Chen walked onto the stage and took out the jade bracelet.

"Qingfeng, this is the jade bracelet that my sister bought from Ice Snow Corporation. I said that it was a fake item but you guys refused to admit it. Today, I brought it to the Antique Competition for you to authenticate," Young Master Chen said with a mocking smile to Qingfeng.

"Oh no, Young Master Chen wants to embarrass the Ice Snow Corporation in front of everyone. He is going to ruin the company." Xue Lin’s beautiful face became pale and her body started to tremble.

The guests of the Antique Competition were all the rich and famous of Eastern Sea City. If they heard that the Ice Snow Corporation sold fake jewelry, they would never form partnerships with the company again.

Even worse, the commercial bureau and Inspection bureau could even investigate Ice Snow Corporation and order the termination of the business.

The intentions of Young Master Chen were truly malicious.