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Chapter 207: This Bracelet is Authentic

Chapter 207: This Bracelet is Authentic

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Young Master Chen’s voice was very loud, causing many people turned their gazes towards the center of the hall. He purposely said that the jade bracelet of the Ice Snow Corporation was fake so that everyone could hear him. This fellow’s intentions were so malicious.

"The Ice Snow Corporation is a large corporation. They can’t sell a fake bracelet right?"

"Who know? But Young Master Chen said that his sister bought a fake bracelet. There must be some truth to his words."

"Sigh, I was going to buy some jewelry from the Ice Snow Corporation. It seems like I should wait, in case I buy a fake piece."

The surrounding guests discussed animatedly. Some people had already started to believe Young Master Chen’s words. This made Xue Lin’s pale face even paler.

Qingfeng’s heart ached when he saw Xue Lin’s pale face.

Young Master Chen deserved to die. How could he make my wife upset? I am going to teach you a lesson. Qingfeng’s face was dark and his eyes cold.

He deeply despised Young Master Chen and Ting Chen. If it was not the Antique Competition, he would have beaten them up.

"Young Master Chen, don’t spout nonsense. I have already examined that jade bracelet. It is authentic," Qingfeng said with a cold smile.

He had already changed the fake jade bracelet to an authentic one. But the poor Young Master Chen was still not aware that the bracelet had been switched.

"You said that the bracelet is authentic. Tell me, how is it authentic?" Young Master Chen questioned Qingfeng coldly.

"Since you would like to know, I will teach you a lesson. The first step to authenticate a jade bracelet is by its sound. If you hang a jade bracelet by a string and strike it with a solid object, an authentic jade will make a clear sound. A fake product would have a dull sound."

Qingfeng said as he suspended the two jade bracelets on a string. He used a pen to lightly strike the jade. The jade made a clear pleasant sound. Clearly, the jade was of great quality.

"Hmph, even if the jade bracelet was made of glass, it would make a clear sound. Your authentication is not convincing," Young Master Chen retorted with a frown.

He would not admit that the jade bracelet was authentic. Naturally, he had to insist that it was fake. He could only tarnish the reputation of Ice Snow Corporation and Qingfeng if the bracelet was fake.

"Other than listening to the sound, one had to look at the appearance and color of the jade when authenticating it. The jade bracelet is clear and bright. It is heavy on the hand. There is not a single flaw on the jade. The color is pure white. This is an authentic piece."

"A fake jade bracelet would make a deep sound when it is knocked on. Light would not be able to pass through it. It would be light on the hand and there would be flaws on the jade bracelet. The color would also be dark. Young Master Chen, the jade bracelet is authentic. What else do you have to say?"

Young Master Chen smiled coldly and described the authentication process.

The surrounding people nodded in agreement at Qingfeng’s words. The jade bracelet clearly looked authentic.

"No, this is not my jade bracelet?" Young Master Chen looked at the jade bracelet in his hand and he expression suddenly changed.

He clearly remembered that bracelets Ting Chen gave him were light. The color was also off. But now, the bracelets in his hands were heavy and pure white.

Young Master Chen suddenly turned his head and looked at Ting Chen. He shouted, "Ting Chen, did you give me the wrong bracelet?"

Ting Chen’s expression changed at Young Master Chen’s words. She quickly took out the jade bracelet on her and realized that it was different from the bracelets in Young Master Chen’s hands. There were slight differences in the weight and color of the bracelets compared to the ones in Young Master Chen’s hands.

Oh no, the bracelets were switched?

Ting Chen was stunned. She knew that the fake bracelets in Young Master Chen’s hands had been switched to the authentic ones. But she did not know when the bracelets were switched.

Ting Chen brought out the fake bracelets and was prepared to hand them over to Young Master Chen when a voice sounded next to her ear.

"Miss Chen, I suggest that you do not take out the fake bracelets," Qingfeng said lightly as he appeared next to her side.

He knew that if Ting Chen took out the fake bracelets, there would be chaos. The audience who did not know the truth would mistake Ice Snow Corporation for selling the fake jewelry. That would be devastating for Ice Snow Corporation’s reputation. Thus, he stopped Ting Chen’s actions.

"Qingfeng, you bastard. How dare you switch the jade bracelets. I am going to take out the fake bracelets and ruin the reputation of Ice Snow Corporation," Ting Chen said maliciously with the fake bracelet in her hand.

She knew that if she took out the fake jewelry and insisted that she bought it from the Ice Snow Corporation, it would damage the reputation of Ice Snow Corporation.

"Miss Chen, let me show you something," Qingfeng smiled lightly and took out his phone.

The phone contained pictures and videos of Ting Chen and Sitao’s actions in the washroom.

"You…you…how did you get the video?" Ting Shen said in shock. Her face became pale and her entire body trembled.

"Miss Chen, I recorded your xxoo activities with Sitao Song in the washroom. What do you think will happen if I publish this video?"

"I beg you, please don’t publish the video."

"I will not publish the video on one condition. You must promise me that you will announce that the bracelet you bought from Ice Snow Corporation was authentic. You must also rescind the lawsuit against the company."

"Okay, I promise you," Ting Chen nodded and quickly agreed to Qingfeng’s conditions.

Ting Chen knew that the video must not be published. If it was published, she would become an outcast and would no longer be able to survive in her family.

For her reputation, Ting Chen could only agree to Qingfeng’s conditions. Even though she was furious, she could only suppress her anger.

"Ting Chen, what are you waiting for? Bring up the fake bracelet you bought from Ice Snow Corporation," Young Master Chen said loudly when he saw that Ting Chen did not move.

Ting Chen smiled lightly and said, "Brother, the jade bracelet I bought from Ice Snow Corporation is authentic. Stop speaking nonsense."

"Ting Chen, do you know what you are saying?" Young Master Chen’s expression became puzzled.

He had already conspired with his sister to frame Ice Snow Corporation and Qingfeng. How could Ting Chen speak in favor of Ice Snow Corporation now? It was completely different from what they had agreed.

"Brother let me say it again. The jade bracelet I bought from Ice Snow Corporation is in your hands. It is authentic," Ting Chen said and stopped acknowledging Young Master Chen.

Ting Chen’s weakness was still in Qingfeng’s hands. Naturally, she had to listen to his words. Young Master Chen was livid. He looked at Ting Chen with anger in his eyes. He did not understand what was wrong with his sister. Why would she speak favorably for the Ice Snow Corporation?