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Chapter 208: Dear, You are the Best

Chapter 208: Dear, You are the Best

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"Vice-President Song, I have authenticated this jade bracelet. It is real. Can you announce the result?" Qingfeng smiled light and said to Shuqing Song.

Shuqing Song frowned slightly when he heard Qingfeng’s words. He could naturally tell that the jade bracelet in Young Master Chen’s hands was authentic. It was not the fake bracelet he made.

"For the second round, Qingfeng correctly authenticated the jade and obtained 10 points." Even though there was confusion in his heart, Shuqing Song still announced Qingfeng’s victory.

There were four other judges behind him so Shuqing Song could not hide the truth from everyone.

"Dear, you’re the best. The crisis of the company has been resolved." A flicker of excitement appeared on Xue Lin’s face when she heard Shuqing Song announce that the jade bracelet of Ice Snow Corporation was authentic.

Even though Xue Lin did not know why Ting Chen confirmed that the jade bracelet was authentic, she knew that it was all because of Qingfeng.

"The jade bracelet is authentic. Like I said, why would a big company like the Ice Snow Corporation sell fake stuff?"

"Exactly. Young Master Chen looks like a good fellow. I didn’t expect him to spout nonsense.:

"Young Master Chen’s family is also in the antique and jewelry business. He is obviously just trying to bring down his competitor."

"How wicked! I am going to buy my jewelry from Ice Snow Corporation from now on. I will not buy anything from Chen Corporation."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. They praised the Ice Snow Corporation and greatly despised Young Master Chen’s actions.

A smile appeared on Xue Lin’s face when she heard the words of the surrounding people. She was secretly happy because she knew that everyone’s opinion of the company has improved.

Initially, Young Master Chen wanted to ruin the reputation of Ice Snow Corporation. He did not expect his plan to backfire into an advertisement for the Ice Snow Corporation instead. Everyone at the Antique Competition was full of praises for the corporation.

"Shit, how did this happen?" Young Master Chen’s face became pale and livid when he saw everyone praising Ice Snow Corporation.

He had conspired for a long time but all his actions did was benefit the Ice Snow Corporation.

"Qingfeng, you have already authenticated Young Master Chen’s antique. Please take out your antique for Young Master Chen to authenticate," Shuqing Song said as he furrowed his brows.

Even though Qingfeng was an antique genius and highly knowledgeable in antiques, Shuqing Song did not like him.

For the second round of the competition, the participants not only needed to authenticate the opponent’s antique, they also needed to bring out an antique for the opponent to authenticate.

Qingfeng smiled slightly as he brought out the brush holder. He said, "Young Master Chen, this is my antique. Please authenticate it."

Young Master Chen took over the brush holder and looked at it carefully. The brush holder was pure in color. At the bottom of the brush holder, there was an imprint of the words "Yi Shao".

Young Master Chen grew up in a family heavily involved in antiques. He had some understanding of historical figures. "Yi Shao" was the name of the calligraphy master Xizhi Wang.

Everyone knew that Xizhi Wang was a calligraphy master. Bai Li was the best at writing poems while Xizhi Wang was the best at calligraphy.

"This brush holder is authentic," Young Master Chen loudly proclaimed after observing the brush holder.

Qingfeng twitched his lips when he heard Young Master Chen’s words. He thought that the fellow ignorant and incompetent. Even though his family was in the jewelry and antique business, his understanding of antiques was too shallow.

Young Master Chen concluded that the brush holder was authentic just because he saw "Yi Shao" imprinted at the bottom of the brush holder. How foolish!

When he saw Qingfeng’s disdainful gaze, Young Master Chen said resentfully, "Qingfeng, why are you looking at me like that? Are you jealous that I had authenticated the antique correctly?"

What? Jealous that you authenticated the antique correctly?

Qingfeng rolled his eyes. His disdain for Young Master Chen’s ignorance grew bigger. It was alright to be ignorant but he should not flaunt his ignorance.

"Young Master Chen, you are incorrect. This brush holder is fake. It is not authentic." Qingfeng casted a look of contempt at Young Master Chen. He felt his IQ dropping after talking with this dumbass.

"Young Master Chen, let me tell you. Xizhi Wang is a person of the Jin dynasty. It has been a thousand years since the Jin Dynasty. The brush holder is made of wood. There is no way that it could be preserved for so many years. The brush holder is a modern fake," Qingfeng said lightly.

"I don’t believe what you are saying. This is made of high-quality mahogany wood. If it was placed in a vacuum tomb, it can be preserved for 1000 years." Evidently, Young Master Chen refused to admit defeat; he started to make excuses.

Qingfeng rolled his eyes at Young Master Chen’s words. He said, "Young Master Chen, let me fill in the gaps in your knowledge. Brush holders first originated from the Song Dynasty but they were not popular. The brush holders only became popular in the later years of the Ming Dynasty and reached a peak popularity in the Qing Dynasty. You should not embarrass yourself if you do not know anything."

Young Master Chen’s expression turned dark when he heard Qingfeng’s words.

He opened his mouth and wanted to refute Qingfeng’s words. However, his face turned pale when he heard the whispers of agreements of the surrounding people.

"Young Master Chen has authenticated the antique wrongly. The brush holder is fake. It is a modern fake product with the words "Yi Shao" imprinted on it. Qingfeng has won this round again." Shuqing Song did not want the arguments of the two to continue and announced the result.

Young Master Chen looked defeated. He was ghastly pale. The brush holder must be a fake product if Vice-President Shuqing Song announced it to be. He has lost once again to Qingfeng and embarrassed himself.

Qingfeng has won the first match of the second round. The other participants also drew lots to decide their opponents and started to authenticate the antiques.

The second person to go on the stage was Sitao Song. His opponent was a chubby middle-aged man. Even though the middle-aged man was highly knowledgeable, he was still defeated by Sitao Song.

Sitao Song was Shuqing Song’s grandson, which allowed him to start learning about antiques from a young age and was highly knowledgeable. Among the participants, Qingfeng was the only one who could defeat him.

Subsequently, Qingfeng drew lots a few more times and defeated all his opponents.

An hour later, the second round of the competition had ended.

Shuqing Song cleared his throat and announced loudly, " The second round has ended. The winner of this round if Qingfeng Li, the second place goes to Sitao Song, the third place goes to Lingxiu Xu…"

Shuqing Song furrowed his brows after announcing the results of the competition. He was displeased that Qingfeng, who he greatly disliked, was in first place again. His grandson had been defeated by Qingfeng again.

There were three rounds in the Antique Competition. If one managed to win all three rounds, they would win the title of "King of Antiques". They would not only win glory but also win a lucrative prize.

"Everyone will rest for 30 minutes. Then we will start the third round of the competition," Shuqing Song loudly announced. He then pulled Sitao Song to the side to discuss some matters.

"Dear, you’re the best. You won first place again," Xue Lin said in a low voice as she came to Qingfeng’s side. She was quite excited.