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Chapter 213: The Unsatisfied Jiaojiao Liu

Chapter 213: The Unsatisfied Jiaojiao Liu

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Dream Bar.

At this moment, at the entrance of Dream Bar, Jiaojiao Liu wore a pink dress which hugged her figure tightly. Her charming eyes stared intently ahead.

Everyone who walked by the bar looked at Jiaojiao Liu with heated eyes. A young man even tried to flirt with her but was chided away by Jiaojiao Liu.

"Bad brother-in-law, you’re still not here yet. I’m going to teach you a lesson tonight," Jiaojiao Liu muttered unhappily.

After a while, Qingfeng’s taxi arrived at the Dream Bar. He immediately saw Jiaojiao Liu. She was too pretty to be unnoticed.

"Brother in law, why did you take so long? I was starting to become impatient," Jiaojiao Liu said seductively as she walked forward and wrapped her arm around Qingfeng’s arm.

"Jiaojiao, don’t be like this. It would not be good if anyone saw us," Qingfeng said softly and furrowed his brows.

He felt that his sister-in-law had feelings towards him because she seemed to be trying to seduce him. Of course, to be honest, Jiaojiao Liu was a beauty. However, she was Ruyan Liu’s sister so Qingfeng did not have the heart to lay his hands on her.

"Brother-in-law, let’s go for a drink," Jiaojiao Liu did not let go of Qingfeng’s arm.

Instead, she linked arms with Qingfeng and they walked together towards the bar. The bar was loud and there were many people dancing, drinking and even doing R-Rated activities in the dim-light corners.Some young men saw that Jiaojiao Liu was pretty and wanted to take advantage of her. But they were all stopped by Qingfeng. Qingfeng Li kicked anyone who tried to find trouble onto the ground.

When people saw that they were no match for Qingfeng, they quickly hid away and did not dare to harass Jiaojiao Liu.

"Teacher, you are here," Meng Ling said happily when she saw
Qingfeng. A flash of light appeared in her eyes.

"Beauty Ling , why don’t you call me big brother Li instead. It is awkward for you to call me teacher," Qingfeng replied with a smile as he waved his hand.

Meng Ling shook her beautiful head and said, "No, you taught me how to make a Cupid’s Arrow cocktail. I should call you my teacher."
Qingfeng could only let her be when he saw the stubbornness on her face.

"Teacher, let me make you a Cupid’s Arrow cocktail," Meng Ling said happily. She had already learned how to make a Cupid’s Arrow which lasted 3 minutes. Naturally, she wanted to perform in front of her teacher.

"Meng Ling, you forget about your friend after you see a handsome guy? You're only making a drink for brother-in-law and not me," Jiaojiao Liu glared playfully at her with slight displeasure in her eyes.

Meng Ling chuckled and said, "Jiaojiao, don’t be angry. I will make you a drink as well."

Meng Ling smiled slightly as she took out two tall steam wine glasses. She then poured 30ml of vodka, 30ml of peach liquor, 60 ml of pineapple juice and 60 ml of cranberry juice into the shaker. She then added ice into the shaker. She shook the shaker hard and even tossed the shaker into the air. She only stopped after 5 minutes.
A beautiful and bright Cupid’s Arrow appeared in the center of the cocktail.

"Teacher, taste the Cupid’s Arrow I made," Meng Ling said with a smile as she placed the cocktail in front of Qingfeng.

Qingfeng took a sip and said, "It tastes great. You have mastered it."
Meng Ling was delighted to hear Qingfeng’s praise. Of course, she did not forget to make Jiaojiao Liu a drink as well.

"Jiaojiao, I haven’t seen you in a few days. Have you missed me?" Suddenly a rascally voice appeared behind Jiaojiao Liu. A pale young man with dyed blonde hair and tattoos gazed heatedly at Jiaojiao Liu.

"Kun Wang, don’t call me Jiaojiao. We don’t know each other very well," Jiaojiao Liu said coldly with a glance at the young man.

The name of the young man was Kun Wang. He was trying to court Jiaojiao Liu but Jiaojiao Liu did not like him. She even detested him.
"Jiaojiao Liu, you said last time that you will become my girlfriend if I beat you in a car race. You lost the race. Are you going back on your word?" Kun Wang questioned as he looked at Jiaojiao Liu’s seductive face.

Jiaojiao Liu’s expression changed when she heard Kun Wang’s words. She wanted to retort but was at a loss for words.
Jiaojiao Liu and Kun Wang were both members of the car racing association. Kun Wang was the President and was known as a "Small Car King".

Jiaojiao Liu loved to race. She had made a bet with Kun Wang that she would be his girlfriend if she lost to him. But she did not want to be this fellow’s girlfriend even though she lost.

"Kun Wang, the previous race doesn’t count. Let us race again. If you can win again, I will be your girlfriend," Jiaojiao Liu said loudly as she fluttered her lashes.

"Alright, I will give you another chance. I will wait for you at the 18 curves. If you don’t keep your words again, you will suffer the consequences," Kun Wang looked at Jiaojiao Liu with lust before heading out.

"Brother-in-law, follow me to the car race," Jiaojiao Liu pulled onto Qingfeng’s arm and headed out.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows slightly and said unhappily, "If you want a car race, it is your business. Why are you dragging me?"
He wanted to find Ruyan Liu. If Jiaojiao Liu was going to race, it would take a long time. He would not be able to visit Ruyan Liu.

"Brother-in-law, you promised me three things. Do you still remember?"

"Of course I remember, Jiaojiao"

"That’s good. The second thing is to accompany me to the car race," Jiaojiao Liu said with a smile. She pulled Qingfeng onto a red Ferrari sports car.

As a famous sports car, the red Ferrari sports car looked fashionable and had great specs. Jiaojiao Liu pulled Qingfeng into the passenger seat and sat in the driver’s seat.
Jiaojiao Liu turned the car key, pressed the gas pedal and turned the steering wheel. The red Ferrari speedily flew out like an arrow.
In less than 5 seconds, the Ferrari had traveled 500 meters. It was as fast as a lightning bolt and one could hear the wind outside the insulated car. The speed was too fast.

Just when they had traveled around 1km, Qingfeng’s expression suddenly changed. He shouted, "Get out of the way, quick! There is a huge tree ahead!"

There was a huge tree at the curve ahead but Jiaojiao Liu could not dodge the tree. She drove straight into the tree. She had drunk a cocktail and was slightly buzzed. The car was traveling at such a fast speed that she did not realize that there was an obstruction ahead. She drove right towards the tree.


The two of them were in great danger!

If the Ferrari collided with the huge tree, the car would be destroyed and the two of them would die for sure.

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