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Chapter 221: The Tires Were Punctured

Chapter 221: The Tires Were Punctured

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Qingfeng Li frowned deeply. Naturally, he had also sensed the danger. The tire was punctured and the car was heading towards the edge of the cliff.

In the moment of danger, Qingfeng Li slammed the brake and steered the steering wheel. The Ferrari finally managed to come to a stop when it was half a meter away from the edge of the cliff.

If it was a moment slower, the Ferrari would have fallen off the cliff. It was all thanks to Qingfeng Li’s superb driving skills that he managed to stop the car.

"Look, Jiaojiao Liu’s Ferrari seemed to have punctured a tire. The front tire is missing too."

"Yeah, I saw it. The tire was punctured when they were at a curve too."

"How dangerous, the Ferrari almost fell off the cliff. They almost died."

The people in the bar saw the happenings through the television. They all gasped in surprise when they saw the punctured Ferrari.

Other than surprise, they were also stunned by the skills of the young man. His skills were amazing! He managed to stop the Ferrari even though the tire of the Ferrari punctured.

Qingfeng Li and Jiaojiao Liu stepped off the car and both stared speechlessly at the punctured tire.

"There are nails on the ground. They were intentionally left on the ground by someone." Qingfeng Li looked intently and discovered that there were many nails on the ground. They were the reason the car tire was punctured.


Jiaojiao Liu was dazed for a moment. She looked down and discovered the nails on the ground. She said furiously, "Which bastard placed the nails here? They almost killed us."

Jiaojiao Liu was furious. She raced frequently and knew the importance of the track.

One had to ensure before racing that the track was flat and clean. There must not be any random objects like nails or stones on the track.

There were no nails on the curve when they were heading up the hill. But there were many nails on the ground on their way back. It was clear that someone had placed the nails there to harm them.

"We are done for. The tire is punctured. We are going to lose for sure," Jiaojiao Liu said disappointedly.

She cared deeply about the race because she had made a bet with Kun Wang in front of everyone. If she lost, she would have to be his girlfriend so she did not want to lose. She was very gloomy that the tire of the car was punctured.

"Since one of the tires was punctured. Let us puncture all of the tires."

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly as he picked up a nail on the ground and walked towards the other 3 tires.

Pew, Pew, pew!

The other three tires were punctured and soon became deflated.

"Brother-in-law, what are you doing?" Jiaojiao Liu was confused when she saw Qingfeng Li puncturing the other three tires.

She did not understand what he was doing? But it was normal for someone with her intelligence to be unable to understand Qingfeng Li’s actions.

"Jiaojiao, we cannot drive a car with one punctured tire. But we can drive the car if all the tires are punctured," Qingfeng Li explained with a smile.

"But if all the tires are punctured. Even if we drove the car down the hill, the car would become useless," Jiaojiao Liu said sadly as she looked at the deflated tires.

The Ferrari was very expensive. She would be quite sad if it became useless.

"Jiaojiao, do you want to be Kun Wang’s girlfriend?"

"Brother-in-law, I don't want to be that thug’s girlfriend."

"Then we have to win the competition."

"Brother-in-law, you are right. We must win the competition. It is alright if the Ferrari has to become useless," Jiaojiao Liu said.

She thought for a moment and understood the situation. Even though the Ferrari was expensive, but she could buy another one with money. But if she lost the competition, she had to become Kun Wang’s girlfriend. That would be tragic.

"Get on the car, let us continue with the competition," Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and asked Jiaojiao Liu to board the car. Then, he drove the car towards the bottom of the hill.

"Wow, this bro’s skills are amazing. He punctured all of the tires but could still drive the car safely."

"His skills are amazing. He is the best racer I have ever seen."

"But why would there be nails on the road? The tracks should be clean."

The people in the bar discussed animatedly. They highly admired Qingfeng Li’s skills and were also confused by the nails on the tracks.

Among the crowd, the blonde thug’s expression changed slightly when he heard the discussions of the surrounding people. He was extremely nervous and scared that they would find out that he was the one who placed the nails.

On the 18 curves, Jiaojiao Liu sat on Qingfeng Li’s leg and her body shook with the movement of the car. Since the four tires of the Ferrari were all punctured, the car shook a lot.

From the outside, the two looked extremely intimate. Qingfeng Li’s had his hands on Jiaojiao Liu’s breasts and Jiaojiao Liu was sitting on his lap. It seemed like the two were having sex in the car.

Jiaojiao Liu could smell Qingfeng Li’s scent because they were close together. This caused her face to flush red like she had drunk wine.

Kun Wang drove the Lamborghini behind them. When he arrived at the site where the nails were placed, he parked the car and picked up the nails. He then threw the nails down the cliff.

"What? How could there not be a car at the bottom the cliff?"

Kun Wang said in surprise when he discovered that there was no Ferrari at the bottom of the car.

How was that possible? There were so many nails on the ground. The Ferrari’s tires must have been punctured and the car must have spun out of control. How could Jiaojiao Liu’s Ferrari be safe?

Kun Wang thought long and hard but could not understand how the Ferrari could be safe. He stepped inside the Lamborghini and drove towards the bottom of the hill.

"Brother-in-law, we are here," Jiaojiao Liu said excitedly when she saw Wild Bar.

She had won the race. This meant that she did not need to become Kun Wang’s girlfriend.


The Ferrari arrived at the entrance of Wild Bar with a sharp brake. Qingfeng Li brought the car to a halt and then got off the car with Jiaojiao Liu.

"Brother-in-law, where are we going? Are we not waiting for Kun Wang here?" Jiaojiao Liu asked in confusion when she saw Qingfeng Li heading towards the bar.

"We have already won. There is no need to wait for him. I am going to beat someone up," Qingfeng Li said coldly with a light smile as he walked towards the bar.

He must find the person who placed the nail and teach them a heavy lesson.

It was only thanks to Qingfeng Li’s car skills that they were safe. If it was anyone else, they would have fallen off the cliff if the car’s tires were punctured at a curve.

Qingfeng Li was not one to let those who wanted to hurt him go lightly.

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