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Chapter 224: Ruyan Liu“s Pregnant?

Chapter 224: Ruyan Liu's Pregnant?

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The next day, the sun has just risen. The temperature was slowly rising and it was apparent from the bright sun that today was going to be another good day.

"Sister, you did not sleep last night, rest well," Jiaojiao Liu said with concern when she saw Ruyan Liu’s weak complexion.

Ruyan Liu had taken care of Jiaojiao Liu the entire night when she had a fever. Ruyan Liu had applied an ice compress on her, fed her soup and chatted with her. Jiaojiao Liu was very touched and grateful towards her sister.

"Jiaojiao, does your head still hurt?"

"It doesn’t hurt anymore. Go and rest."

"Ok, I will go and rest," Ruyan Liu stood up and had just taken two steps when she felt a spell of dizziness and almost fell to the ground.

"Sister, how are you?" Jiaojiao Liu was shocked. She quickly stood up from the bed and held onto Ruyan Liu.

At the moment, Ruyan Liu was very weak. Her seductive face was slightly dull. She had dark circles and she looked very tired. Clearly, she was very tired from the busy night.


Ruyan Liu suddenly lied next to the door and started to puke. She was not only light headed, she also felt nauseous.

Jiaojiao Liu felt uncomfortable when she saw how ill her sister was. She blamed herself because she knew that her sister was too tired from taking her care of her last night.

Jiaojiao Liu quickly ran to the living room and poured a cup of hot water. She said, "You are nauseous. Drink some water."

Ruyan Liu took over the hot water and took a sip but still felt nauseous. She had a craving for sour plum.

"Jiaojiao, can you get me some sour plum? If there isn’t any, get me some mandarins," Ruyan Liu asked Jiaojiao Liu to find her something sour as she was really craving really it.

Jiaojiao Liu nodded and went to search the living room. She did not find any sour plums but she found two mandarins.

Ruyan Liu only wanted to eat something sour. She took over the two mandarins and started eating them. After a while, the nausea disappeared.

"Sister, you are not nauseous anymore?" Jiaojiao Liu asked in delight.

"Yes, I am much better," Ruyan Liu nodded in satisfaction.

Jiaojiao Liu was very happy that her sister had stopped retching. But she suddenly had a thought and puzzledly said, "Sister, are you pregnant?"

Ruyan Liu’s expression changed when she heard Jiaojiao Liu’s words. She said, "Jiaojiao, what nonsense are you sprouting? How can I be pregnant?"

"Only a pregnant lady would retch and crave for sour foods. Your symptoms match those of a pregnant lady," Jiaojiao Liu said as she wrinkled her nose.

"Jiaojiao, do not say such things again. I am not pregnant. I am going to rest," Ruyan Liu advised and headed towards her bedroom.

"Is she really not pregnant?" Jiaojiao Liu fluttered her lashes as she looked at Ruyan Liu’s figure. She was still not convinced.

Inside the bedroom.

Ruyan Liu sat on the chair and looked at the seductive woman inside the mirror. She muttered to herself, "Could I really be pregnant?"

She recalled that they had not use any protection when she slept with Qingfeng. It was possible for her to be pregnant.

To be honest, she would be happy if she was really pregnant. After all, she liked Qingfeng. It was wonderful to have a child with someone she loved.

But at the same time, Ruyan Liu was also slightly worried. She had to head back to Beijing soon. Her marriage with the young master of Wang Family, Shaoyang Wang, was very soon. If she was truly pregnant, she was doomed.

The Wang Family was one of the four big families in the Jing Captial. They had a strong background and a long history. The family was worth billions of dollars. They would not let it slide if they knew that Ruyan Liu was pregnant.

Ruyan Liu looked at herself in the mirror. She stood up and let out a sigh. Then she lied on her bed. She quickly fell asleep from fatigue.

Ruyan Liu had a dream. She dreamt that she was pregnant and gave birth to a child. Qingfeng, the child, and she ran around happily and played on the beach…

Villa number 13.

Xue Lin opened her sleepy eyes and let out a yawn. She thought, "I remember falling asleep in the living room. How did I end up on the bed?"

Xue Lin was confused and puzzled but after a moment, she quickly figured things out. Her husband must have carried her from the couch to her bed.

A flash of happiness appeared on Xue Lin’s gorgeous face when she thought of her husband. She quickly got off her bed and found a black dress which accentuated her charming figure.

After getting dressed, Xue Lin found a pair of black heels. She wore the heels and walked out of the bedroom.

She did not find Qingfeng when she walked into the living room. After a moment, she finally found Qingfeng in the kitchen. He was cooking a meal.

Qingfeng had woke up really early today. He felt bad that Xue Lin had waited so late for him last night so he woke up early to make her breakfast.

The breakfast was scrumptious. There were two fried eggs, two glasses of milk and two slices of bread with butter.

Of course, the milk was not Deluxe Milk this time. It was Muscular Cow, which was also a famous brand with delicious milk.

"Dear, why are you up so early?" Xue Lin asked.

She has been married for Qingfeng for a long time. Qingfeng always woke up really late, Xue Lin was always the first to get up. This was the first time that Qingfeng had woke up so early.

"To make you breakfast," Qingfeng said with a chuckle.

Xue Lin was touched by Qingfeng’s words. Her husband was too good to her. He had got up so early to make her breakfast.

In a moment, Qingfeng had finished making the fried egg, milk and bread with butter. He said with a smile, "Wife, it is time to eat."

Qingfeng was a great cook. The fried egg he made was delicious. Xue Lin wanted more after eating her egg so Qingfeng gave her his egg.

After breakfast, Xue Lin did not head to work. Instead, she sat in the living room. Qingfeng knew that Xue Lin was always punctual for work. Why was she not going to work today?

"I am taking a day off today," Xue Lin said with a smile.

Day off?

Qingfeng was confused. He knew that Xue Lin rarely took days off. The only time she took a day off was to go to the Antique Competition. Usually, she would never take a day off.

"Is there something important happening today?" Qingfeng asked with a smile as he finished the last sip of Meng Niu milk.

"Come shopping with me today. I will buy you some clothes," Xue Lin said as she looked at the camouflage uniform on Qingfeng.

Qingfeng had worn the camouflage uniform ever since the two became married. Xue Lin felt that she needed to buy him new clothes. After all, he was her husband. It would be better for him to be dressed respectably.