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Chapter 226: The Unlucky Fat Boss

Chapter 226: The Unlucky Fat Boss

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"Bring me the clothes. If I think it is suitable, I will pay for it," Qingfeng said as he glanced coldly at the fat boss.

"Hmph, you are broke. Even if I bring it to you and you see it, you won’t buy it. What if you dirty it?"

The fat boss glanced mockingly at Qingfeng with disdain. He looked down at poor people. Why do they bother shopping around when they don’t have the money?

"How do you know I cannot afford it?" Qingfeng said with displeasure as he pointed to the light blue suit.

"Go away! Go away if you can’t afford the clothes. Don’t disrupt my business," the fat boss waved his hand and shooed Qingfeng away.

His expression was filled with impatience and disdain.

At the moment, the boss of the mall, Tianhua Chen, happened to be inspecting the mall. Coincidentally, he walked by the Septwolves store.

Tianhua Chen furrowed his brows when he heard the argument within the store. His expression changed when he looked inside the store.

"Oh, isn’t that the same young man from last time?" Tianhua Chen’s expression changed. He naturally recognized Qingfeng.

Last time, Qingfeng had stunned Tianhua Chen when took out a bank card with a hundred and fifty million dollars in the account. He knew that this young man was a low-key person, a tiger who pretended to be a Hello Kitty. He must not anger a man like Qingfeng.

At that thought, Tianhua Chen walked towards Septwolves to greet Qingfeng.

The fat boss’s face was filled with delight when he saw Tianhua Chen. He had a business in Tian Hua Mall so he naturally recognized the big boss, Tianhua Chen.

Tianhua Chen was the big boss of Tianhua Mall and in charge of everything. His store was under the management of Tianhua Chen so he naturally needed to please the boss.

The fat boss quickly stood up to greet Tianhua Chen. However, Tianhua Chen did not spare him a single glance. Instead, he walked directly to Qingfeng.

"Mr. Li, we meet again. What do you need this time, I can help you," Tianhua Chen said with all smiles.

The fat boss was stunned and shocked when he heard Tianhua Chen greeting Qingfeng. It turned out that the young man he looked down upon just now knew the big boss, Tianhua Chen. It also seemed like Tianhua Chen was trying to please him.

The fat boss shuddered and his face turned ghastly pale. He was screwed. He managed to anger someone that even the big boss tried to please.

"Boss Chen, the attitude of the people in your mall is great. I wanted to look at a suit. He not only refused but also called me a broke man. He even wanted to shoo me away. Is this how your mall does business?" Qingfeng said as he glanced at the fat boss.

"Fatty, did you want to shoo Qingfeng Li away?" Tianhua Chen looked coldly at the fat boss.

This fat boss deserved to die. The young man ahead was someone that even he did not dare to anger. But the fat boss dared to shoo Qingfeng out when he was clothes shopping. What if he angered Qingfeng?

The fat boss could tell that the young man was not ordinary. Qingfeng was someone that even the boss of the mall, Tianhua Chen, had to please. He was so unlucky to anger someone like him.

"Fatty, your attitude towards customers is poor. We do not need people like you in the mall. You don't have to come in tomorrow."

"Boss, this store is the sole income of my entire family. Please let me continue to do business here."

"Fatty, you can continue to do business here but you have to apologize to Qingfeng. If he forgives you, you can continue to stay here. If not, you must leave," Tianhua Chen said coldly to the fat boss.

The fat boss became ghastly pale. He walked towards Qingfeng and said, "I am sorry. It was my fault. Please forgive me."

Qingfeng did not speak after the fat boss apologized. He detested this snobbish fatty.

The fat boss became ghastly pale when he realized that Qingfeng was unwilling to forgive him. He suddenly turned around and said, "Little Jing, apologize for uncle."

The fat boss knew that he had looked down upon Qingfeng when he entered the store. But Little Jing had spoken to Qingfeng and serviced him well. There would be a better outcome if Little Jing pleaded for him.

Little Jing was the niece of the fat boss. Naturally, she did not want her uncle to be kicked out. The entire family depended on the store for their business.

"Sir, please forgive my uncle. I apologize on behalf of him. Our entire family depends on this store for food," Little Jing said nervously to Qingfeng.

Her voice was very soft because she was scared that the young man ahead would not accept her apology. If he did not forgive her uncle, she was screwed. She might not get her salary this month.

Qingfeng did not want to accept the fat boss’s apology but he had a good impression of the girl ahead. The girl had good customer service skills and even smiled at him when he entered the store.

"Alright, Little Jing, I will forgive him because of you," Qingfeng said to the girl.

"Thank you, you are a good person," Little Jing sincerely thanked Qingfeng and even said he was a good person.

"Fatty, since Qingfeng has forgiven you, you can continue to do business here. Which clothing did he want to look at just now? Bring it to him quickly," Tianhua Chen said as he glanced at the fat boss. He was speechless at the slow reaction of the fat boss.

He felt that the reaction of the fat boss was too poor. Since he has already forgiven you, you should try to please him. Why are you still standing there?

"Yes yes yes, I will bring it to him personally," The fat boss finally recovered and quickly brought the light blue suit down.

"Big brother, try it on. Does it fit?" The fat boss said.

This was a clever fellow who had been in the business for a dozen years. Since he knew that Qingfeng was not an ordinary man, he quickly tried to please him. Even though he was older than Qingfeng, he still called him big brother.

Qingfeng was speechless when he heard the fat boss calling him Big brother. This man was a chameleon. A second ago he was mocking and looking down at him but now, he was calling him big brother and trying to please him.

Qingfeng did not want to talk to him. He tried on the suit and felt that it fitted perfectly.

"Don’t move. The collar is crooked, I will straighten it for you," Xue Lin asked Qingfeng to stand still and straightened his collar for him.

As the saying goes the cloth makes the man. Qingfeng was already handsome and the light blue suit made him even more handsome. He even charmed the girl next to him.