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Chapter 228: The Bracelet is Fake

Chapter 228: The Bracelet is Fake

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Qingfeng Li took a look at the bracelet, but he decided not to buy it since he knew that piece was fake.

There was no doubt that he would buy it for Xue Lin as long as it was a real piece. He could never get Xue Lin anything fake, as otherwise it would be an insult to her.

There was a young guy with short hair standing beside, dressed in a fancy suit, wearing cologne, and a gold necklace hanging on him as thick as a finger. Apparently he was rich.

The guy with short hair noticed Xue Lin as soon as she entered the antique shop. He got a crush on Xue Lin immediately seeing how gorgeous and elegant she was.

He was looking for a chance to approach her, and finally there came the time. Obviously this beauty was interested in the agarwood bracelet, however, the guy with her was not able to buy it. He could tell that this guy was short on money.

"Hello gorgeous, do you like this agarwood bracelet, if so, I would like to get it for you." the young guy came up to Xue Lin, asked with a smile on his face.

The young guy used to buy luxury items for the pretty girls he met. Things like iPhones, bags and green jade bracelets were perfect to please them. Girls all liked to make friends with such a generous guy, some were even willing to have sex with him in exchange.

Xue Lin frowned at what the young guy said, annoyance showing up on her cold elegant face. She felt disgusted dealing with people who tried to accost her.

Not to mention Qingfeng Li, who was standing right beside, Xue Lin clenching his jaw, not able to be any more angry. It seemed like this young guy was looking for trouble, as if he could't see that Qingfeng Li was holding Xue Lin’s hand, obviously showing that they were either boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. What the hell was he trying to mess up by offering to buy her a bracelet in front of Qingfeng Li?

Qingfeng Li knew that Xue Lin was extremely gorgeous, that she was the most beautiful woman in Eastern Sea City, no matter if it was her face or her body.

Therefore, Qingfeng Li understood that wherever Xue Lin went, it was unavoidable for men to stare at her, so she was always in the limelight. It didn't matter whether it was Young Master Chen or Yang Chen from Tian Hua Mall, he taught them a lesson so that they would stay away from Xue Lin. However, the number of pursuers was endless.

"She is my woman, if anyone wants to buy her a bracelet, it should be me. There is no chance for you man." Qingfeng Li took a look at the young guy coldly, annoyed by what he did.

"Cheap wretch, how can you deserve such a beautiful lady when you can't even afford a sandalwood bracelet?"

Seeing Qingfeng Li hesitate about buying the bracelet, the young guy assumed that Qingfeng Li couldn't afford it, and started mocking him.

"It is not your damn business whether I buy it or not!" Qingfeng Li frowned and got sicker of this guy.

"Hey boss, I'll take this sandalwood bracelet, since he doesn't have the money for it." the young guy said arrogantly, while reaching for his bank card.

Although ten thousand was not a small amount, everything was worth it to please a beauty like Xue Lin.

"You really know about the stuff, this bracelet was made of thousand-year-old sandalwood. Wearing it helps maintain beauty and keeps you young, as well as gives you good sleep." said the owner of the antique shop, ingratiating the young guy with a big smile on his face.

In terms of Qingfeng Li, he was already ignored by the snobbish shop owner, since he didn't seem like he was able to afford the bracelet.

"This bracelet is for you, gorgeous." said the young guy as he handed the bracelet to Xue Lin.

" I don't even know you, I will not take your stuff." Xue Lin shook her head, without looking at the bracelet.

She would not take anything from the young guy, even though she liked that bracelet.

The young guy almost freaked out after hearing what Xue Lin said. He spent ten thousand on the bracelet, just hoping he could please this beauty. But to his surprise, she refused his offer.

"Excuse me miss, don't you like the sandalwood bracelet? This is the last one in my shop. Apparently, this young man here is rich, you will be better off with him. If you insist to stay with a poor guy, then you will be miserable the rest of your life."

The shop owner was happy that he just made ten thousand. In return, he started to help the young guy while ridiculing Qingfeng Li.

"The shop owner is right, gorgeous. Only I can promise you a wealthy splendid life. The guy you are with can't even buy you a sandalwood bracelet, it will be such a waste to be his woman."

The young man smiled and said in a flirty tone, putting endless praise on himself while belittling Qingfeng Li.

What the hell!

How could they do that to an innocent man?

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, almost flaring up. How dare the shop owner and the young guy make fun of him!

If this could be tolerated, what could not? Qingfeng Li decided to defend himself, and to teach them a lesson about the outcome of offending him.

Qingfeng Li was well-informed in the antique market, he had seen so many priceless treasures that he could distinguish between real and fake antiques with great ease. They were completely courting death by showing off such a piece of fake junk. Qingfeng Li got really mad at this point.

"Idiot, stop making a fool of yourself, you just got a fake necklace for my woman." Qingfeng Li sneered at him.

"What the hell did you mean that the necklace I got was fake?"

Yelled the young guy. His face turned pale with anger after hearing what Qingfeng Li said. It would be extremely embarrassing for the young guy if the bracelet was fake.

"You are full of bullshit! You couldn’t afford the bracelet so now you are saying my bracelet is fake in order to make yourself look better instead?" the shop owner raised his voice, looking pissed off.

"Give it a test so that all of us can know if it is real. The real sandalwood is also called water sandalwood, it will not fade even it is put in water, and it will also give off a light scent. On the other hand, fake sandalwood doesn't only fade, but also lacks the scent."Qingfeng Li said subtly, quirked up the corner of his mouth.

"Let me have a try." the young guy grabbed a glass, and poured a bottle of water into it, then placed the bracelet in the water.

It did not give off any scent just like what Qingfeng Li said. The young guy stared at the shop owner while his face turned purple with rage.

"Sir, please take a look, the bracelet did not fade, it is not fake." the shop owner wiped some sweat off his forehead, pointed at the bracelet in the glass and tried to explain.

"Hehe, the bracelet has gone through some chemical processes, no wonder it will not fade easily. However, it will fade immediately if you add some vinegar in the water." said Qingfeng Li, putting his hands behind his back. Everything was under his control.

The young guy rushed to the supermarket next door to get a bottle of vinegar and poured some into the water. The top layer of color on the bracelet started fading, and finally lost its color totally, leaving an unsightly cyan bracelet laying there.

Obviously the cyan was the color of pinewood, which was worth no more than a single Yuan.

"Screw you, you lied to me?"

The young guy roared hysterically and punched the shop owner. It was extremely humiliating that he spent ten thousand on a fake bracelet that was only worth a single Yuan.

Not to be outdone, the shop owner started wrestling with the young guy after receiving a punch.

The two guys who just mocked Qingfeng Li were now wrestling for the sake of their own interests.

This scene was like two dogs biting each other, but all they got, in the end, was a mouthful of fur. Qingfeng Li thought of beating them as revenge, but they already saved him some energy by fighting against each other. Then why bother?

Making a third party the instrument of a crime from the Thirty-Six Stratagems, Qingfeng Li was quite skillful at that.

"Let’s go, my wife. Leave those two crazy guys alone." Qingfeng Li held Xue Lin’s hand and left the antique shop with her.

Meanwhile, in the First People’s Hospital.

In the inpatient ward, a young guy was in a plaster cast and all bandaged up with an intravenous drip, laying on the bed miserably.

The guy who was having an intravenous drip was Kun Wang, whose arms and legs all got broken by Qingfeng Li.

A middle-aged man dressed in a black suit was standing in front of Kun Wang. His face was overcast with sadness, surrounded by a sense of dark and gloomy.

He was told by the doctor that his son’s arms and legs were all broken and the bones were destroyed completely. There was no chance for him to recover. Unfortunately, he had to spend the rest of his life in bed.

He was the leader of Ferocious Tiger Clan, the top of the underground forces in Eastern Sea City. It was a provocation to him that his son was physically disabled by a stranger.

"You must avenge me! Please father," said Kun Wang to the middle-aged man, his face full of anger.

"You can rest assured son, I will break his arms and legs as revenge. Wait, I will rip his body apart and feed the fish with his flesh." the middle-aged man with the darkened face replied viciously.