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Chapter 232: Wolf King! It is His Highness, the Wolf King!

Chapter 232: Wolf King! It is His Highness, the Wolf King!

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When she heard Bernard’s words, Ruyan Liu turned her gaze towards where he was looking at. She rolled her eyes when she saw Qingfeng eating the cake. She was slightly speechless.

It was bad enough that you were eating cake? But why were you eating it in front of Bernard and not applauding? This was extremely disrespectful. It was no wonder that he was angry.

Xue Lin saw that everyone had their attention on Qingfeng. Her expression became awkward and unnatural.

She also thought that her husband was slightly too much. Even if you disliked foreigners, you should not eat cake in front of them. They would think that you were disrespecting them.

Xue Lin pulled on Qingfeng’s elbow and asked him to stop eating the cake and raise his head.

"Why are you pulling me?" Qingfeng was enjoying the cake when he was pulled by Xue Lin. He lifted his head confusedly.

When Qingfeng raised his head, Bernard and Smith finally saw his face. The two of them trembled and their eyes were filled with happiness. They were happier than a beggar who had won 5 million dollars.

"Wold King, it is His Highness the Wolf King," Bernard walked excitedly towards Qingfeng like he had seen a treasure. Baron Smith also walked excitedly towards Qingfeng.

"Oh no, this fellow ate his cake in front of Bernard. He will be taught a lesson."

"I think so too. Did you see how quickly Bernard walked towards him? He must want to teach this fellow a lesson."

"He is embarrassing our country. If Bernard hits him, I will not stop him."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. They all thought that Bernard was going to teach Qingfeng a lesson.

"Hehe, Qingfeng, I heard that Bernard has quite the temper. You ignored him; you are screwed," Kai Wang chuckled mockingly at the side.

Qingfeng glanced at Kai Wang when he heard his insults but he was too lazy to deal with him. He looked at Bernard and Smith who were making their way to him. He did not understand why the two of them were in Hua Xia.

To the confusion of everyone, Bernard was not mad when he arrived in front of Qingfeng. Instead, he bowed down in greeting.

A bow was the most formal greeting in the Western world. It was the same as kneeling in Ancient Hua Xia. When an ordinary person met the Emperor, he had to kneel to show his respect for the King.

But it was different in the West. Bowing was a way to show one’s respect. This type of formality was only used when meeting the King or someone one deeply respected.

For example, even if Bernard was to meet the Mayor of Eastern Sea City, he would only shake his hand. He would not bow. But he bowed towards Qingfeng. This meant that in his heart, Qingfeng was more important than the mayor of Eastern Sea City.

"Your highness Wolf King, I have finally found you," Bernard said emotionally. He was like a student who had seen a teacher he deeply respected.

"Little Beard, little Smith, why are you guys in Hua Xia?" Qingfeng asked them with a smile.

What, little Beard? Little Smith? They surrounding people were all speechless when they heard Qingfeng’s nicknames for Bernard and Smith. Their jaws had dropped. Some people even fainted.

Bernard was a multimillionaire of France. His net worth was more than 5 billion dollars. Even the mayor had to welcome him respectfully if he met him. How could you call him Little Beard?

Smith was a Baron of Denmark and a member of the royal family. Even the Denmark princess consort would not call him Little Smith. How could you call him Little Smith?

Little Beard, Little Smith, what lousy names. Everyone was speechless by Qingfeng’s words.

But to the shock of everyone, Bernard and Smith seemed delighted when they heard the nicknames Qingfeng gave them.

Bernard had a broad grin and said excitedly, "Your highness Wolf King, you still remember Little Beard? I am so touched."

Smith also shook his head earnestly to show how touched he was.

The surrounding people thought that Little Beard and Little Smith were derogatory remarks. But in Smith and Bernard’s eyes, it was huge praise.

And what the f*ck, was this Bernard really the multimillionaire Bernard? Why was he so excited to see Qingfeng and even referred to himself as Little Beard?

Wait a moment. The expression of the surrounding people suddenly changed. Bernard seemed to have referred to Qingfeng as his highness, the Wolf King?

Wolf King…who was Wolf King? Everyone was confused and puzzled.

Even though the people in the hall were affluent in Eastern Sea City. But they were not at the level to know of the King.

These people did not have the opportunity to meet the King or knew what the Wolf King represented. But they understood that someone who could make this French Multimillionaire who was on the Forbes wealthiest top 100 list bow must not be an ordinary person.

The faces of those people who mocked Qingfeng turned ghastly pale and they started to tremble. They would be screwed if Qingfeng picked trouble with them.

Kai Wang’s face was ghastly pale and there were sweat drops on his forehead. As the young master of the Wang Family, he naturally knew of the power of Bernard. Someone who could make Bernard bow could not be ordinary.

Kai Wang was filled with regret when he thought about himself mocking Qingfeng earlier. Haiyang Chen and Jun Kai’s faces were also pale. There was also fear in their eyes.

These young masters all grew up in big families. Even though they messed around a lot, they still understood upper society. The higher up you were in society, the stricter the rules. They could not afford to anger somehow who could make Bernard bow.

Within the hall, the only person who knew of the identity of Wolf King was Ruyan Liu. She was the young mistress of one of the four big families in the Jing Capital and had heard of the Wolf King from her family.

There were 7 kings on Earth. Each King was strong. Wolf King was a man as strong as Dragon King.

Ruyan Liu knew that the Dragon King was the team leader of the mysterious Dragon Fang Team in Hua Xia. He was strong and his identity was special. The team’s responsibilities were to protect the President among other national security obligations. They were under the direct control of the President and not even the Regional Mayor could direct them. They had lots of power.

"Qingfeng is the legendary Wolf King?" A flash of delight appeared on Ruyan Liu’s face. If Qingfeng was the legendary Wolf King, she would not have to marry Shaoyang Wang.

But Ruyan Liu’s expression changed when she thought of the strength of the Wang Family. She had heard from her father that the Wang Family was not only one of the four families of the Capital. They had a mysterious force behind them.

The strongest Dragon King of Hua Xia had tight relations with the Wang Family. Even though Qingfeng was strong, he might not be a match for the Wang Family.

Of course, these were all Ruyan Liu’s speculations. She did not know how powerful Qingfeng was or how much influence he had. Only Qingfeng knew these things.

"Little Beard, why are you in Hua Xia?" Qingfeng asked after he had finished the cake. He casually placed the plate on the table.

"I came here to find you. I would like you to help me with something," Bernard said respectfully as he bowed.

The arrogance on his face when he first walked into the hall had disappeared. There was only respect on his face.