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Chapter 233: Letter from the Princess of Denmark

Chapter 233: Letter from the Princess of Denmark

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"Little Beard, what do you need?" Qingfeng said with a light smile.

He had a good impression of Bernard. Every time the Wolf Fang Team went to Europe to complete a mission, Bernard would take care of their accommodation and food for free.

"My father is ill. He has entered a coma. I would like you to give a try to treat him," Bernard said sincerely with hope in his eyes.

Years ago, when he was severely ill and could not be cured by any doctor, Qingfeng was the one who managed to save him. Therefore, he knew that Qingfeng’s was extremely skilled medically. His acupuncture skills were like magic.

"Yeah sure, but not tonight. How about tomorrow?" Qingfeng accepted Bernard’s request with a light smile.

"Thank you so much," Bernard said emotionally as he bowed towards Qingfeng.

He knew that since the Wolf King had promised to treat his father, his father could definitely be cured.

"Little Smith, why did you come to China?" Qingfeng asked Baron Smith.

Baron Smith was delighted to hear the nickname ‘Little Smith’. He felt that it was a nickname which proved his close relationship with Qingfeng. However, the surrounding people all twitched their mouths.

Smith brought out a letter and passed it to Qingfeng. He said, "This is a letter from Princess Maria to you. She dearly misses you but she has matters to attend to and cannot come to China. Thus, she asked me to bring you a letter."

A letter from Princess Maria?

A flash of happiness appeared on Qingfeng’s face when he heard Baron Smith’s words. It has been a while since he had seen or contacted Princess Maria.

When he was in Europe, the Denmark Princess loved to hang around him all day. More importantly, the princess loved to draw. She pestered Qingfeng to teach her how to draw and the two were very close.

"Thank you for your hard work," Qingfeng smiled slightly as he opened the letter. As expected, it was a drawing.

On the white sheet of paper, there was a blue ocean and a golden beach. There was a man and woman strolling on the beach. The woman looked like Princess Maria and the man looked like Qingfeng.

Qingfeng smiled slightly when he saw the drawing. He knew after looking at the drawing that Princess Maria had missed him. He had brought Princess Maria to the golden beach and made many memories there.

Xue Lin’s expression changed when she saw the drawing from Princess Maria.

After all, Qingfeng was her husband. She was uncomfortable that a Princess from another country had written a letter and even drawn a drawing for him.

But Xue Lin knew that Qingfeng had grown up overseas. Furthermore, he was the mysterious Wolf King. It was expected that he was acquainted with the Princess of Denmark.

Even though Xue Lin did not specifically know the meaning of the title "Wolf King". But she intuitively felt that the Wolf King must be a powerful existence. Xue Lin was naturally happy that her husband was strong. But she would not be happy if other women held feelings for her husband. She felt threatened. She pondered if she should give her body to Qingfeng sooner to capture his heart.

"Mr. Bernard, Baron Smith, the Red Wine Banquet is about to start. Please head towards the side," Ruyan Liu said to the two of them.

The most important part of the Red Wine Banquet was to drink and dance. The drinks were all placed on the side so she invited the two to head over.

Bernard and Smith did not speak immediately when they heard Ruyan Liu’s invitation. They both looked at Qingfeng and awaited his words.

"Bernard, you guys can head over. I will board the flight to France tomorrow with you guys," Qingfeng said with a smile. Bernard was the VIP today. If he did not drink or dine, no one else would dare to drink.

After obtaining Qingfeng’s agreement, Bernard and Smith walked with Ruyan Liu towards the side. But before she left, Ruyan Liu glared heavily at Qingfeng. Clearly, she had also heard that the Denmark Princess had written him a letter. She was slightly jealous and upset.

Even beautiful women were not fully confident towards the men they liked. They were scared that another woman would seduce their man.

"Be honest with me. What is your relationship with Princess Maria?" Xue Lin questioned Qingfeng after the surrounding people had left.

Her face held a trace of coldness and jealousy. Even though she had never met Princess Maria, but the Princess must be a beauty. She had seen from the drawing that she was a gorgeous woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Are you jealous?" Qingfeng asked as he glanced at Xue Lin.

It was rare for him to see Xue Lin with such an expression. But he knew that it meant that Xue Lin was jealous.

"Who is jealous? I am not jealous."


"Hmph, yeah I am jealous. Be honest with me. What is your relationship with Princess Maria," Xue Lin questioned.

Clearly, she was not about to let Qingfeng go easily. Qingfeng also understood that he needed to explain himself or Xue Lin would continue to be jealous. Of course, he was quite happy that Xue Lin was jealous. After all, only a woman who cared about you would be jealous because of you.

"When I lived oversees, I once rescued Princess Maria when she was kidnapped. After that, she was very grateful for my help."

"You acted as a hero and rescued the beauty?"

"Yes, you can take it that way." Qingfeng smiled lightly as he explained the reason Princess Maria treated him well.

The jealousy on Xue Lin’s face gradually disappeared. Since Qingfeng had saved Princess Maria, it made sense for her to be filled with gratitude towards Qingfeng. But she was still slightly upset at the drawing.

"Who is more pretty? Princess Maria or me?" Xue Lin asked the question in her heart.

"Ha, I knew that you were going to ask this question," Qingfeng thought as he chuckled in his heart. He knew that Xue Lin would ask this question.

"Of course you are more beautiful. In my heart, you are the star in the sky. You are the most beautiful and charming woman." Qingfeng naturally had to say that Xue Lin was the most beautiful to make her happy.

Women all loved honey-coated words and Xue Lin was no exception. After hearing Qingfeng’s praise, a smile broke out on her gorgeous face. She was quite happy.