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Chapter 247: End of the Chen Family

Chapter 247: End of the Chen Family

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"Father, save me." Seeing the death god-like Qingfeng Li walking towards him, Haiyang Chen was extremely scared, begging his father to save him.

"Wolf King, I can give you one million! Please let my son live!" Tianhao Chen’s face changed and he said to him.

In order to save his son, he decided to bribe the Wolf King with money. To him, money could buy everything. Qingfeng Li, with killing intent dispersing out from his body, continued to walk forward, ignoring everything Tianhao Chen said.

"Wolf King, 50 million, no, 100 million, please please please let my son go." With the one million not working, Tianhao Chen decided to raise the price to 100 million to save his son.

Even though 100 million was a big price, but to save his own son, everything was worth it. Faced with the enormous amount of 100 million, Qingfeng Li’s face was still expressionless, continuing to walk towards Haiyang Li nonetheless.

Qingfeng Li stood in front of Haiyang Chen, held onto his throat.

"Please, please don’t kill me." Haiyang Chen was dripping urine down his legs.

He was afraid of death, and didn’t want to die. He still had lots of money to spend and lots of girls to bang. If he were to die, it would be too unfortunate.

"In your next life, don’t offend me." Smirking at him, Qingfeng Li snapped his throat.

Haiyang Chen eyes gradually turned dark, feeling his life leaving him. He was unwilling to die, with a tad of regret. He regretted that he offended this demon in front of him. If God would give him one more change, no matter what happened he wouldn’t offend Qingfeng Li, but everything was too late. He could only use his death to atone for his sins.

"You killed my son, I am going to kill you." Seeing the death of his son, Tianhao Chen frowned, with his eyes burning with revenge.

He took out his gun and aimed at Qingfeng Li. He got this gun from the black market for self-protection. He couldn’t imagine that he has to use it to avenge his son today.


Tianhao Chen smiled cruelly and shot. For him, no matter how skillful the Wolf King was, he could not be faster than the bullet. But, reality shocked Tianhao Chen. After he shot the bullet, he found out the youth had vanished. Yes, vanished.
Where did he go? Shocked, Tianhao Chen didn’t know where did the young man went.

"Are you looking for me?" Suddenly, a voice appeared behind his back.

Hearing this indifferent voice, Tianhao Chen had a chill down his back. He turned his head and saw the youth was standing right behind him, looking at him emotionlessly. As Tianhao Chen aimed his gun, looking to shoot one more time, Qingfeng Li brought out his hand and grabbed Chen’s throat.


Qingfeng Li snapped Tianhao Chen’s throat without any hesitation. The head of the Chen Family was dead.

"Ah, please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me..." Ting Chen kneeled on the ground, banging her head against the floor as she begged for her life.

Qingfeng Li looked at the kneeling Ting Chen, but his eyes told otherwise.

"Honey, my head is dizzy." Xue Lin suddenly said, and fell to the ground.

Xue Lin got caught by Tiger King for two days and without food or water, her body was already extremely fatigued. And now finally not able to withstand the weakness, she went unconscious.

"Honey." Qingfeng Li’s face changed, with no time to kill Ting Chen, he ran to Xue Lin's.

He held out his hand and felt Xue Lin’s pulse. She went unconscious because of hunger, and her forehead was hot, possibly getting a fever. Qingfeng Li held Xue Lin in his arms, planning to go to the hospital. But he didn’t notice that Ting Chen stood up quietly. She went to his father, got the gun, and aimed at the back of Qingfeng Li.

"Go die!" Ting Chen smirked, ready to pull the trigger. She wanted to avenge her father and brother by killing Qingfeng Li.


A cold light flashed and a dagger slashed right through Ting Chen’s throat. Trying to stop herself from bleeding out, she couldn’t believe that this Qingfeng Li knew she was gonna shoot him.

"Hmm, one has to finish the job. Do you think I do not understand?" Qingfeng Li walked to the side of Ting Chen, took out his dagger. Not giving Ting Chen one more look, he brought Xue Lin and walked out of this place.

The moment Ting Chen tried to get up, Qingfeng Li noticed her. She thought she was quiet with her movements, but every single moment was under Qingfeng Li’s gaze. You anger the Wolf King, you die. The Chen family’s villa was filled with corpses, and blood was everywhere, perfuming the air with a tint of iron.

The Chen family was brought to annihilation. After this moment, Eastern Sea City's four big families’ Chen family no longer existed. With Xue Lin in his arms, Qingfeng stepped outside of the main gate, and encountered a bunch of people.

All the members wore black clothes, with the word "dragon" sewn at the cuff. They were the Dragon Fang team’s outer-ring members. Their leader was a beautiful lady, with a perky nose, perfectly tanned skin, and a killer body. It was a wild beauty. This woman, Qingfeng Li obviously knew her. Her name was Red Butterfly Yip, the Dragon Fang Team’s Eastern Sea City outer-ring member, and the team’s leader.

"Qingfeng Li, what you have done is beyond measure." Red Butterfly Yip tensed, with a flash of dissatisfaction.

She felt that Qingfeng Li murderous intent was too heavy, killing too many lives. The Chen Family is one of Eastern Sea City’s four big families. With such a concrete background, wiping them out will ignite an enormous uproar.

"You think I’ve done too much? When Haiyang Chen kidnapped Xue Lin, it isn’t much. If they were not scared to hurt my Xue Lin, then they need to prepare to die." Qingfeng Li sneered, with Xue Lin in his arms, and continued walking.

He had to bring Xue Lin to the hospital, so there was no point wasting his time with Red Butterfly Yip. Even though Qingfeng Li was godlike with his skills in treatment and could cure multiple diseases, Xue Lin’s cause of fainting was from hunger without food for two days, so he could not do much about it. No matter how good the cure was, it could not replace food. And Xue Lin was having a fever as well. For her condition, it was best to bring her to a hospital and get some glucose and nutrition.

"Stop, did our leader let you go?" seeing how Qingfeng Li ignored Red Butterfly Yip, one of the short-haired youth stood out. Wanted to show off in front of Red Butterfly Yip, he stopped right in front of Qingfeng Li.

"F*ck off." Swore Qingfeng Li.

With Xue Lin unconcious, Qingfeng Li himself wasn’t feeling good, wanting to release his anger. If the person in front of him wasn’t from the Dragon Fang team, he would've snapped his throat on the spot.

"Kid, I am a Dragon Fang Team’s member, you want me to f*ck off? Believe it or not, but I can arrest you." The short-haired youth said with a frowning face.


Towards short-haired youth’s threat, Qingfeng Li’s right leg suddenly kicked, landing him right on his stomach and sending him flying and dropping to the ground. With blood coming out of the youth’s mouth, he couldn’t stand up whatsoever.

Seeing how the short-haired young man got beat, all the members’ expressions changed, and they all moved in a circle and surrounded Qingfeng Li in the middle.

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