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Chapter 251: Kai Wang Became Scared

Chapter 251: Kai Wang Became Scared

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"Mom, don’t worry, I will go teach him a lesson." The young man comforted his mother and walked towards Qingfeng Li arrogantly. He was planning to teach him some manners.

Qingfeng Li’s head was looking down, helping Xue Lin drink water, so the young man wasn’t able to get a clear view of Qingfeng's face.

"Hey kid, do you know who I am? I am one of Eastern Sea city's Four Young Masters, Master Kai Wang. How dare you scold my mom, I guess you don’t want to live anymore." Kai Wang came to Qingfeng Li’s side, with his head tilting upwards, looking down at Qingfeng with a face of arrogance.

Who was he? He was the Wang family’s young master, so no matter who saw him in Eastern Sea city, they needed to respect him. Yet the young man in front of him scolded his mom, so he was really seeking death.

Hearing Kai Wang talk, Qingfeng Li’s brows pressed together, looking up and staring back.

"Ah! How come it's you?" After getting a clear view of Qingfeng Li’s face, Kai Wang’s expression changed immediately, with a touch of astonishment.

Kai Wang obviously knew who Qingfeng Li was. At the Wine Banquet, he was someone that even that Billionaire Bernard had to bow down to and salute. Who was Bernard? He was one of the people on the Forbes 100 richest people list. The Wang Family was like an ant in his eyes, something he could crush whenever he wanted.

Previously, when Kai Wang was with Haiyang Chen, he also laughed at Qingfeng Li. But after the banquet, he knew the young man of him, no matter modest he was, could not be offended. He was the big boss.

"Did you just ask if I wanted to die?" Qingfeng Li glanced at Kai Wang and said emotionlessly.

Facing Kai Wang, Qingfeng knew that he was the same as Haiyang Chen, one of the Eastern Sea City's Four Young Masters. But, Haiyang Chen was already killed by him and he didn’t mind to kill one more if Kai Wang wanted to die as well.

Seeing the coldness in Qingfeng Li’s eyes, Kai Wang immediately changed and said, "You heard it wrong, you absolutely got it wrong, I would never say that to you."

"If you didn’t scold me, then why are you here?"

"I just saw you here, I wanted to greet you."

"I am very well, you can leave now." Qingfeng Li swung his hand, inferring it was time for Kai Wang to leave.

Kai Wang wiped away the cold sweat from his forehead and left immediately and walked back to his mother’s sickbed.

He came with arrogance, but he left like a wimp.

"Son, didn’t I tell you to teach that guy a lesson, why are you back?" seeing how Kai Wang walked back, Mrs. Wang was puzzled.

Kai Wang’s expression changed, said quietly, "Mom, that young man’s background is not simple, we can’t afford to offend him."

Even though his mom didn’t know Qingfeng Li, he knew. This Qingfeng Li’s background was too complicated.

"Kai, are you still my son or not? I told you to teach him a lesson, but you got scared! You are the Wang Family’s young master!" Seeing the fear in his son’s eyes, Mrs. Wang was extremely mad.

She was extremely disappointed in her son. Someone cursed at her, but her own son didn’t even want to help. Maybe the young man had some solid background, but whose background was solid enough to bully the Wang family?

Mrs. Wang wasn’t someone who liked to be at a disadvantage. If her son wasn’t willing to help her, she was going to call her cousin. Her cousin was the head of the Health Bureau. When he comes, she will make the young man leave the hospital.

Imagining the view of the young man leaving the hospital, Mrs. Wang became super excited. She took out her phone and sent a text to her cousin, telling him to come and avenge her.

After a minute, the cousin replied, said that he was currently in a meeting and will be here at night.

"When my cousin is here, I am going to kick you guys out." Mrs. Wang, who was holding on to her phone, glanced at Qingfeng Li with hatred.

Regarding Mrs. Wang’s thought, Qingfeng Li didn’t know and didn’t care. Regarding the likes of the Health Bureau, in his eyes, it was just a joke.

"Babe, Haiyang Chen broke my phone. Let me borrow yours, I want to ask what is happening at the company." After gaining back a bit of strength, Xue Lin immediately started worrying about the company.

She didn’t show up for two days already, the company must be worried. She had to call them.

Qingfeng Li brought out his phone and gave it to Xue Lin. She immediately dialed the company secretary’s number.

"You are?" From the other side came a soothing female voice.

Xue Lin’s phone broke so she was using Qingfeng Li’s phone. It was understandable the other side didn’t know the owner of the number.

"I am president Xue Lin. Secretary Wei Qiao, how is the company recently?" Xue Lin introduced herself briefly and asked.

"Sob sob*, president, you finally called. Because you didn’t come to work, and your phone was not working either, and we found footage of you being kidnapped, we called the police." Secretary Wei Qiao started crying again on the other side.

Being the president’s secretary, their relationship was extremely close. After the disappearance of the president for two days, the company called the police hoping to find her, but nothing surfaced. And now hearing the president’s call, her emotions were extremely excited.

"Wei Qiao, don’t cry, I am alright, currently at the First Public Hospital getting treated." Xue Lin knew how Wei Qiao felt towards her, smiled and comforted her on the other side.

"President, which room are you in, I am coming to visit you." Wei Qiao said eagerly.

"I am in the number three VIP double patient room." Xue Lin said.

On the other side, Wei Qiao was extremely thrilled, hung up and prepared to visit the president.


The room’s door opened, around eight people walked in. All of them wearing luxurious clothes, gold necklaces, and expensive watches. With one view people can know they are rich.

They had flowers, fruits, and expensive gifts with them. They walked towards Mrs. Wang quickly.

"Mrs. Wang, I heard you came to the hospital; came here specially to visit you."

"I got you flowers, Mrs. Wang, hoping you to get well soon."

"Almost forgot, Mrs. Wang, this is the western ginseng solution I got for you, helps with nourishing the body."

All the people had a face that was looking to please and they were saying all kinds of blessings to Mrs. Wang.

Mrs. Wang was the lady of one of Eastern Sea City’s four big families, with an honorable status, and powerful background. They all depended on the Wang family to live. Hearing that the mistress got sent to the hospital, they all rushed here to please her.

"Thank you all for coming here, make yourself at home." Seeing how so many people came with gifts, Mrs. Wang was extremely happy.

She glanced at Qingfeng Li, with a sarcastic feel through her eyes. Look at me, so many people wanted to please me, not like you, your own girl is in the hospital and no one is here to visit her?

Mrs. Wang gave one of the men a look, inferring him to go trouble Qingfeng Li.

This man saw Mrs. Wang’s look, walked to Qingfeng Li and said, "Hi there, we have a lot of people here, please excuse yourself from your chair and let us use it."

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