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Chapter 252: The World Trembled

Chapter 252: The World Trembled

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"And why would I do that?" Qingfeng Li looked at the man and said quietly.
This man seemed to be in his 40s, with a clean face, a beer-belly, and a Rolex watch on his write that cost a lot. He was obviously someone rich. Even though this man was rich, his manner is low; what came out of his mouth angered Qingfeng Li. The chair belongs to the hospital. I am sitting on it nicely, why would I give it to you guys?

"Kid, we have a lot of people, and we don’t have chairs. There is only you, so just stand." The man looked down at Qingfeng and said.
"Why don’t you stand huh? Why should I stand?" Qingfeng Li was irritated now. The man in front of him disgusted him.

Today he finally realized how all these people from the big families did not respect anyone. To be honest, they only cared about themselves. Mrs. Wang was like this and the middle-aged man was also like this.

"Kid, I told you to let me have the chair. It seems like you don’t want to." The man extended his hand, wanting to take the chair away from Qingfeng Li by force.

Qingfeng Li held onto the palm of the man with his right hand, with a bit of pressure, making the man’s face go pale, with sweat drops coming down his forehead.

"F*ck off, if this wasn’t the hospital, I would have broken both of your legs." With a little force, Qingfeng Li pushed the man back a couple of meters.

The man held onto his palm. The skin was swollen and extremely painful. He stared at Qingfeng Li with hatred and went back to the side of Mrs. Wang.

"Ze Wang, what happened? Did you lose?" Mrs. Wang saw the man coming back and asked.

The man Ze Wang, was the Wang Company’s general manager, and also Mrs. Wang’s most loyal subordinate.

"Yes ma'am, the young man’s strength is enormous. He had probably practiced martial arts before." Ze Wang’s face was pale, and he said.

His intention was to take the chair away from Qingfeng Li was Mrs. Wang’s command, but he didn’t even dream that he would lose the battle.

"Ze Wang, don’t worry, after getting out, find someone to take care of him." Mrs. Wang said to the man.

"Don’t you worry Mistress, after he gets out of the hospital, I will find someone to teach him a lesson." Ze Wang again glanced at Qingfeng Li with hatred, said quietly.

Qingfeng Li’s hearing was extremely good, he heard all of their conversation. But he didn’t care, if this man really had the balls to find someone to bother him, he wouldn’t mind to break both of the man’s legs.

"Oh yes, mistress, there’s one message I have to tell you. We just heard that the Chen Family got wiped out. The head, son, daughter, and all of their guards are dead." A glimpse of fear crossed Ze Wang’s eyes and she said to Mrs. Wang.

"Ze Wang, which Chen family are you talking about?"

"Mistress, the Chen family that had the same power as us, the one that was part of the big four families."

"How is that possible? The Chen Family was one of the big four families in Eastern Sea City, with massive strength. How could they be eradicated?" Mrs. Wang’s face changed, with terror flashing across her eyes as well.

The Chen Family, that was the head of the Eastern Sea City's Four Big Families. If they were to compare strength, they were even above the Wang family by a bit, with assets over one billion. A family as big as theirs got obliterated. Just thinking of it brought fear and uncertainity.

"Ze Wang, how reliable is your news?" Mrs. Wang’s brows tensed up, still filled with doubt, and she asked.

"Mistress, the news is absolutely true, the Chen family is already gone. Apparently, it was all done by one single young man." Ze Wang’s face was still pale from this news that he got a moment ago.
Being the Wang Company’s general manager, he obviously knew how much strength the Chen family had. But now it got eradicated, there was no way he was not concerned.

If that mysterious young man could destroy the Chen family, then, of course, he could destroy his Wang family. How could he not be scared?

"Mistress, what brother Wang said is all true, I just heard from someone else that the Chen family was gone. According to rumors, it was done by a mysterious young man."

"Yes mistress, my boss was going to come visit you personally, but hearing the news, he was thinking about plans to find out who the young man is."

"Oh yes mistress, before we came, our boss said, if the identity of the young man was to be found, don’t offend him, he is a devil."
All the people who just came in all had pale faces, telling Mrs. Wang the news they heard.

All these people were the direct descendants of the Wang family and were all rich upper-class people. Regarding the moves of the families, they all paid extremely close attention. So when the Chen family got obliterated, they heard the news not long after.
Mrs. Wang’s side were all talking about the eradication of the Chen family and everyone was in shock, with deep fear. But unknowing to them, the young man who annihilated the Chen family, was sitting not far away from them.

If Mrs. Wang knew that Qingfeng Li was the one that obliterated Chen family, then she would have pissed herself because she had just recently offended him.

Hearing how they are talking about him, Qingfeng Li just smiled, he didn’t think the news got out that quickly.

And, these people were already regarding him as the demon. Was Qingfeng Li a demon? Obviously not. He was clear about love and hate and if it was not for Haiyang Chen’s act of kidnapping and threatening to rape Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t have killed him.
With the devastation of the Chen family, all the other big families immediately spread the news across all the member sof the upper class of Eastern Sea City. Everyone was in shock, trying to find out the identity of the mysterious young man.

But, only the Dragon Fang Clan’s outer-ring members saw Qingfeng Li at Chen family residence. Red Butterfly Yep already gave the order to seal their mouths. No one was to talk about what happened at the Chen family. So apart from Red Butterfly Yip and the members, no one knew that the young man who destroyed the Chen family was Qingfeng Li.

If the death of the Chen family were to shake up Eastern Sea City, then the deaths of the three masters, would shake the whole world.
Earth’s seven continents, two hundred countries, were all shocked because of the deaths of the three masters.

With the world traumatized, the underworld started surging up, with their murderous intents booming.

The continents of the Tiger, Panther, and Rat were originally the home camps of the Tiger King, Panther King, and Rat King. But because of their deaths, these territories became a fat piece of meat, everyone wanted to make it their own.

But of course, the Tiger King, Panther King, and Rat King’s subordinates naturally were not happy that their masters were killed. So they sent out bounties against the young man. Whoever killed the Wolf King would get one billion USD.

An International Bounty of one million USD, these seductive numbers already made tons of assassins excited, preparing to head to Hua Xia to kill Qingfeng Li.

With the fall of one master, another master will be born. The strongest of the strong, not only were they fighting for territory, but they were also fighting to get the title of the master.
With the underworld shaking up, a new bloodbath was about to begin.