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Chapter 253: Xue Lin“s My Wife

Chapter 253: Xue Lin's My Wife

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During the time Qingfeng Li was taking care of Xue Lin, he had no idea there was an assassination attempt already underway in the underworld.

"Are you feeling better now darling?" Qingfeng Li asked Xue Lin.

"Well, I feel much better now, but a little bit hungry." Xue Lin felt embarrassed and answered with a blushed face.

With the two bottles of nutrient solution, Xue Lin’s face had become florid. She seemed more alive now, but without eating anything, she had become hungry.

A normal person would be starving after not eating for two days. Qingfeng Li felt sorry inside. He thought it was his entire fault that caused Xue Lin to be suffering like this from hunger.

"It is lunch time now, let me go get some food for you." Qingfeng Li lightly touched Xue Lin’s forehead, smiled and prepared to go buy some food for Xue Lin.

Right at the time, the door was pushed open by a beautiful girl. This was a tender girl with black straight hair. Her skin was white as snow, and her face was as sweet as a full-blown rose.

Her name was Wei Qiao. She was Xue Lin’s secretary. Qingfeng Li had met her a few times before, but Wei Qiao was already married, so Qingfeng Li had never talked to her.

Generally, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t flirt with with married women.

Wei Qiao was holding a bouquet of flowers. Apparently, she was coming to visit president Xue Lin. Of course, she was not alone, the sales director Wanqiu Xia, finance director Yanxu, security director Hao Luo, and sales manager Xiaoyue Zhang were right after her.

All of them were coming with gifts, like milk, fruits, and ginseng. They came to visit president Xue Lin.

"President, are you feeling better?"

"Where have you been president? We are really worried about you!"

"We have looked for you everywhere, but just couldn’t find you!"

People that worked in the Ice Snow Corporation came by Xue Lin’s ward, talking and bringing well wishes, seeming really excited to see Xue Lin again.

All of them were senior employees working for Xue Lin. They had a really good relationship with Xue Lin. Once they heard Xue Lin was in the hospital, they came to visit her right away.

"I’m fine, thank you everyone." Xue Lin smiled and expressed her gratitude to the people around her.

She was very touched when she saw so many people came for her. She thought she would die before, but finally Qingfeng Li rescued her. It was so good to live, to see every one of her friends.

"Qingfeng, why are you here?" Xiaoyue Zhang finally found Qingfeng Li was standing beside.

They didn’t notice Qingfeng Li was here while they were paying all of their attention on their president until Xiaoyue Zhang saw him.

"She’s my wife, don’t you think it’s normal I’m here?"

"Qingfeng, who are you calling your wife?"

"Xue Lin is my wife." Qingfeng Li pointed at Xue Lin and answered.

The other people beside the hospital bed was shocked, especially Xiaoyue Zhang. She was so astonished that her mouth was opened wide.

She thought this joke was not funny at all, she did not believe in Qingfeng Li. Who was Xue Lin? She was the president of the Ice Snow Corporation, and the most beautiful girl in Eastern Sea city. How could she approve of Qingfeng as her husband?

Not only did Xiaoyue not believe this statement, Wanqiu, Wei Qiao, and Yan Xu, were also not believing it. Their opinions appeared on their faces for a while.

Wei Qiao frowned and a touch of anger flashed through her eyes. She reprimanded Qingfeng Li, "Qingfeng Li, you are just a sales representative in the sales department! Please pay attention on your words and deeds, how could the president be your wife?"

Wei Qiao was very angry because she felt Qingfeng Li’s words were insulting her president. She knew that the president was single for a long time. It was impossible for her to get married so suddenly.

"Xue Lin really is my wife, if you don’t believe it, you can just ask her!" Qingfeng Li pointed at Xue Lin and told Wei Qiao to ask her.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Wei Qiao asked Xue Lin, "President, is he telling the truth?"

"Yes, I’m Qingfeng Li’s wife." Xue Lin smiled tenderly and answered.

After this kidnapping, Xue Lin finally figured out that she wanted to publicize the relationship between Qingfeng Li and her. She wanted to tell everyone that she was already married to Qingfeng Li.

This time, Xue Lin was almost killed by those guys. At the moment of life and death, she understood her feelings for Qingfeng Li. She liked Qingfeng Li and it was not a shame to hide it. It would be a good thing to let everyone know about this.

"President, I have never heard anything about a wedding ceremony." Wei Qiao still could not believe it and her eyes were filled with confusion.

Usually if people got married, they would have a wedding ceremony, and invite everyone, including family members, relatives, friends, and colleagues to have the dinner together.

Wei Qiao’s words made Xue Lin blushed and even feel a little bit embarrassed. She didn’t like Qingfeng Li at first, so she only got the marriage certificate. They didn’t have the wedding ceremony at all.

The only people who knew that Xue Lin was already married were her parents, and Qingfeng Li’s uncles. None of the other people knew about this; therefore, it was understandable that Wei Qiao couldn’t believe it.

"Wei Qiao, I an the president of our company. Do you think I would make jokes about my marriage?"

"President, this is about your reputation, of course you wouldn’t lie about this."

"Well, I am Qingfeng Li’s wife. We just didn’t get time before, so we only got the marriage certificate."

Xue Lin smiled and made a small explanation to everyone.

By hearing Xue Lin’s words, everyone knew that it was a truth Xue Lin had been married with Qingfeng Li cause she would not make jokes with her own reputation on the line.

"Hell no! I reprimanded the president’s husband" Wei Qiao’s face turned white and she felt a little fear of her behavior before.

She had no idea that Qingfeng Li was telling the truth. President Xue Lin really was his wife, and she scolded at him before! Would the president be mad at her?

Wei Qiao looked at Xue Lin carefully, and found that both the president and Qingfeng Li were not angry. Her hanging heart was finally calmed down.

In fact, Qingfeng Li didn’t care about what Wei Qiao said because if he was Wei Qiao, it was impossible for him to believe that Xue Lin could be his wife.

"Brother Li you are so amazing! You really got the president successfully!" Hao Luo looked at Qingfeng Li in admiration.

He remembered clearly, he came to attend the interview with Qingfeng Li at the same time. However, Qingfeng Li was hired into the sales department, and Hao Luo could only got into the security department because of the bad quality of his performance.

Hao Luo had never thought that Qingfeng Li could marry the president in less than one month! What a role model for all men.

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