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Chapter 255: Treating Old Man Tang

Chapter 255: Treating Old Man Tang

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Dear? Honey?

Mengyao Xu’s expression changed slightly. She could tell that the two were husband and wife from the way they addressed each other.

Qingfeng’s words were true. Xue Lin was his wife.

Mengyao Xu was very sad. Like Xiaoyue Zhang, she was very sad. For some reason, her heart ached when she saw Qingfeng gently feeding Xue Lin.

"It would be great if I was Xue Lin." This thought suddenly appeared in Mengyao Xu’s mind.

Nonono. Mengyao Xu, you are you the team leader of the Police Force. How can you have a thought like this? She quickly rejected her thoughts.

After Qingfeng fed Xue Lin, he said, "Rest well. I have some matters to attend to. I will be back soon."

"Okay, come back soon," Xue Lin said with a charming smile.

Qingfeng and Mengyao Xu headed out of the ward.

"Qingfeng, Mr. Tang is at the number 1 VIP ward. I will bring you there," Mengyao Xu said with a smile.

Number 1 VIP ward?

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment. Yanran had said that the VIP ward was occupied by an official. It turned out the person was Mr. Tang.

Mr. Tang could stay at the number 1 VIP ward, so he must not be an ordinary person.

After a while, the two arrived at number 1 VIP ward.

Outside the ward, there was a middle-aged man. The man had strong eyebrows and big eyes. He had good posture and high temples. It was clear that he was a strong fighter.

The middle-aged man was called Jin Xu. He was a retired special force soldier and the body guard here. His duty was to protect the patient inside the room. Naturally, he could not let random people into the ward.

"Mengyao, who is this gentleman?" The middle-aged man asked as he stopped Qingfeng.

"Uncle Jin Xu, he is here to treat Grandfather Tang. Please let him in," Mengyao Xu said to the middle-aged man.

Jin Xu furrowed his brows and a flash of skepticism appeared in his eyes when he heard Mengyao Xu’s words.

"Mengyao, Mr. Tang dotes on you heavily. How can you find a random person to treat him?" Jin Xu’s voice was filled with displease. He felt that Mengyao Xu’s actions were too rash.

The fellow ahead looked to be in his twenties. He did not look older than 30 years old. How could someone like him have any medical skills?

In modern society, all the experienced doctors were in their fifties or sixties. Some were even in their seventies or eighties. A young man like Qingfeng could only be a helper for these doctors.

Furthermore, Mr. Tang was an important person with a strong background. What if something happened when Qingfeng was treating him?

"Uncle Jin Xu, please believe me. Qingfeng is highly skilled in medicine. Maybe he can cure Grandfather Tang." Mengyao Xu became slightly anxious when she saw that Jin Xu did not believe her words.

Mengyao Xu had a deep understanding of Qingfeng’s medical skills.

Her sister-in-law had seen many doctors to treat her infertility but they were unable to do anything. But Qingfeng managed to cure her. This proved that Qingfeng was more skilled than those so-called famous doctors.

"Mengyao, it is not that I don't believe you. This matter is too important. I cannot make the decision," Jin Xu said. He still did not fully believe in Qingfeng.

"Uncle Jin Xu, rest assured. Qingfeng is very skilled in medicine. He will definitely cure Grandfather Tang," Mengyao Xu said with a smile as she led Qingfeng into the ward.

At the moment, there were many people inside the ward. A short-haired young man furrowed his brows in displeasure when he saw that Mengyao Xu had brought a stranger into the ward.

"Mengyao, my grandfather is ill. Why did you bring a stranger here?" The young man said unhappily.

The young man was called Chuan Tang and he was Mr. Tang’s grandson. He studied abroad but had rushed back when he heard that his grandfather was ill.

"Chuan Tang, this is a doctor that I brought over to treat Grandfather Tang," Mengyao Xu said while pointing at Qingfeng.

"Mengyao Xu, are you crazy? How can you find such a young fellow to treat grandfather? He is probably a scammer," Chuan Tang looked at Qingfeng with disdain in his eyes.

"Chuan, watch your words. He is not a scammer. He is a godly doctor who I invited." Mengyao Xu became unhappy when she heard Chuan calling Qingfeng a scammer.

She had brought Qingfeng over to treat Grandfather Tang but Chuan Tang dared to call Qingfeng a scammer. This was an insult to her.

"Mengyao, little Chuan is right. Skilled doctors are all in their forties and fifties. This young man is only in his twenties. What medical skills can he have?" A middle-aged man suddenly said.

The middle-aged man was Jianguo Tang. He was the son of Mr. Tang and the father of Chuan Tang.

Of course, Jianguo Tang was also the mayor of Eastern Sea City.

"Uncle Tang, you are the mayor and you are knowledgeable. How can you not believe me as well?" Mengyao Xu said as she shook her head sadly.

She felt that her good intentions were mistaken by everyone. She was quite upset.

"Little Yaoyao, since these people do not believe me. It’s alright. Let us go," Qingfeng smiled lightly as he walked away.

He had promised to treat Mr. Tang because of Mengyao Xu. Since the other people did not believe in him, there was no reason for him to stay here.

"Qingfeng, please. Grandfather Tang treated me very well. Can you have a look and see what is wrong?" Mengyao Xu pleaded.

Grandfather Tang and Mengyao Xu’s grandfather were comrades who were very close. Mengyao Xu often visited Grandfather Tang’s house when she was young. He treated her like granddaughter.

Even though the son and grandson of Grandfather Tang did not believe in her, Grandfather Tang treated her very well. Thus, for his benefit, she could only seek help from Qingfeng.

Qingfeng could not decline Mengyao Xu’s request when he saw her pleading gaze. He turned and looked at the bed.

On the bed, there was an elderly man with yellow skin and tightly shut eyes. He was in a coma and looked to be close to dying.

"He only has one day to live," Qingfeng said lightly as he looked at the elderly man.

"You said that Grandfather only has one day to live?" Mengyao Xu asked.

"Yes, he only has one day to live," Qingfeng used his Medical Eying technique and saw that the elderly man lacked vitality. He only had one day to live.

When he heard Qingfeng’s words, the expression of Jianguo Tang turned dark. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

As for Chuan Tang, he shouted, "Qingfeng, you bastard. How dare you curse my Grandfather?"

"He only has one day to live. I do not need to curse him," Qingfeng said as he glanced at Chuan Tang.

"Bastard, how dare you curse my grandfather. I am going to teach you a lesson," Chuan Tang said as he walked towards Qingfeng with a cold smile.

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