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Chapter 256: What a Godlike Doctor!

Chapter 256: What a Godlike Doctor!

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Chuang Tang raised up his fist and swung at Qingfeng’s head while yelling. He must punish this jerk who cursed his grandfather.


Qingfeng kicked out his right leg like a streak of lightning at Chuang Tang’s stomach and pushed him over 3 meters away onto the floor. Chuang Tang's face turned pale and he felt like his stomach was burning.

"We are done. Qingfeng hit the mayor’s son," Mengyao said frighteningly and almost fainted when she saw Qingfeng kicking Chuang Tang

Mengyao brought Qingfeng there for treating the mayor’s father, yet he already punched his son before the treatment even started. She knew Qingfeng was reckless and fearless but she didn’t expect he wouldn’t even take Chuang Tang seriously. Did he ever think about the consequences before doing anything?

"Young man, do you know who you just punched?" Jianguo Tang changed his expression to anger and asked after he saw his son was smacked away.

Who was he? He was the man who had the most authority and power in Eastern Sea City. He was seriously offended by this young man who had hit his son right in front of him. It was straight up provocation!

"I don’t know, and I don’t care," Qingfeng glanced at Jianguo and said calmly while frowning.

In fact, he knew who he had just hit was the mayor’s son. But who cares? It wasn’t a big deal. Besides, he was just defending himself since Chuang Tang tried to hit him first. Would he just stand there and let it happen? Hell no!

"You just hit my son, and I’m the mayor of Eastern Sea City."

"So? What do you want?"

"Jin Xu, give this brat a lesson with your fist," Jianguo Tang was furious as he ordered Jin Xu while turning back to him.

He knew that Jin Xu was a veteran of the special force. He was one of those tops in the whole team and had a powerful strength.

"Yes, sir!" Jin Xu nodded and started to approach Qingfeng.

Jin Xu was a bulky, muscular guy with raising temples and walked with strong air flows around him.

"Young man, let me give you some lectures just in case you don’t know what discipline is," Jin Xu swung out his fist towards Qingfeng while grinning.

His fist was full of power, almost splitting the space in the air with force.

"Too slow, too weak," Qingfeng criticized while sneering.

The strength of Jin Xu might seem undefeatable to others, but to Qingfeng, it was not only slow but also soft and weak.

In Qingfeng’s opinion, Jin Xu was just a bit better compared to other people, but compared to him, it was still such a huge gap. If saying Qingfeng was an adult, Jin Xu would be like a kindergarten kid, which had nothing to compare about.

Qingfeng slightly moved his body and skipped Jin Xu’s fist directly.

"How is that possible? Did he just get away from my fist?" Jin Xu was shocked when he realized Qingfeng just passed by his attack. He was a top member of the special forces. Handling regular people would usually be a piece of cake for him. Yet, the young man in front of him just escaped from his fist with a simple quick move. That was unbelievable.

"Now, take this then," Qingfeng started to yell with a low voice while gathering all the explosive energy from his body. He shoved his fist at Jin Xu’s chest with this extraordinary power.


Jin Xu was pushed away and fell from the wall after hitting hard onto it. He spat out lots of blood while feeling that three of his ribs were broken, too.

One punch and Jin Xu, who was the veteran of the Special Force, lost all of his combat capabilities.

"What tremendous power," Jin Xu was terrified that he kept staring at the calm Qingfeng at the moment before even remembering to wipe off the blood from his mouth.

He could feel the extreme power carried by Qingfeng just now which he only had seen from only one other person---the Special Force Soldier King. However, that man seemed to have gone into a mysterious dragon cave.

Jin Xu felt really frustrated since he, as a forty-year-old man, was just beaten severely by a young man, and he was even just in his early twenties. So humiliating.

Jin Xu understood, the young man in front of him was indeed a hidden master. He would have been at least an existence of a Soldier King if he was in the Special Force.

At the moment, even Jianguo was so shocked that his eyes were wide opened.

Jianguo knew how strong Jin Xu was since he has been in the military force too. Jin Xu was one of the kind in the Special Force. Even though he lost the match against the Soldier King in the past, he was still the second rank under him.

But now, this second rank man was hit by a young man, and even smacked a few miles away and had a few ribs broken. This wasn’t something a normal person could do.

For the Soldier King, he might be able to beat him, but it was questionable to punch him meters away with one punch.

~Hah * Hah* Hah*

Mengyao took a breath with fright. She knew Qingfeng was undefeatable but she has yet known he was such powerful! It was completely out of her expectations.

In terms of Chuang Tang, who was standing on the side, had already jumped out of his skin. He knew how strong Jin Xu was, but even such a strong man was almost punched to death by Qingfeng. He was frankly scared.

Seeing everyone in the room was silent and shocked, Qingfeng, on the contrary, didn’t even change his facial expression.

Honestly, he didn’t want to attack anyone at all. He was trying to lecture some of these people since they have been treating him with disdain and mocking him since the beginning. Well, he had no choice. Now, it seemed to have worked! At least these people have all gone quiet and stopped talking.

At the moment, a middle-aged doctor in a white surgeon gown came in with a few nurses. He was also holding several pieces of hospital equipment.

The doctor seemed like a scholar with his clean, round face.

"Dr. Zhao, you are finally here! Please come and check my father," Jianguo asked immediately when he saw the doctor.

He actually still wanted to get Qingfeng into trouble but he decided to save his father first when he saw Xu Zhao. There were always chances to pick on Qingfeng.

Xu Zhao smiled and said, "Mayor, don’t worry, I am going to do a full body check for Mr. Tang first."

Xu Zhao put the EEG electrodes, the respirator and other sorts of instruments on Mr. Tang’s body. He then turned on the switch and started the body check for him.

As time kept passing, Xu Zhao looked more and more depressed and started even turning pale while observing the numbers on the instruments.