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Chapter 257: Qingfeng Li is Not a Simple Man

Chapter 257: Qingfeng Li is Not a Simple Man

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When he saw Xu Zhao’s pale expression, Jianguo Tang knew that something was wrong. He asked, "Director Xu, how is my father doing?"

"Mr. Mayor, I shall be truthful with you. Mr. Tang had suffered injuries during the war. There are several bullets in his body. Now that his illness has relapsed, he is suffering mass organ failure and has only one day to live," Xu Zhao said heavily.

What? Only a day to live?

The expression of everyone in the room changed. Everyone turned to look at Qingfeng.

None of them believed his words when Qingfeng said that Mr. Tang only had one day to live. But now that Director Xu had echoed what Qingfeng said, they were all stunned.

Xu Zhao had utilized the medical instruments to know that Mr. Tang only had one day to live. But Qingfeng had only taken a single look and determined that Mr. Tang only had a day to live. This was a godly doctor.

Doctors nowadays relied on medical instruments such as CT scans and X-rays to know the specifics of the patient’s illness. For example, they relied on instruments to diagnose fractures, tumors, and abscesses.

But they have never met someone like Qingfeng who could diagnose a person with a single glance.

Qingfeng smiled lightly when he was faced with the look of everyone. He said, "Why are you all looking at me. There is nothing on my face."

They admired him because they did not know him well. In ancient days, ancient doctors did not have instruments to help them diagnose patients. They relied on their Eye of Medicine to determine the patient’s illness.

Qingfeng was a highly skilled Eastern Medicine Doctor so he could diagnose Mr. Tang’s illness with a single glance.

Jianguo’s expression changed when he heard Qingfeng’s words. He felt slightly awkward. He wanted to invite the young man ahead of him to treat his father but he felt awkward.

He had just called Qingfeng a "Scammer" and asked Jin Xu to teach him a lesson. He did not have the face to plead Qingfeng now. People like him who held high positions in society cared deeply about their reputation.

"Little Yaoyao, I have to look after my wife. I am going to go," Qingfeng said lightly with a smile to Mengyao Xu.

Qingfeng turned to leave. These people mocked him and even wanted to teach him a lesson. He did not want to stay here any longer.

Thankfully Qingfeng was strong in fighting. An ordinary person would have received a beating from them.

"Wait a minute, Qingfeng Li," Jianguo Tang quickly said.

He could not let Qingfeng leave. If he left, what would happen to his father? There was no doctor who could diagnose his father with a single glance. Even Xu Zhao, the Director of the Hospital, could not diagnose his father’s illness with a single glance. But, Qingfeng could do it. This proved that Qingfeng was not an ordinary person.

Furthermore, Jianguo Tang was about to get a promotion. His father was an accomplished General. The higher-ups deeply respected Mr. Tang and wanted to promote Jianguo Tang because of his father.

If Mr. Tang passed away, these people would not promote Jianguo Tang. He would not be able to move up. He could even be pulled down by someone.

Thus, Jianguo Tang could not let Mr. Tang die. Furthermore, Mr. Tang was his father and they were very close. He must save Mr. Tang.

"Do you need something?" Qingfeng asked lightly as he stopped in his tracks when he heard Jianguo Tang’s words.

He did not have a good impression of Jianguo Tang.

He did not care if he was an important figure. He simply disliked him.

"Um, um, could you save my father?" Jianguo Tang asked awkwardly. He had said a moment ago that he was going to teach this young man a lesson. But now, he was asking him to save his father.

"Why should I save him?" Qingfeng asked as he furrowed his brows.

Jianguo Tang’s expression changed when he heard Qingfeng’s words. He was afraid that Qingfeng was mad. It seemed like he was indeed mad; he had no plans to save his father.

"What do I need to do for you to save my father?" Jianguo Tang asked as he clenched his teeth.

"It is simple. Apologize to me," Qingfeng smiled lightly as he listed his request.

Apologize? You want me to apologize?

Chuan Tang was instantly mad. He felt that Qingfeng was too arrogant and did not know his own abilities. Who was he to determine an apology from father?

"Qingfeng, who do you think you are? How dare you demand my father to apologize?" Chuan Tang asked furiously as he clenched his fists.

He wanted to give Qingfeng a beating. But he could only suppress his urges when he recalled how strong Qingfeng was in combat.

"It is okay if you refuse to apologize. Your father’s life or death does not affect me. I’m going to go," Qingfeng said coldly as he walked out.

To be honest, Qingfeng respected Mr. Tang. He was Mengyao Xu’s Grandfather so he was prepared to treat him. But Jianguo tang and Chuan Tang angered him. They not only threatened him, they also wanted to beat him up. He was not one to treat people like these.

Jianguo Tang became anxious when he saw that Qingfeng was about to leave.

He asked loudly, "Qingfeng Li, tell me. Are you really able to cure my father?"


Yes, I can cure him, but why should I treat him?" Qingfeng said with a faint smile.

Happiness appeared on Jianguo Tang’s face when he heard Qingfeng’s words. He was willing to apologize if the young man ahead could cure his father. As for the apology, his ego costed nothing. If his father could be cured, he was willing to kowtow. An apology was nothing.

"Qingfeng, I was in the wrong just now. I am sorry. Please treat my father," Jianguo Tang said respectfully as he bowed towards Qingfeng.

What? The Mayor apologized to Qingfeng?

Everyone in the room was stunned. Chuan Tang was shocked and furious.

"Father, why did you apologize to him?" Chuan Tang asked furiously.

"Shut up. Do you want to see your grandfather die?" Jianguo Tang reprimanded Chuan Tang.

"Father, I don’t want Grandfather to die but even Director Zhao said there was nothing he could do. What could Qingfeng Li do?"

"I believe in him."

"Father, he is so young. It is obvious he is a scammer."

"Shut up. Did you not hear me? Let me repeat myself. I believe him," Jianguo Tang while glaring at his son.

Jianguo Tang could become the Mayor because he was highly intelligent. Qingfeng could diagnose Mr. Tang’s illness in a single glance. This proved that he had medical skills. Furthermore, he could kick Jin Xu, a special operations soldier, away with a single kick. This meant that he was skilled in combat.

Jianguo Tang believed in his judgment. The young man ahead was not ordinary. Perhaps he could really cure Mr. Tang.