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Chapter 259: Kicking Xue Lin Out of the Ward

Chapter 259: Kicking Xue Lin Out of the Ward

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"Oh, Mr. Tang’s condition seemed to have improved a little," Director Xu said excitedly.

In reality, they did not know that this was all credited to Qingfeng’s acupuncture. The blood on the acupuncture needles arrived at Mr. Tang’s pressure points and flowed through the blood vessels into his body.

The blood seemed to have a magical energy and repaired his worsening organs when it arrived in his body.

Mr. Tang felt that he was dreaming. He was lying in a desert and his organs were worsening. He felt that he was about to die. But at this moment, someone performed acupuncture on him and fed him a spoonful of magical medicine.

The magical medicine was sweet like dew drops. Thus, he opened his eyes.

Mengyao Xu said in surprise, "Mayor, Mr. Tang has awakened."

Jianguo Tang’s expression changed and he quickly looked towards the bed. As expected, Mr. Tang was awake. His complexion looked much better.

"Is there more of the magical medicine?" Mr. Tang asked.

Magical medicine? Mengyao Xu was dazed was a moment and asked confusedly,

"Grandfather Tang, what are you talking about?"

"Someone performed acupuncture on me just now and there was magical medicine on the silver needles. I want to take more of the magical medicine so I woke up," Mr. Tang said.

"But the magical medicine has disappeared. It would be so nice if there was more of it," Mr. Tang thought in his heart.

Acupuncture? Needles? Magical medicine? Mr. Tang was referring to Qingfeng? Qingfeng had performed acupuncture on Mr. tang just now and even covered the needles with a drop of his blood. Mr. Tang had mistaken the blood for magical medicine.

Jianguo Tang and Chuan Tang’s expression became awkward when they heard Mr. Tang’s words. They had called Qingfeng a liar and even chased him away. It was too late for them to regret it now.

"Director Xu, please look over my father," Jianguo Tang said to Xu Zhao with joy on his face.

Xu Zhao nodded and placed the ECG, CT and respiratory devices on Mr. Tang’s body and started to perform a full body examination.

A moment later, Xu Zhao said in shock and surprise, "This is a miracle, this is a miracle. Mr. Tang’s failing organs have recovered a little."

"Director Xu, you said that my father has been cured?

"No, Mr. Tang is not cured. His organs have only improved a little."

"Director Xu, what do you mean. Could you clarify for me."

"Mayor, it seems like the nine acupuncture needles with blood were effective. The blood repaired part of Mr. Tang’s organs but the amount of acupuncture needles and blood is too little. Mr. Tang only has ten days to live," Xu Zhao explained.

10 days. Mr. Tang now has 10 days to live?

Jianguo Tang’s expression became pale. He thought that Mr. Tang had recovered but it seemed like he had only recovered a little. He only had an extra 10 days to live.

But…Xu Zhao said that Mr. Tang only had 10 days to live because the acupuncture duration was too short. If Qingfeng could perform the acupuncture again for 30 minutes, then perhaps Mr. Tang would have a few months, or even a year to live?

At that thought, Jianguo Tang’s expression changed. He asked, "Director Xu, what if my father had undergone acupuncture for 30 minutes."

"Mayor, if I may be blunt, if Mr. Tang had undergone acupuncture for 30 minutes; he would have at least a year to live. Unfortunately, he only had a few minutes of acupuncture. This is life."

It was true, what Qingfeng said was actually true. The nine silver acupuncture needles coated with blood could really save Mr. Tang’s life. They had all mistaken Qingfeng.


Jianguo Tang walked in front of Chuan Tang and slapped him across the face.

He angrily said, "Treacherous son. It is all your fault. If you did not slap away the needles, your grandfather would have been cured."

Chuan Tang had also heard Xu Zhao’s words. Thus, when he was slapped, he was not angry. Instead, he was deeply sorry.

"Sob, grandfather. I am sorry, I have hurt you," Chuan Tang leaned on Mr. Tang’s body and started sobbing.

His grandfather had brought him up as a kid until he graduated from high school. He only left his grandfather when he moved overseas to study. He was very close with his grandfather. His heart hurt deeply when he saw that it was his fault his grandfather only had 10 days left to live.

"It is all my fault. If I had not insulted Qingfeng and said he was a scammer, he would not have left. It is all my fault," thought Chuan Tang with regret.

"Little Chuan, what happened. How could you hurt me?" Mr. Tang asked confusedly while patting on Chuan Tang’s head.

He had just awakened and did not know what happened. He did not meet Qingfeng so he was very confused as to why Chuan Tang was sobbing.

Chuan Tang could only sob, he could not speak.

"Father, Mengyao Xu brought over a young man called Qingfeng Li to treat you. But…we called him a scammer…" Jianguo Tang smiled bitterly as he briefly narrated the happenings.

Mr. Tang turned livid after listening to Jianguo Tang’s narration. He reprimanded, "Jianguo, you are a fool. Why didn’t you use your head and think why he could say I only had a day to live after a single glance. He is obviously a good doctor. How can you call him a scammer?"

"Father, Qingfeng was already turned away by us. What should we do?" Jianguo Tang’s face turned red and he bowed his head in shame.

He knew that his father was right. Chuan Tang was a child but he was the Mayor of Eastern Sea City. How could he be like his son and turn away a godly doctor like Qingfeng?

"What to do? What else can we do? Since he refuses to treat me, I can only wait for my death," Mr. Tang huffed angrily. He was quite upset with his son.

"Grandfather, I will not let you die. I will go and beg Qingfeng to heal you," Chuan Tang said as he wiped his tears and walked out of the ward.

Mr. Tang’s expression changed when he saw Chuan Tang leaving the ward. He reprimanded, "Chuan Tang is only a child. How can he manage to invite Qingfeng. Go with him. Do you want me to die?"

Jianguo Tang quickly said, "I will go immediately. But I don't know where Qingfeng Li is."

"Mayor, I know where Qingfeng is. He is in ward #3. I will go with you," Mengyao Xu said with a light smile. She walked with Jianguo Tang out of the ward.


At the moment, Qingfeng has already arrived at ward #3.

Just after he arrived at ward #3, he started to hear the quarrel within the ward.

"Kick Xue Lin out of the ward." A high-pitched woman voice said domineeringly.

"What are you guys doing. This is the hospital. What right do you have to kick out CEO Lin?" Xiaoyue Zhang asked loudly. Her face was pale.

This bunch of people was too evil. How could they want to kick Xue Lin out of the ward? Xiaoyue Zhang was very angry.