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Chapter 261: This Big Bro is Furious

Chapter 261: This Big Bro is Furious

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"Bastard, you dare to hit me?" The tall man said angrily. He clearly did not expect Qingfeng to hit him.

"Yes, I am hitting is you. If you dare to touch Xue Lin’s bed, I will break your hand," Qingfeng said coldly to the tall man.

He was determined to stay in this ward. He did not care about the Vice-Director of the hospital or the Director of Health Bureau. He would beat up whoever dared to try to make Xue Lin leave.

What kind of man would he be if he allowed his wife to be kicked out of the hospital? A man should protect his wife. Qingfeng stood in front of Xue Lin’s bed and looked coldly at the other people.

"Why are you guys still standing here? Kick him out," The tall man said angrily to the dozen security guards.

The dozen security guards rushed towards Qingfeng when they heard the orders of the tall man. They were prepared to teach Qingfeng a lesson. This fellow was brave. How dare he beat up their team leader? He deserved a beating.

The bunch of security guards thought that they would be able to bully Qingfeng with their numbers.

But they quickly realized that they were deeply wrong when they started the fight. The young man was too strong. He sent the security guards flying with a single punch or kick. In a moment, the dozen security were all on the ground.

This fellow is too strong. The surrounding people were all stunned. He had singlehandedly defeated a dozen people.

Xue Lin was slightly speechless. She felt that her husband was slightly violent. But she liked his mindset since he fought the men because of her.


Everyone was still stunned when the ward door was suddenly opened. Jianguo Tang, Mengyao Xu and Chuan Tang walked into the ward together.

Jianguo Tang immediately saw the security guards on the floor and the crowd within the room when he stepped into the room. He furrowed his brows in confusion.

"Hey, Qingfeng is there," Jianguo Tang’s face lit up when he saw Qingfeng and he started to make his way towards Qingfeng.

He was here to find Qingfeng. If he could find Qingfeng, Mr. Tang could be saved.

"Mayor, it is the Mayor. Is he walking towards me?" A flash of delight and excitement appeared on the Director of Health Bureau’s face when he saw Jianguo Tang making his way towards him.

As the Director of Health Bureau of Eastern Sea City, Jin Wang naturally knew of Jianguo Tang. He was very excited to see the Mayor.

However, his expression changed in the next moment. Jianguo Tang had walked passed him without a single glance. Ignored? Jin Wang was ignored by the Mayor?

"Hello, Qingfeng. I have finally found you," Jianguo Tang said with a smile to Qingfeng.

He was very emotional seeing Qingfeng. The young man ahead might be able to cure his father. What? The Mayor is speaking to Qingfeng with all smiles? Jinbu Wang was stunned and thought that he was hallucinating. The young man ahead was an ordinary man. How could the Mayor smile towards him ingratiatingly?

What? The Mayor is trying to please Qingfeng? What has happened to the world? Jinbu Wang thought that he was hallucinating. He rubbed his eyes and discovered that Jianguo Tang was still smiling brilliantly at Qingfeng.

"What do you need?" Qingfeng asked disinterestedly.

"Could you treat my father?" Jianguo Tang said nervously.

He naturally could feel Qingfeng’s cold attitude. He knew that Qingfeng was still mad at him; he had no one to blame but himself.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows and said, "I already said that if you want me to treat Mr. Tang, your son must beg me on his knees."

He was insulted and mocked by Jianguo Tang and the others in ward #1. He was mad and naturally gave them a cold attitude. Jianguo Tang’s expression changed at Qingfeng’s words. He was the Mayor. If his son begged Qingfeng on his knees, his son’s reputation would be ruined. His own reputation would also be tarnished.

But if his son did not beg on his knees, Qingfeng would refuse to treat Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang would die.

Without Mr. Tang’s help, Jianguo Tang would not be able to progress in his career. He could even be demoted.

"Qingfeng, what happened in ward #1 was my fault. I will kneel and apologize. Please save my grandfather." Chuan Tang’s face was pale. He was prepared to kneel and apologize.

Even though Chuan Tang was spoiled and had a bad temper, he was very close with his father. He was willing to be humiliated to save his grandfather’s life. Just when Chuan Tang was prepared to kneel, a hand grabbed and stopped him. He turned around and discovered that it was Qingfeng.

"Chuan Tang, even though I am displeased with you, but seeing that you are filial, I have decided to forgive you. You don’t need to kneel anymore," Qingfeng said with a light smile to Chuan Tang.

To be honest, Qingfeng did not like Chuan Tang. He was a spoiled kid. But Qingfeng was slightly touched to see how much he cared about his grandfather.

Qingfeng’s grandfather had also treated him very well and was one of the people in the Li family who treated him the best. Sadly, his grandfather had passed away.

Qingfeng was reminded of his grandfather who had passed away when he saw Chuan Tang’s feelings for his grandfather. Therefore, he decided to treat Mr. Tang.

In his eyes, someone who was willing to kneel for his grandfather would not have a bad heart.

"Thank you," Chuan Tang said sincerely to Qingfeng.

Jianguo Tang also cast Qingfeng a look of gratitude. He knew that Qingfeng not only saved Chuan Tang’s reputation, Qingfeng had also saved his reputation. At this moment, Jianguo Tang suddenly realized that Qingfeng’s handled matters better than himself. This young man was not an ordinary person.

"Thank you, Qingfeng. When are you going to treat Mr. Tang?" Jianguo Tang asked Qingfeng.

"Not now. Someone wants to kick me out of the hospital," Qingfeng said lightly as he glanced at Bing Liu.

The cold glance caused Bing Liu’s body to tremor. He knew that he was done for. Even the Mayor had to please this young man but he was about to kick Qingfeng out to please the Director of Health Bureau. He was a fool.

"Who? Who dares to kick you out of the hospital?" Jianguo Tang asked furiously.

He had a favor to ask from Qingfeng. At this crucial moment, someone wanted to kick Qingfeng out of the hospital. Did they want to die?

Jianguo Tang was furious. He decided to kick out the person who wanted to kick Qingfeng out of the hospital.