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Chapter 262: Xiaoman Lu“s Mother

Chapter 262: Xiaoman Lu's Mother

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"The one who wanted to kick me out is Mrs. Wang," Qingfeng said while glancing at Mrs. Wang coldly.

Mrs. Wang?

Jianguo frowned and just realized a middle-aged woman was lying in bed and looking at him with fear.

"Let’s go, let’s head to another hospital," Mrs. Wang had to leave since she knew she has got herself in trouble.

It was the most embarrassing day for her today. What a shame to leave the ward like that as the lady of one of the four big families in Eastern Sea City.

Mrs. Wang looked frustrated with hatred. She wouldn’t just let this set down. She would have to make Qingfeng pay for this.

*Ding *Ding *Ding

Mrs. Wang pressed the number on her phone and said quietly, "Hu Wang, could you do me a favour?"

"Of course, Madam, what happened?" Hu Wang asked politely.

"His name is Qingfeng Li..." Mrs. Wang explained the whole situation to Hu Wang.

"What! It’s that Qingfeng?" Hu Wang's voice exclaimed madly from the phone.

Mrs. Wang was surprised for a second and asked, "Hu Wang, did he bother you, too?"

"Of course, Madam. He broke Kun Wang’s leg! I’ve been looking for him recently," Hu Wang said furiously.

"Perfect. Then we take this revenge altogether. We get him first, then break his limbs and throw him in the lake," Mrs. Wang said mercilessly.

"Got it," Hu Wang replied respectfully.

In the room, Qingfeng didn’t know that Mrs. Wang has asked someone to take her revenge on him and even plotted to throw him in the lake.



The sound came from room 3. A woman who just passed by fainted on the floor.

"Mum, what happened?!" A shocked voice came from the other side of the door.

A woman had fallen down on the floor. She looked extremely pale and her body kept twitching. She was surrounded by ten more people and one of them was a beautiful girl in a white dress, calling for help worriedly.


Wasn’t that Xiaoman Lu?

Qingfeng suddenly realized the girl who was asking for help was Xiaoman Lu, who gave him a massage before.

"Xiaoman Lu, your mother has had a heart attack. Put the emergency pill in her mouth," a doctor with glasses said urgently.

"Doctor, I forgot to bring the pill," Xiaoman looked at him frighteningly while her hands were shaking.

"Don’t panic, forget about the pill then, just press a few points near her heart to help circulate her blood," The doctor tried to comfort Xiaoman while bending down and started massaging the woman’s acupuncture points around her heart area.

"Stop!" Qingfeng suddenly rushed into the crowd and yelled.

"Why are you asking me to stop?" the doctor asked with anger when he saw Qingfeng running in.

"She’s not having a heart attack," Qingfeng said while frowning.

"Are you kidding me? I’m the doctor and I diagnosed her as having a heart attack now. You better stay away and don’t disturb me," the doctor waved his hand, indicating for Qingfeng to leave.

"Brother Li, what brings you here?" Xiaoman felt surprised after recognizing him.

"Xiaoman, your mother really doesn’t have a heart attack, only I can save her now," Qingfeng looked at Xiaoman and said sincerely.

"I trust you, brother Li," Xiaoman decided to believe in Qingfeng since she knew he wouldn’t harm her.

In a second, Qingfeng stuck nine tiny needles on the woman’s head.

The thrombosis in the woman’s head had completely blocked the blood circulation, which was highly dangerous now.

Every point Qingfeng inserted the needles in was deeply precise. They were all special acupuncture points of the brain. Within only a minute, the woman had finally become conscious and woke up. Qingfeng immediately removed all the nine needles from her head once the woman woke up.

The doctor with glasses who was standing beside was quite astonished. He didn’t expect the young man really had some medical techniques in his possession and brought the unconscious woman back to life.

"Thank you so much, brother Li," Xiaoman was very grateful to him and kept thanking him happily. She knew brother Li was always the best.

"No worries, Xiaoman. Bring your mother to the hospital now," Qingfeng said to Xiaoman.

Xiaoman then led her mother to pickup medicine after showing her gratitude. Her mother had to take this pill often without interruption for her high blood pressure.