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Chapter 263: Xue Lin Made the First Move

Chapter 263: Xue Lin Made the First Move

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"Thanks a lot, Mayor Tang," Qingfeng smiled and said to Jianguo.

He knew Jianguo had done him a huge favour by kicking Mrs. Wang out of the ward and had gotten himself into trouble with the Wang family.

"No problem, Qingfeng. When can you treat my father?" Jianguo asked Qingfeng while smiling.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Let’s do it now. Since the acupuncture needles were hit away by Chuang Tang, there was only a small amount of essencethat went into Mr. Tang’s body which could only elongate his life for 10 days.

What a godly doctor! Both Jianguo and Chuang Tang were impressed after hearing what Qingfeng said.

Honestly, even doctor Zhao found that Mr. Tang only could live for 10 more days with his instrument after he was awake.

However, without being present in the room , nor relying on any instrument, Qingfeng could already tell Mr. Tang only had 10 days of life. Such impressive medical skill! Jianguo almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

He believed Mr. Tang would definitely be saved as long as Qingfeng was willing to save him.

"Honey, I’m going to treat the Mayor’s father. Take a good rest here," Qingfeng touched Xue Lin’s little head and then turned around and left with Jianguo.

Everyone was shocked while watching Qingfeng leaving. Who was this guy that even had the mayor asked him out?!

Qingfeng was led to room 1 by Jianguo. At the moment, Mr. Tang was already awake and stared at Qingfeng confusedly when he was brought by his son.

"Father, he is Qingfeng Li. He saved your life," Jianguo smiled and said to Mr. Tang.

Mr. Tang opened his eyes wide once he heard what Jianguo said, "Oh, thank you so much, Young man!"

"My pleasure, Mr. Tang. It’s just something I should do," Qingfeng waved his hand humbly.

Mr. Tang used to be a general of the nation. He had contributed so much for this country. Therefore, Qingfeng was really respectful and talked with polite manners to him.

Mengyao was so surprised since she had never seen Qingfeng being so humble before. In her opinion, Qingfeng was always arrogant in the past. Well, now she learned what it meant to never judge a book by its cover.

"Qingfeng, may we start the treatment now?" Jianguo asked worriedly.

"Yes, for sure." Qingfeng nodded and took out nine needles. He stuck the tip of the needles through his index fingers and started to extract his essence with the needles. Later, he inserted the tip of each nine needles on each of the nine acupuncture points on Mr. Tang;s body with his "Nine Essence Needles


After the treatment by Qingfeng, Mr. Tang felt his body temperature was gradually going back to normal. His energy and body heat finally returned!

"Doctor Zhao, could you come to check my father?" Jianguo felt so thrilled after he saw his father getting all the vitality back.

Xu Zhao nodded and started to check Mr. Tang’s body by putting the medical instruments on him.

"Alright, Mr. mayor, Mr. Tang’s failed organs had all recovered," Xu Zhao looked at him with excitement.

What a miracle in the history of medical science! Xu Zhao looked at Qingfeng with admiration since he has never seen such things happened.

Qingfeng has proved his medical skill by even getting attention from the head doctor from the First Public Hospital in Eastern Sea City.

"Xu Zhao, how long can my father live now?" Jianguo finally asked his most concerned question since not only it matters for the lifespan of Mr. Tang, but also his business future.

"According to his body condition now, he could live at least more than a year."

"More than a year! Such a miracle!"

"Yes, it is, indeed, a miracle. I thought Mr. Tang would die undoubtedly. I couldn’t believe Qingfeng actually saved him and extended his life up to a year!" Xu Zhao kept saying surprisingly.

"Qingfeng, thank you very much, on behalf of my father." Jianguo walked up to Qingfeng and bowed in front of him gratefully.

He knew this young man in front of him not only save his father but also his future, thanking with a bow should be necessary.

"You are so welcome, Mr. Mayor. It’s something I should do." Qingfeng said calmly while waving his hand.

"Mr. Tang, since you just recovered, don’t do any excessive exercise. Resting and talking short walks could help you recover faster," Qingfeng smiled and told Mr. Tang.

Mr. Tang also nodded while listening to Qingfeng carefully. He looked at him with great respect since this man was extraordinary to have such unbelievable medical skills in such a young age.

"Mr. Tang, I’m going to leave you here for you to rest. I have to go now," Qingfeng smiled and was about to leave.

He eventually had to leave after healing Mr. Tang’s body since Xue Lin was still waiting for him in ward 3.

"Qingfeng, wait a second," Jianguo called his name.

Qingfeng paused his step and looked back with confuse. He didn’t know why he suddenly called his name.

"Yes? Mayor Tang?"

"Qingfeng, this is my business card. There is my number on it, call me if you need any help in the future," Jianguo smiled and passed his card to Qingfeng.

Meanwhile, Mengyao was getting so envious when she saw Jianguo’s business card. This was the mayor’s business card! Regular people diudn’t even get to see his face once but now he got his business card!

As long as they had this card, they could just call the mayor and all problems would be solved. But of course, it was restricted to common problems. Regarding issues facing gangsters, nothing worked better than violence.

"Thank you," Qingfeng was very grateful since he knew the value of this card.

Then, he left immediately after bidding farewell to everyone in the room.

Room 3.

At the moment, Xue Lin was surrounded by Xiaoyue Zhang, Wanqiu Xia, Wei Qiao. These three girls kept asking how she and Qingfeng met and got married, which drove Xue Lin more and more embarrassed.

"What are you guys talking about?" Qingfeng asked curiously when he saw the girls talking after he walked in.

"Qingfeng, we were asking who made the first move when you guys married," Wei Qiao asked directly since she could never keep secrets.

"Isn’t that obvious enough? She, of course, made the first move," Qingfeng raised his chin and said proudly.

"Liar, how would our boss make the first move," Wei Qiao said angrily while pushing her little lips up.

"Well, you can ask her if you don’t believe me," Qingfeng smiled while looking at Xue Lin intentionally.

Xue Lin was pissed off after hearing what Qingeng said. This ass couldn’t feel happier without teasing her one day. She was the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation as well as the first beauty in the Eastern Sea City. How would she make the first move to approach Qingfeng?

"Wei Qiao, don’t listen to him. He made the first move obviously," Xue Lin said while giggling.

She needed to say she was approached by Qingfeng so that she could keep her elegance in front of her assistant and her friends.