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Chapter 265: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 265: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

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"Baddie, who gave you permission to come in, get out now." A flash of red appeared on Xue Lin’s face.

She took a towel and covered up her body. She was enjoying her shower but didn’t think that Qingfeng Li would come in and see every inch of her body.

"Honey, your body just recovered and you're not as healthy yet. I was scared that you would fall, so I came up to check up on you." With a straight face Qingfeng Li said his reasoning.

His reasons were good, but his eyes are moving around Xue Lin’s body without any shame. It really had to be said, Xue Lin was just gorgeous. A beautiful face, crystal sharp collar bone, snow-like skin, like a snow lotus, there was not one bit of defect.

Her body was even better. Her boobs were like two papayas, tempting one to rub it. Her waist was like the branch of a willow tree, slim but soft. Her ass was like a rosy watermelon. Her legs were like Trelon milk, white and tender.

The key part was that her body was only covered by a piece of towel, being weirdly seductive; making one feel fanatical.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes shined with oily green light, walking towards Xue Lin.

"Bad Wolf, don’t you dare come over." She yelled. Seeing his eyes, Xue Lin suddenly thought of the big bad wolf.

Big bad wolf, the use of this title is good. It was the best description of the current Qingfeng Li. At this moment, he was exactly like the big bad wolf.

"Little red riding hood, don’t be scared, let wolf brother take care of you." Qingfeng Li smirked, describing Xue Lin as the little girl.

The current Xue Lin is actually like the little red riding hood, the little red riding hood that was going to be "bullied" by the big bad wolf.

"Bad wolf, go away."

"Little red hood, let me help you shower."

"Bad Wolf, I can wash myself." Xue Lin shook her head, rejecting Qingfeng Li’s suggestion to help her wash.

Xue Lin had accepted Qingfeng Li already, and really did like him from the bottom of her heart. But showering together was still hard for her since she was still shy.

Females were shy to begin with, not related to IQ or EQ. It was part of their DNA.

"Little red riding hood, you just recovered and probably have no strengths. This Bad Wolf has tons of strength so let me rub your back." Qingfeng Li’s eyes shined and directly held onto Xue Lin’s body, helping her shower.

Xue Lin wanted to rebel, but she was weaker than Qingfeng Li, and therefore couldn’t escape. She wanted to show her dissatisfaction, but was ignored by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng Li helped Xue Lin wash all of her body, the view was too beautiful to be described.

In terms of extreme sports on bed, Xue Lin’s body had just recovered and it was still fairly weak so it was not suitable. Qingfeng Li decided to do it after her body got better.

Half an hour later, Qingfeng Li let go of Xue Lin, and walked out of the shower with a big smile across his face. Behind him Xue Lin was on the ground, with a face like an red apple, extremely eye-catching.

"Stupid wolf, only knowing how to bully little red riding hood." She said to herself.

Xue Lin’s face was filled with shyness. In terms of this wolf named Qingfeng, Xue Lin liked it. Women liked a man who was a bit mischievous.

After Xue Lin gathered her breath, she stood up, wore her clothes, and walked out of the bathroom.

When she walked into the living room, she saw Qingfeng Li was lying on the sofa watching TV, his expression comfortable.

The show’s name was [I am Special Force]. All men liked this sort of show with all tough guys, whereas women preferred chick flick dramas like [The Journey of Flowers] with cute girls like Liying Zhao.

"The Egg noodles is cold now." Tensing her brows, Xue Lin saw the noodles on the table were cold.

Her body just got well, but her stomach was still weak, so she could only eat food that were warm and soft, not cold.

"Little red hood, I will go make another one for you." Qingfeng Li chuckled. Stood up from the sofa and walked towards the kitchen.

He suddenly felt that, calling Xue Lin little red hood sounds better than calling her honey.

"What is so good about [I am Special Force], I want to watch [The Journey of Flowers]." She switched to a channel that was broadcasting [The Journey of Flowers] and started watching with uttermost interest.

Seeing Qiangu Hua (the MC of the drama) being sad, Xue Lin’s eyes began tearing up, she was Qiangu Hua’s super fan.

"Is it that good, crying from watching a TV show." When Qingfeng Li brought out the noodles, he saw Xue Lin tearing up and was thus confused.

He heard of the show [The Journey of Flowers] because it was extremely popular, a lot of people watched it. The main guy was hot and the main girl was gorgeous, it attracted a lot of fans.

What Qingfeng Li didn’t think of was that president Xue Lin was also a fan of Qiangu Hua.

"You don’t understand, Qiangu Hua’s fate is too bitter. After going through a lot of pain, Zihua Bai still hurt her." Xue Lin said with pain, baffling Qingfeng Li.

"Whatever, here, eat up." Said with a smile, Qingfeng Li brought the egg noodles to Xue Lin.

To Qingfeng Li, all the characters in the shows were fake, only emotional girls would tear up, guys wouldn’t.

Qingfeng Li tried to switch the channel back to [I am Special Force] while Xue Lin was eating, but she didn’t let him.

Fine, you are the patient, and wife comes first. Qingfeng Li gave up and obeyed with Xue Lin, continueing to watch [The Journey of Flowers].

When Xue Lin finished the noodle, the episode finished as well. Xue Lin was extremely moved, but Qingfeng Li didn’t feel anything. For boys, [I am Special Force] was more interesting.

"Full now? Time to sleep." Qingfeng Li laughed. He picked up Xue Lin and carried her to the second floor bedroom.

Qingfeng Li laid Xue Lin down onto the bed. Just when he was about to leave, Xue Lin held his hand; she didn’t want him to leave and wanted to hear a story.

Qingfeng Li laughed at Xue Lin, she was like a baby; how old was she that she still liked fantasy stories. Truthfully, it wasn’t that Xue Lin wanted to hear a story, it was just that she didn’t want Qingfeng Li to leave. She wanted to stay with him a bit more.

"A long time ago, there was a mountain. On top of the mountain, there was a big bad wolf. One day little red riding hood went hiking..." Qingfeng Li ordered his mind, prepared to tell her the story of the Little Red Riding Hood.

But before he could finish the story, Xue Lin fell asleep. It seems like she was having the sweetest dream, with a smile on her face.

Qingfeng Li covered her up with velvet quilts and left the room.

The past few days, not only was Xue Lin tired, Qingfeng Li was too. He was forcefully withstanding the fatigue; not wanting Xue Lin to worry.

Now Xue Lin fell asleep, it is also time for him to go back down to sleep as well.