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Chapter 266: The Joyful Xue Lin

Chapter 266: The Joyful Xue Lin

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The next day was extremely cloudy, fog everywhere.

The good weather from the past few days seemed to disappear. Not only was today cloudy, but the temperature dropped low too; seeming like it was going to snow.

But to be honest, it was time to finally snow. It was already December, going into winter, and soon it will be time to celebrate New Year.

Qingfeng Li remembered clearly, when he was young, this time of the year was already snowed multiple time. Doesn’t matter if it was the road or the ditch, it was full of snow.

But now, with Global Warming and the rise of temperature, the amount of snow in the winter was decreasing every year. Qingfeng Li woke up pretty early. He was going to prepare breakfast, but when he went into the kitchen and looked at the fridge he discovered there wasn’t any food left.

Whatever, might as well go out and eat breakfast. He decided to go out and eat with Xue Lin.

After a while, Xue Lin woke up as well. After she finished brushing and washing, she walked out with Qingfeng Li. This was the first time she went out with Qingfeng Li. Sometime ago, Xue Lin normally left first and then was Qingfeng Li.

Before, Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li had an agreement: not revealing their marriage relationship in the company and to others. But it was different now since Xue Lin decided to reveal their marriage.

After going through life and death, she thought it through. In front of death, everything was trivial; gold, status, reputation, and health were not worth anything.

In Xue Lin’s heart, she liked Qingfeng Li. Since she liked him, then might as well let everybody know.

"What do you want to eat?" Qingfeng Li asked Xue Lin as they walked out.

"Soy milk and fritters." Xue Lin said with a smile.

The two came to the garage, and Xue Lin gave the car key to Qingfeng Li. Qingfeng Li drove the BMW and brought Xue Lin to a breakfast restaurant named Zhouji.

Zhouji Breakfast was a franchise restaurant chain, specifically focusing on breakfast. There were tons of variety, but soy milk and fritter were their main dish, extremely tasty.

Of course, Zhouji Breakfast’s furnishing was extremely luxurious. The walls were snow white, giving off a clean feel. Their tables and chairs were extremely organized as well.

The store was extremely popular seeing how it was filled up with customers already.

Qingfeng Li walked in with Xue Lin, bought two soy milks and four fritters. Coincidently another couple left when they walked in, so they sat in their spots.

It had to be said, Zhouji Breakfast’s soy milk was extremely good, sweet with a hint of soy, all natural. Of course, their fritters were extremely good as well.

Xue Lin felt extremely blissful. In her eyes, being able to eat breakfast with the one she loves brings joys to her immensely.

If possible, she wanted to eat breakfast with Qingfeng Li every morning.

Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li each ate two fritters, but weren’t full. So Qingfeng Li bought another four, and now the two were finally full.

Even though the breakfast here tasted amazing, it was a bit pricey. For example, this meal costed them 50 Yuan.

Soy milks from outside cost 2 Yuan per cup, but it was dissolute with water, and not natural. The soy milk here are all made with organic natural soy. Even with the price of 15 Yuan, it was worth it.


Qingfeng Li sat in the driver seat, turned the key, hit the gas, and span the steering wheel. With the shriek of the car, it rocketed towards the Ice Snow Corporation.

He drove extremely fast, even with the crowded road he was able to arrive at the corporation without any delays.

The Ice Snow Corporation’s front entrance was filled with people, with people standing in long lines. Everyone was waiting to check in.

Anyone employees would know, before starting work, they all had to check in. This was an assessment, knowing when someone actually worked or not.

Of course, if one were to check in everyday, then they would get a perfect-attendance award, with a huge year-end reward with a big cheque. But if one were to not check in, come in late, or just not work at all, then the award would be canceled. To a more severe degree even the reward would be canceled.

"Huh, isn’t that the president, why would she be sitting in Qingfeng Li’s car?"

"Yea, the president always came to work alone. I've never seen her with another man. This is the first time that she is in someone else’s car."

"Maybe Qingfeng Li is the president’s sugar baby?"

"Stop joking with me haha, with Qingfeng Li’s status as a salesman, the president wouldn't lay her eyes on him."

The employees of Ice Snow Corporation were all gossiping, with shock across their faces.

These employees didn’t know the relationship between Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin. Only Wei Qiao, Xiaoyue Zhang, Wanqiu Xia, Hao Luo, and Yan Xu knew, no one else.

Even though these people knew about their relationship, they also knew it was the private life of the president. They wouldn’t have the courage to spread it around the company. So only a few knew about it.

Qingfeng Li parked the car in the underground parking garage, opened the door, and walked towards the company with Xue Lin.

Of course, before they got to the company, Qingfeng Li also checked in.

When Qingfeng Li got to the Sales Department, he saw everyone was investigating him with weird looks on their faces.

Because a lot of people saw that Qingfeng Li was sitting in the president’s car this morning, they were all intrigued by their relationship. Some were dumbfounded.

Xiaoyue Zhang obviously knew their relationship. She was sad yesterday and today as well.

Before when brother Li saw her, he would call her little Xiaoyue. But now, even when he sees her, he wouldn’t call the name anymore, making her feel sad.

"Brother Li, this is the contract between the Liu Corporation and ours. Today is the expiry date, please go conclude and check up on the bill afterwards." Xiaoyue Zhang said sadly and handed the contract to Qingfeng Li.

The business between the Ice Snow Corporation and the Liu Corporation was managed by Qingfeng Li. Now that it had ended, obviously it was his job to go to the Liu Corporation and gather the income.

"Sounds good little sister Yue, I will go in a bit." Qingfeng Li smiled and took the contract.

Little sister Xiaoyue, Brother Li called me little sister Xiaoyue. Hearing the name that Qingfeng Li called her, she got super excited, with her face blushing.

She was too happy because Brother Li didn’t forget about her; he still called her little sister Xiaoyue.

"Brother Li, sorry for disturbance, I am going back to work now." Xiaoyue Zhang blushed and glanced at Qingfeng Li.

Regarding Xiaoyue Zhang’s reaction, Qingfeng Li was puzzled. I just called you little sister Xiaoyue, why would you be so happy? Looking at the contract with the Liu corporation, Qingfeng Li’s face was filled with guilt.

He said quietly, "Ruyan, haven’t seen you in a long time, are you still well?"