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Chapter 267: Ruyan was Sick

Chapter 267: Ruyan was Sick

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Ruyan Liu’s charming face had turned pale. She was lying in bed, looking extremely weak and sick.

"Sister, you haven’t eaten for two days now, please just eat a little bit." Seeing Ruyan Liu’s pale face, Jiaojiao Liu’s eyes were filled with sorrow.

It was always her older sister that took care of her, but now it was her taking care of her sister. Since the Wine Banquet, Ruyan Liu stopped eating and just lied on the bed like a corpse.

"Jiaojiao, I don’t want to eat."

"How is that ok, just eat a little bit."

"Uhgh." Ruyan Liu suddenly started retching. She felt gross in her throat, but just couldn’t puke out anything. This feeling was extremely annoying.

Seeing her older sister retching, Jiaojiao Liu became extremely anxious. She peeled an orange and forced it into the mouth of Ruyan Liu.

Because of her sickness, Ruyan Liu didn’t have any strengths, so she could only accept the orange. After eating an orange, Ruyan Liu felt less grossed out, and her body felt better.

"Sister, I know you are sad, but what really happened, can you please tell me?"

"Jiaojiao, it’s nothing. Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t understand."

"Sister, if you really see me as your sister as well, then tell me."

"Fine, I will tell you, Qingfeng Li is married." Ruyan Liu said with a colorless face.

Qingfeng Li is married, isn’t he my sister’s boyfriend, then how did he get married?

Jiaojiao Liu was puzzled, "Isn’t Qingfeng Li your boyfriend?"

"Hehe, Qingfeng Li’s wife is Xue Lin." Said Ruyan Liu with a forced laugh.

Xue Lin? President Xue Lin of the Ice Snow Corporation?

Jiaojiao Liu was surprised. Regarding Xue Lin, Eastern Sea City’s number one beauty, of course she would know. Not only was Xue Lin beautiful, she was the president of the Ice Snow Corporation, the Queen of business, who changed a company that almost went bankrupt to a company that was worth a couple hundred million.

But, Jiaojiao Liu knew, Qingfeng Li was only a normal employee of the Ice Snow Corporation. How did the president become the wife of a normal employee, it felt like a dream.

Seeing Ruyan Liu’s heart that was dead like ash, Jiaojiao Liu knew, her older sister definitely liked Qingfeng Li a lot.

But to be honest, not only was Qingfeng Li good looking, he was also extremely skillful. It is normal for girls to like him. Not just Ruyan Liu, Jiaojiao Liu also liked him a bit. But of course she wouldn't tell her sister that.

"Sis, you like Qingfeng Li."


"Sis, your beauty isn’t worse than Xue Lin. Liu’s Corporation is also richer than the Ice Snow Corporation. You can have all the courage to chase after Qingfeng Li." Jiaojiao Liu smiled, and tried to encourage her older sister.

In Jiaojiao’s world, if you like someone, just go after them, there isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Ruyan Liu forced a laugh and said, "He is married now, who do you think your sister is?"

"Hm, who cares if he is married. For him you stopped eating and got sick, but what about him, who knows where he is enjoying the company of whatever girl." Jiaojiao Liu said angrily.

Since the conflict between the two got solved, Jiaojiao became extremely caring towards Ruyan Liu, thinking in terms of her every time.

Seeing the paleness of Ruyan Liu’s face, Jiaojiao Liu was extremely gloomy. At the same time, extremely mad towards Qingfeng Li.

F*cking Qingfeng Li, only knowing how to hurt my sister. I will not forgive you. Jiaojiao Liu said with rage.


Qingfeng Li held onto the contract with the Liu Corporation and walked out of the Ice Snow Corporation. The business between the two companies was worth a hundred million, and now was the time to collect the sum.

Since the Wine Banquet, Qingfeng Li had not met Ruyan Liu. He didn’t know how she was now; bad or well?

Remembering Ruyan Liu, all Qingfeng could feel was regret.

These past few days he was extremely busy. Because he had to take care of Xue Lin and felt regretful towards Ruyan Liu, he didn’t have the nerve to go find her.

After all, Qingfeng Li was married now, and his wife is Xue Lin. It would be weird to go find Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng Li exited the building, stopped a taxi, and went to the Liu Corporation.

The Ice Snow Corporation was located in a busy area of Eastern Sea City, so getting a taxi was pretty easy. It didn’t take long to arrive at the Liu Corporation.

Being here again, Qingfeng Li felt conflicted. The Liu Corporation’s guards obviously knew him as they had all ran away in a flurry. They didn’t want to offend the devil again. Last time he came, the guards were beaten up pretty badly by him.

The one at the front desk was still the girl with freckles. She was wearing a blue business outfit. Seeing Qingfeng Li walking in, her expression immediately changed.

Regarding the man in front of her, she had deep memories. This was an extremely violent man. In addition, this man knew Ruyan Liu, and their relationship was fairly close.

"M-Mr. can I help you?" the girl tensed up and stammered. Seeing Qingfeng Li, she couldn’t even talk straight.

The concierges’ job was to welcome potential customers and talking to them on a normal basis was part of her skillset. However. her vocabulary seemed to have disappeared when she saw Qingfeng Li. She was extremely scared of him.

Am I really that scary? Qingfeng Li frowned, seeing the way the concierge looked at him, he felt depressed.

"Is your president Ruyan Liu here?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"N, No."

"Ruyan Liu isn’t in the company?"

"She isn’t. The president hasn’t been here for a couple of days now." The concierge replied.

Hadn’t been here for a couple of days? Qingfeng Li became puzzled. To his understanding, Ruyan Liu was the president of a company that was worth billions. The company had tons of stuff to take care of everyday so how could she not come to work?

Qingfeng Li frowned and asked, "Then do you know, when Ruyan Liu comes to work normally?"

"This, I don’t know either." The concierge replied fearfully.

Well, seeing your face, of course, you wouldn’t know anything. Instead, I scared you I guess. With despondence, Qingfeng Li walked out of the Liu Corporation.

Strictly speaking, the business between the Ice Snow Corporation and the Liu Corporation was conducted between Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu. If Qingfeng Li wanted the money, he has to get it from Ruyan Liu. Without her signature, he could not get the payment.


Just when Qingfeng Li exited the Liu Corporation, his phone rang. He took it out and saw it was Jiaojiao Liu who called.

He answered and asked, "Jiaojiao, what’s wrong?"

"You d*ck, my sister isn’t eating because of you and got sick. And you didn’t even plan to come and see her." Jiaojiao Liu said angrily.

Ruyan Liu is sick. Qingfeng Li’s face changed and felt an ache in his heart.