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Chapter 268: Ruyan Sorry

Chapter 268: Ruyan Sorry

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"Jiaojiao, you just said Ruyan is sick? Is she ok?" Qingfeng Li asked caringly.

"Hmm, you still know to care for my sister, I thought you forgot about her already." Jiaojiao Liu mocked on the other side of the phone.

Regarding Jiaojiao Liu’s mocking, Qingfeng Li couldn’t say anything. What could he say, everything was his fault. The only thing he could do was to keep silent.

"Jiaojiao, where is Ruyan, I will go visit."

"She is home."

"Ok, I will be there immediately." Qingfeng Li hung up, stopped a taxi, and rushed to the Noble Palace.

Qingfeng Li gave the driver an extra 100 Yuan, so the driver drove extremely fast, arriving in a very short amount of time.

After paying the driver, Qingfeng Li rushed towards number 14 villa.

This villa, he came to many times. Every time he came was to have sex with Ruyan Liu, but this time he came with a complicated emotion.

Because he clearly remembered at the Wine Banquet Xue Lin announced her relationship with him. At that time, Ruyan Liu got extremely furious and went unconscious. After she woke up, she immediately broke up her relationship with Qingfeng Li.

Broke off completely, it was easier said than done. They had sex, it was impossible to completely forget about him.

Qingfeng Li’s teacher told him, in this world, you can ignore everyone except for two people. The lady that gave life to you, your mother, and the lady you had sex with, because she gave you the most important part of her.

So, Qingfeng Li could not ignore Ruyan Liu. It was his responsibility as a man. But when he showed up in front of the villa, he hesitated. His finger touched the door multiple times, but he was scared to knock and see Ruyan Liu.


The door opened from the inside, and the refined face of Jiaojiao Liu showed and said, "Why didn’t you knock?"

Qingfeng Li became awkward, not knowing what to say.

"Hugh, all men are bad." Jiaojiao Liu glared at Qingfeng Li and said. Obviously, she hated him a lot.

Qingfeng Li touched his nose, without saying anything and followed Jiaojiao Liu into the villa.

When Qingfeng Li went into Ruyan Liu’s room, his whole face changed. Ruyan Liu was lying on the bed colorless. Before her face was full of liveliness, but now it was just pale. Not only was her face pale, her whole body was dead, without any sign of life in her eyes.

Qingfeng Li’s heart ached from the Ruyan Liu's look. He knew that she got sick, but he didn’t think it would be this severe.

"Ruyan, are you feeling a bit better now?" Qingfeng Li asked caringly.

Seeing Qingfeng Li, Ruyan Liu’s eyes lit up, but immediately was filled with coldness.

She said emotionlessly, "What are you doing here?"

"I am here to see you."

"No need. Aren’t you married? Go see your Xue Lin."

"Ruyan, I am sorry." Qingfeng Li’s face changed and apologized.

He knew he had to apologize to the girl in front of him because she didn’t know he was married. Thus, why would she date him and even have sex with him?

Only when a woman truly falls in love with a man would she hand her body to him.

But, can this all be blamed on Qingfeng Li? Maybe not.

Before Xue Lin was extremely cold. Not only did she dislike Qingfeng Li, she even wanted to divorce. Naturally, Qingfeng Li didn’t want to face this iceberg, so he started flirting with others.

Qingfeng Li was a man, so unsurprisingly, he needed to take care of his lower half. Xue Lin didn’t want to interact with him, so he could only do it with Ruyan Liu. But what he didn’t think of was that having this relationship brought too much trouble; breaking Ruyan Liu’s heart.

"Sorry? Why didn’t you tell me that Xue Lin is your wife?" Ruyan Liu’s eyes became cold as she was extremely angry.

Yes, she liked Qingfeng Li, to the point that she would let him have her body, but she hated him for lying to her. Not only for Ruyan Liu, every woman would hate the man that lied to her.

"Ruyan, I am sorry, if you are angry, then just give me a slap." Qingfeng Li came to the side of the bed, gave her the chance to hit him.

Ruyan Liu extended her arm, prepared to really slap him. But she couldn’t. She loved him from the bottom of her heart, how could she hurt him.

Di da, di da...

Ruyan Liu started crying. She hated herself, why did she fall in love with this man. Even though she knew that this man is married, but she would still feel sad, and not be willing to hit him.

Seeing Ruyan Liu cry, Qingfeng Li doesn’t feel good either. He extended his arm and wiped off the tears on Ruyan Liu’s face. He doesn’t know what to say. Normally he knew exactly what to say, but when faced with emotions, he felt helpless.

"Qingfeng Li, are you really a man, if you are, then marry my sister and don’t let her cry." Jiaojiao Liu said to Qingfeng Li. Seeing how her sister was crying, she felt extremely painful.

What, marry Ruyan Liu?

Qingfeng Li’s face changed; he felt the suggestion of Jiaojiao Liu was so stupid. I am married already, you want me to marry Ruyan Liu, what would happen to my current wife then?

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s face, Ruyan Liu started crying even more and said, "You don’t want to marry me?"

Seeing Ruyan Liu’s face, Qingfeng Li was heart broken. He asked in a low voice, "If you are willing, I can marry you?

"Are you sure, you are willing to marry me? What about Xue Lin?"

"Don’t worry, we can get marry in other countries."

"Thank you, I am happy that you are willing to marry me." Ruyan Liu stopped crying and said with a simle.

Hearing that Qingfeng Li was willing to marry her, she was extremely happy. Extremely, extremely happy.

But, can she really get married off to Qingfeng Li? Of course not. This was because she was the fiancée of Yanjing Shaoyang Wang. If she really married Qingfeng Li, then the Wang Family will not let Qingfeng Li go.

For the sake of Qingfeng Li, Ruyan Liu could not marry him.

It really had to say, Ruyan Liu was a great woman. No matter when, she was always thinking for Qingfeng Li, but unfortunately Qingfeng Li was ignorant towards all the things she had done for him.

"Even though you are willing to marry me, I cannot marry you." Ruyan Liu said with a bitter smile.