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Chapter 270: Hao Luo“s Getting Married

Chapter 270: Hao Luo's Getting Married

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Time flew by and in a blink of an eye it was time to go home.

Just when Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin got to the first floor, Hao Luo stopped them.

"Big brother Li, the day after tomorrow is going to be my wedding! Can you attend it?" Hao Luo stared at Qingfeng Li. He really wanted him to go.

If it was before, Hao Luo would be extremely confident to invite Qingfeng Li. But after knowing that Big brother Li was the president’s husband, he started to fear him.

The president’s husband, the man of the boss of the Ice Snow Corporation. Seeing the two being together always brought Hao Luo immense pressure.

Look at him now, just because the president was standing beside Qingfeng Li, Hao Luo couldn’t even talk normally.

"Fatty, of course I am going to attend your wedding. Not only that, I am going to be your best man." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

Hao Luo was his little bro. Of course, Qingfeng Li was going to attend and be his best man. His attendance will boost Hao Luo’s reputation.

"Big brother Li, did you just say you are going to be my best man."

"Yes, you don’t want me to?"

"Of course I do." Hao Luo replied and nodded his head furiously.

It was extremely fortunate that Big brother Li was willing to be his best man. Remembering his poor past and how his girlfriend dumped him, it was Qingfeng Li that gave him the position as the head of the Security Department and indirectly a wealthy life.

Regarding his big brother Li, not only did Hao Luo look up to him, he also appreciated him.

"Yo, did you book the hotel for the wedding yet?" Qingfeng Li asked.

He knew, once New Year comes, lots of couples were going to get married. Many hotels required booking in advance. Some might not even be able to book one since they were going to be extremely busy.

Hearing Big brother Li’s question regarding the hotel, Hao Luo smiled, "Everything is booked. It is going to be at River Scene Restuarant. It is pretty close to the Ice Snow Corporation so its more convenient for everyone to eat and drink."

"Sounds good, I will be there early." Qingfeng Li waved his hands and left with Xue Lin.

Since the declaration of their relationship, Xue Lin had been going to and leaving work with Qingfeng Li.

"Honey, I want to attend Hao Luo’s wedding as well." Xue Lin said with her plump lips.

"You want to attend as well?"

"Yes, Hao Luo is your friend. Naturally I need to attend because I’m your wife."

"You are the president, are you not going to delay your work?"

"I am the president, but I am also your wife. Attending the wedding with you would boost your reputation as well." Xue Lin smiled.

Obviously, Qingfeng Li didn’t have any objections regarding Xue Lin wanting to attend Hao Luo’s wedding. With her attendance, Hao Luo would be even happier.

"What gift should I get for his wedding?" Qingfeng Li tensed his brows and asked Xue Lin.

He doesn’t understand much about wedding, naturally he wouldn’t know what gifts to buy. Thus why he asked Xue Lin. But, Qingfeng Li asked the wrong person because Xue Lin doesn’t understand anything about weddings either. Even though she got the marriage certificate with him, they never hosted a wedding before, so naturally she doesn’t know what to buy either.

"Oh, Wei Qiao went through wedding before, let me ask her." Xue Lin brought out her phone and dialed the secretary’s number.

After some questions, Xue Lin knew what to buy, and hung up the phone. A wedding was a huge event in terms of one’s life, so obviously a lot of things needed to be purchased. As friends, there were a lot of gifts in consideration. For example, a tea set, small appliances, or memory crystals.

After some discussions between Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li, they decided to buy a tea set as a gift for Hao Luo.

Of course, a gift was just gift. On the day of the wedding, honorarium had to be given, but they hadn’t decided on how much yet.

With Qingfeng Li driving the BMW, they went to Walmart.

Being the largest chain retail supermarket, Walmart had a rich variety of all kinds of tea sets.

There were multiple kinds of Tea Sets: Yixing Teapots, cyanogen china teapots, white china teapots, black china teapots, rainbow teapots, glass teapots, etc.

Of course, the prices of these sets were quite different; ranging from a couple thousand to tens of yuan. It was mainly decided by the material, workmanship, and the style.

The tea sets purchasing guide was a girl in her 20s. Extremely voluble, in just a short moment she introduced everything related to teapots.

"Of course, the girl has a good view of what kind of customer they were. From seeing Xue Lin’s gorgeous look, her presence, and her designer brand clothes, she knew that Xue Lin was super wealthy and thus why she kept on suggesting to Xue Lin the most expensive Yixing teapots.

"Beauty, let me tell you, Yixing teapots are the best of its kind. Using Yixing teapots for tea can keep the most natural taste of tea and its benefits. In addition, it is extremely easy to clean, hard to break, and its quality is promised to be good." The little girl explained all the details regarding the pot.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head. He knew that what the girl said were true. Yixing teapots definitely have its perks, but she exaggerated a bit. It was normal considering she was exaggerating in order to sell the set.

Hao Luo was marrying, Qingfeng Li obviously couldn’t gift something so cheap. It would lower his reputation.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin finally decided to purchase the set. The Original price was a bit more than 2000, but because it was New Year and discounts, the final price was 1888; for the sake of being auspicious (1888 means good luck in China).

Qingfeng Li knew about antiques, so he knew that this set was truly from Yixin, and definitely worth the price. There were much cheaper Yixing teapots on the market, but most of them were fake. The fakes were made with other materials but named themselves Yixing teapots.

After purchasing the tea pot, they bought some vegetables and meat. There wasn’t any food left at home, so they had to buy some.

They bought a variety of food; tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, broccoli, chicken, duck, fish, pork, beef, and shrimps.

After they finished buying, they drove home. It was 8:00 p.m. already. Since it was winter, the whole sky went dark, only lights on the side of the roads were shining.

After parking the car, Qingfeng Li walked back to 13 villa with Xue Lin and their grocery.

"Hm, why are the lights on in the living room." Xue Lin didn’t open the door yet, and was confused about why the lights were on.

"Did you turn off the lights in the morning when we left?" Xue Lin asked.

"Yea, everytime I would turn it off when leaving." Qingfeng Li answered.

That is weird, if you turned it off, then why is it on now. Xue Lin was baffled

When they left the light was off, but coming back the light is now on; Qingfeng Li felt uneasy.