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Chapter 271: Assasination Incoming

Chapter 271: Assasination Incoming

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Just when Qingfeng Li took out his keys and about to open the door, his phone rang. He took out his phone and saw it was an unknown ID.

This is weird, who would call me this late at night?

Qingfeng Li tensed his brows. There weren’t many people that knew his phone number, and those who knew he saved their names. The number that is calling him now is a number he didn’t recognize.

Maybe it’s advertisement?

Qingfeng Li knew, that recently promoting through calling was happening a lot, so he didn’t want to answer.

"Why are you not picking up?" Xue Lin was confused at why Qingfeng Li isn’t picking up his phone, even though it is ringing for a long time.

"It is an unknown number, I don’t want to answer it." Qingfeng Li shook his head.

"Just answer it, maybe someone needs you." Said Xue Lin. Because of her role as the president, she used to get a lot of unknown numbers that were called from clients with other people’s phone.

Qingfeng Li nodded and answered, "Who are you?"

"Wolf Fang highness, I am Red Butterfly Yip, this is an inside number from Dragon Fang." Said a female voice, from Red Butterfly Yip.

Red Butterfly Yip, why did she call me? Qingfeng Li was confused.

Qingfeng Li had Red Butterfly Yip’s number, but not Dragon Fang’s number, so when she used Dragon Fang’s number to call he didn’t recognize it.

"Wolf Fang Highness, according to Dragon Fang’s intelligence, two of the four assassination leagues already arrived in China. It is very possible that they have arrived in Eastern Sea City."

"Let them come, if they really want to die."

"You have to be careful, according to the intel, all the assassins that came are on the top of the assassin's list, extremely powerful."

"Got it, thank you." Qingfeng Li appreciated her for the info and hung up.

When he killed the three masters, he already knew their followers wouldn’t give up. They finally came.

As the saying goes, it was easier to face opponents in the light rather than in the dark. If it is just one on one, Qingfeng Li obviously wouldn’t be scared. What he was scared of was that they stay in the dark and harm the ones around him.


Xue Lin inserted her keys, twisted it, and opened the door.

The living room was lit up, with a middle-aged woman cleaning the living room.

This woman was probably in her 50s, wrinkles, a bit chubby, but the way she cleaned seemed extremely deft.

Qingfeng Li tensed his brows because he didn’t know the woman. But after seeing the woman, Xue Lin’s face lit up.

"Ms. Zhang, you came back." Xue Lin said cheerfully.

After seeing Xue Lin, a focused look in the woman’s eyes flashed past and she said with a hoarse voice, "Yes."

She only said yes, not much else. It seemed like her throat wasn’t feeling well.

"Ms. Zhang, is something wrong with your throat?" Xue Lin asked caringly.

"Yes." Ms. Zhang said yes once again.

Seeing the confused face on Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin explained, "She is Ms. Zhang, the nanny of this villa. Previously she went home because of some errands, and probably just came back today."

Ms. Zhang, the villa’s nanny?

Qingfeng Li suddenly remembered, when he just came into the villa, Xue Lin told him about a nanny that goes by Ms. Zhang, but she went home due to some family business.

But of course, when Qingfeng Li moved into the villa, the nanny already went home, so he never met her.

But, Qingfeng Li was still suspicious of this nanny. At the very least she should have called Xue Lin before she came back to the villa. But obviously she didn’t and came straight back without any notification.

"Ms. Zhang, since your throat isn’t feeling well, I will let my husband cook tonight." Xue Lin said to the nanny.

Before Qingfeng Li moved in, it was always Ms. Zhang who cooked, but since she wasn’t feeling well, then might as well let Qingfeng Li cook.

Regarding Xue Lin’s suggestion, Qingfeng Li obviously doesn’t have much to say. He brought all the groceries into the kitchen and started to cook.

Because they only had so few people, three, Qingfeng Li only made four dishes; two meat dishes and two vegetables dishes. The meat dishes were fish and sweet and sour pork, whereas the vegetables were tomatoes fried eggs and fried potatoes slices.

After Qingfeng Li finished cooking, he brought the dishes out onto the tables and everyone started eating.

On the table, Xue Lin kept on putting food into Ms. Zhang’s bowl, and was obviously extremely close to her. This was because it was Ms. Zhang who always took care of Xue Lin.

"This woman’s hands are so white." When Qingfeng Li was eating, he suddenly found that the nanny’s hands were awfully white.

Knowing the job of a nanny, cooking and cleaning, normally her hands should be rough or full of callouses. But this nanny’s hands were pretty white, obviously abnormal.

There was one more problem, since her arrival, she never talked with Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin, except when answering with "yes" time to time.

Even though Qingfeng Li found that this nanny had some weird problems, but he didn’t say anything. He knew that eventually her flaws will show.

The dishes he cooked were extremely tasty, finished by the three in a short period of time.

After dinner, Ms. Zhang went to wash the bowls in the kitchen, whereas Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin stayed in the living room to watch TV.

"Babe, I have a question. Where does Ms. Zhang live, and who does she live with?"

"Why did you ask?"

"Just concerned. She took care of you for so long, I should care a bit about her too."

"Haha, Ms. Zhang is extremely nice. She lived in the suburbs. She has a handicapped husband, I even visited her before." Xue Lin laughed and told Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li just smiled and listened quietly to what Xue Lin was saying. But his eyes said otherwise, it was full of light. After watching a bit of TV, it was already 10:00 p.m., time for Xue Lin to sleep. Qingfeng Li held her up and walked towards the bedroom.

Qingfeng Li was going to flirt with Xue Lin, but because Ms. Zhang was too suspicious, he went back down right after dropping off Xue Lin.

He lied onto his bed, covered himself with blanket, and started snoring. Qingfeng Li was pretending to fall asleep.

But to Qingfeng Li’s surprise, Ms. Zhang didn’t make a move for a long time. Even after two hours the nanny didn’t make any movements.

This assassin was extremely patient Qingfeng Li said to himself. He started doubting that Ms. Zhang is an assassin in disguise. Disguise is the most fundamental skill for an assassin.

This assassin’s disguise was obviously good. Xue Lin wasn’t able to notice. But the pair of white hands were the evidence that sold the assassin out.