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Chapter 273: Xue Lin Made Breakfast

Chapter 273: Xue Lin Made Breakfast

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"Dear, let us go to Ms. Zhang’s home. I want to make sure she is safe," Xue Lin said as she furrowed her brows in worry.

Ms. Zhang had been taking care of Xue Lin’s life for the past few years. The two were very close. Xue Lin was very worried for Ms. Zhang.

If the Ms. Zhang in the living room was an assassin in disguise, the assassin must have met the real Ms. Zhang. Xue Lin could only pray that the assassin did not do anything to Ms. Zhang.

Qingfeng naturally complied with Xue Lin’s request. Even though it was already 2 am, the two still drove towards the rural area. Since it was in the middle of the night, there were very few cars on the street. The BMW quickly arrived at Ms. Zhang’s home.

Ms. Zhang lived in a house with three rooms --- a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a small washroom.

Knock knock knock!

Xue Lin knocked continuously against the door but there was no response. What? No one was responding? Ms. Zhang was not at home?

Xue Lin was dazed for a moment. She took out a phone and dialed Ms. Zhang’s number but Ms. Zhang’s phone was not turned on.

This made Xue Lin very worried and she felt a sense of dread.

"The smell of blood?" Qingfeng’s nose was very sensitive. He could smell a light scent of blood.

The scent was very light but he quickly smelled it. It came from the inside of the house. Bam!

Qingfeng kicked open the door and they were instantly greeted by the sharp scent of blood.

Qingfeng turned on the light in the living room and his expression instantly changed. A middle-aged woman lied on the ground of the living room. Her throat was slit and she was surrounded by a big pool of blood.

The middle-aged woman was none other than the real Ms. Zhang.

"Sob Sob Sob, Ms. Zhang," Xue Lin cried as she grabbed onto Ms. Zhang’s body.

Ms. Zhang had taken care of Xue Lin for many years. The two of them were very close but she was dead. Xue Lin was very upset. She hated the assassin. Why did she have to kill an ordinary woman?

Qingfeng’s expression was dark. He walked into the bedroom and saw that Ms. Zhang’s husband was also killed. His eyes were still wide open.

"Skull Association, you guys deserve to die," Qingfeng said darkly with killer intent when he saw the elderly couple who had suffered terrible deaths.

At this moment, Qingfeng had listed the Skeleton League on this "To Kill" List. It was understandable for the Skeleton League to assassinate him for the 100 million dollars. But how could they kill the innocent elderly couple? The Skeleton League had crossed the line.

When Qingfeng walked back into the living room, Xue Lin was still in tears.

"Honey, those who have passed away cannot be reborn. Don’t cry," Qingfeng comforted while patting Xue Lin on the back.

He knew that Xue Lin rarely cried. She was a strong woman but this event was too much for her.

Qingfeng gave Red Butterfly Yip a phone call and told her that someone here was assassinated by the Skeleton League.

It was already 3 am when they arrived at the mansion. Xue Lin was still very upset. Qingfeng had spent a long time comforting her before she went to sleep.

After Xue Lin as asleep, Qingfeng went back to the bedroom on the first floor.

Inside the bedroom.

Qingfeng turned on the computer and entered a mysterious website. After entering a complicated password, the screen became black and then a huge wolf head appeared. After a few seconds, the wolf head disappeared and a chatroom appeared. A blonde haired pretty Caucasian girl appeared on the screen.

The pretty girl was none other than Alice of the Wolf Fang Team.

"Your highness, you finally contacted me. I missed you a lot," Alice said bitterly as she licked her red lips.

Qingfeng had not contacted the Wolf Fang Team for a long time. It was understandable for Alice to be bitter.

"Alice, have you completed the mission I assigned you? The mission to bust Tiger King’s headquarters?"

"Wolf King, we have extinguished all of Tiger King’s forces. But his son was rescued by someone."

"Who rescued him?"

"The person is very mysterious. We do not know yet." Alice said unhappily.

Qingfeng became silent after hearing Alice’s words. He was clear as to the strength of the Wolf Fang team. They were the strongest existence next to the Kings.

Of course, even if they met a King, the Wolf Fang Team could still be a match for them. The person who managed to rescue Tiger King’s King must be as strong as a King.

"Oh yeah, Alice, investigate the Skeleton League for me."

"The Skeleton League is one of the big four Assassin Leagues. Did they anger you?"

"Their assassin came to assassinate me but I killed her."

"F*ck, I will not let these fellow off," Alice said angrily.

Qingfeng smiled lightly when he heard Alice’s word. He wanted Alice to first investigate the Skeleton League so that they could destroy them in one go.

"Wolf King, when are you coming to Wolf Continent to visit us?" Alice asked with hope.

She deeply missed Qingfeng. It has been too long.

"I will come soon. When I am there I will visit you guys."

"Okay, you have to come. Oh, I have to go, Monk sent a message that we have discovered the son of Tiger King. Bye."

"Be careful," Qingfeng had not finished speaking when Alice turned off the video. This made him slightly speechless.

Alice was still careless and short-tempered like he remembered. A faint nostalgic smile appeared on Qingfeng’s face. Back then, when he was still in Wolf Fang Team, Alice was a careless and bright girl. She would even cuddle with him in bed. The second day, the weather was still dark. The weather these days have always been dark. It seemed like it was about to snow. But it was time for snow. If it doesn’t snow soon then winter was about to pass.

Qingfeng woke up early and was about to prepare breakfast for Xue Lin when he found that Xue Lin was already up. At the moment, Xue Lin was making breakfast from the food they had bought from the supermarket yesterday. After a while, Xue Lin finished making breakfast. The breakfast was simple. It consisted of porridge, two fried eggs and a plate of stir-fry vegetables.

Xue Lin had been reading a cookbook to improve her skills. She displayed her skills today and cooked quite a nice meal.