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Chapter 274: The Strange Ruyan Liu

Chapter 274: The Strange Ruyan Liu

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"Dear, how is the fried egg?" Xue Lin asked Qingfeng.

"It’s good," Qingfeng praised which made Xue Lin very happy.

Of course, even though the meal Xue Lin made was great, it still could not compare to the meals Qingfeng made before. The two quickly finished breakfast and headed to the office.

"Oh yeah, you have to claim the debt from the Liu Corporation today," Xue Lin said when she recalled the debt of the Liu Corporation.

"Ok," Qingfeng said.

He knew that he had to claim the debt from the Liu Corporation. He visited Ruyan Liu to claim the debt yesterday but did not ask her for the money since she was sick. Qingfeng walked to the Sales Department and took out the contract with the Liu Corporation After reading it carefully, he headed towards the Liu Corporation.

After a while, he arrived at the Liu Corporation. The receptionist still seemed slightly afraid of him, which made Qingfeng quite speechless.

"Beauty, I am not the big bad wolf. Why are you so afraid of me?" Qingfeng asked the receptionist.

"Ah, you…you. Why are you here today?" The receptionist asked fearfully.

Qingfeng was speechless and started to doubt his handsome looks for the first time. Other beauties were excited when they saw him. Why did the receptionist look afraid?

"Is your CEO at the company?" Qingfeng asked speechlessly.

"Yes, she is," The receptionist answered.

Qingfeng nodded and walked towards the interior of the company. The receptionist wanted to stop him but changed her mind when recalled that he was the CEO’s friend. Qingfeng had been to Liu Corporation so he naturally knew where Ruyan Liu’s office was. He headed directly towards Ruyan Liu’s office.

Knock knock knock!

Qingfeng knocked on the door three times and a seductive voice said, "Come in."

Qingfeng pushed the door and discovered that Ruyan Liu was organizing the documents. Her seductive face was gorgeous and her eyes were like rubies. Her lashes fluttered charmingly.

She wore a red suit which accentuated her figure; her breasts were spilling out of her dress.

Ruyan Liu looked a lot prettier today compared to yesterday. She was sick yesterday so her face was pale. Today, her face was charming and seductive.

She seemed to love the color red. Her suit was red and her lips were charmingly and vibrantly red.

"Why are you here?" Ruyan Liu furrowed her brows when she saw Qingfeng.

It was time for work. Why was Qingfeng not at work and here instead?

Qingfeng smiled awkwardly and did not know what to say. He couldn’t say "I am here to collect the revenue."

Ruyan Liu was smart and quickly picked up on Qingfeng’s awkwardness. She glanced at the contract in Qingfeng’s hand and said, "You are here to collect the payment?"

Qingfeng nodded and praised Ruyan Liu’s intelligence in his mind. This was truly such a smart woman.

"Here you go. Here is the 100 million Yuan cheque for the partnership with Ice Snow Corporation. I have it ready," Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and handed Qingfeng the cheque.

She had prepared ahead of time since she was leaving Eastern Sea City soon. Her family has been urging her to head back to the Capital. When Qingfeng was about to pick up the cheque, Ruyan Liu hugged onto his body.

"Kiss me," Ruyan Liu said to Qingfeng.

She knew that she did not have much time in Eastern Sea City. Thus, she deeply valued every second she spent with Qingfeng. Thus, she quickly gave herself to Qingfeng when she saw him. A beauty was hugging him and telling him to kiss her. No men would be able to control themselves.

Vixen, what a seductive vixen.

Qingfeng kissed Ruyan Liu’s lips which were soft and sweet.

Ruyan Liu seemed to be aroused. She started to tear about her clothes. In a moment, the two began to engage in xxoo activities in the office.

One had to admit that it was exciting to engage in xxoo activities in the office. The two of them really enjoyed it.

After they were done, Ruyan Liu lied in Qingfeng’s arms.

"You were so wild today," Qingfeng said with a smile as he looked at Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu was so wild just now. She had caused him quite a lot of trouble. Ruyan Liu’s face became flustered at Qingfeng’s words.

Suddenly, a knock was heard from the door. The two were rattled.

The two of them quickly put on their clothes. The door was pushed open and Jiaojiao Liu ran into the office.

"Huh, brother-in-law, you are here too?" Jiaojiao Liu said. Her expression had changed slightly when she saw that Qingfeng was also inside the office.

A puzzled expression appeared on Jiaojiao Liu’s face when she saw the untidy clothes on the two of them. Why were the two of them both flustered?

"Yeah. Jiaojiao, what’s the matter?" Qingfeng asked.

Jiaojiao Liu was about to speak but Ruyan Liu stopped her with a glare.

"Qingfeng, you have collected the debt for the Ice Snow Corporation. Leave quickly," Ruyan Liu waved Qingfeng away.

What? You want me to leave? You were so enthusiastic just now. Why are you asking me to leave now? Qingfeng was confused and looked speechlessly at Ruyan Liu. However, Ruyan Liu stood up and pushed Qingfeng out of the office. She was determined to make him leave. Qingfeng walked speechlessly out of Liu Corporation.

Ruyan Liu changed so quickly. Qingfeng felt that Ruyan Liu acted strangely just now. It was the first time she shooed him away.

After Qingfeng left, Ruyan Liu patted her chest and breathed a long sigh.

She glanced at Jiaojiao Liu and said, "You almost revealed everything."

Jiaojiao Liu stuck out her tongue and said softly, "Well I didn't say it in the end."

"What are the results?" Ruyan Liu’s seductive face was filled with nervousness.

"Sister, the doctor has diagnosed you as pregnant," Jiaojiao Liu said as she placed the test result on the desk.

Ruyan Liu’s body swayed and she almost fell to the ground when she heard Jiaojiao Liu’s words. The result she was most afraid of was to be pregnant. But she was still pregnant.

"Sister, can you tell me who is the father?" Jiaojiao Liu asked.

"Jiaojiao, don’t ask me anything. Don’t tell this matter to anyone. Do you understand?" Ruyan Liu said to Jiaojiao Liu.

Her pregnancy was a serious matter. If it was not resolved well, it would cause a lot of trouble. She could only try to hide it for now.