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Chapter 275: Pleasing Qingfeng

Chapter 275: Pleasing Qingfeng

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Qingfeng brought the debt back to the office, he then reported to the CEO office and handed over the cheque to Xue Lin, who praised him for finishing his job.

Qingfeng walked out from Xue Lin office and returned to his seat in the Sales Department.

Many people in the Sales Department had already found out that he was the husband of the CEO. Everyone looked at with smiles on their faces and tried to please him.

When Qingfeng wanted to drink a cup of tea, someone would pour him a cup. When he wanted to read the newspaper, someone would bring him the paper. Many people would scramble to do things for him. In the past, no one would pour him a cup of tea or bring him the paper, but everyone’s attitude changed when they became aware that Qingfeng was the CEO’s husband. People were truly realistic.
In the Sales Department, Qingfeng was a person that no one dared to anger so everyone tried to please him.

In the past, Qingfeng could flirt with Xiaoyue Zhang occasionally. But he could not do that anymore as Xiaoyue Zhang was less outgoing than in the past. After all, Qingfeng was the CEO’s husband, she had to watch her actions.

Sigh, even though he obtained Xue Lin’s heart, he had lost a bunch of beauties. Thus, Qingfeng was slightly upset.

Qingfeng did not have much to do even though he was at work. He was already the number one salesperson in the Department. After all, he brought 100 million Yuan to the company from the partnership with the Liu Corporation. Therefore, the King of Sales today was Qingfeng.

But Qingfeng did not care about this title. He cared more about his relationship with Ruyan. He felt that Ruyan Liu was acting very strange but he could not pick up what was strange. Qingfeng was bored so he turned on his computer and started playing a card game called "F*ck the Landlord", which was a very popular game that many people loved.

Qingfeng spent the entire playing the game. No one bothered him. With his identity as the husband of the CEO, even if napped on the desk, no one would dare to speak a word.

After work, Xue Lin came to the Sales Department to find Qingfeng and found him with an upset expression.

"Dear, you seemed upset?"

"Yeah, ever since our relationship has become public, everyone is trying to please me. I feel like my relationship with them have become distant."

"You are the husband of the CEO. Naturally, they would want to please you," Xue Lin said with a seductive smile.

Qingfeng knew that Xue Lin was speaking the truth. There were good and bad things about everything. The two walked out of the Sales Department and headed towards the underground garage.
When Qingfeng arrived at the underground garage, he discovered that there was a crowd of thugs gathered in the garage with clubs in their hands.

The thugs sat on Xue Lin’s BMW. Some were smoking and others were chatting carelessly.

The leader was a tall hunk who wore a blank tank even though it was winter. His muscles bulged out and he looked very strong.
His name was Hu Wang. He was the leader of the Ferocious Tiger Clan. He was instructed by Madam Wang to teach Qingfeng a lesson. Of course, he was also here to avenge his son.

"Who are you guys?" Xue Lin asked coldly when she saw the thugs sitting on her BMW.

The BMW was her favorite. She was upset that a bunch of men was sitting on it.

"Beauty, you must be Qingfeng’s wife, Xue Lin ?" Hu Wang asked as his eyes lit up.

Madam Wang had said that he could teach Xue Lin a lesson too after he taught Qingfeng a lesson. He did not expect Xue Lin to be so beautiful. A wicked idea erupted in his mind.

"I am Qingfeng’s wife. Who are you guys?"

"Heihei, Madam Wang wants us to teach you and Qingfeng a lesson," Hu Wang said frivolously.

Madam Wang? Xue Lin’s expression changed. She naturally knew of Madam Wang from the Wang Family. The Wang Family was one of the four big families. It seemed like Madam Wang was resentful to be kicked out of the ward and was seeking her revenge.

"Hu Wang, I will give you two choices. The first is to get off the BMW and beg for forgiveness. The second will be for me to break your limbs," Qingfeng said with a cold smile.

Qingfeng strongly detested the way Hu Wang was looking at Xue Lin. He decided to teach this fellow a lesson.

"He wants Brother Hu to apologize. Do you guys agree?" Hu Wang asked the crowd behind him.

"No we don’t," The thugs answered loudly.

"He said we should get off the BMW. What should we do?"

"Crash his car."

The dozens of thugs answered loudly. They waved the clubs in their hands towards the BMW. In an instant, the BMW was smashed out of shape.

Xue Lin’s body tremored in anger when she saw that her BMW was smashed. She felt that the thugs were a bunch of bastards.

Qingfeng’s expression became dark. He said angrily, "Hu Wang, you are seeking your death."

"Qingfeng, you dared to break my son's limbs and anger Madam Wang. Today I will break your limbs and make you wish for your death," Hu Wang said to Qingfeng with a cold smile.

Qingfeng was calm when he was faced with Hu Wang’s threats. He did not look angered but those who knew him would know that he was about to fly into a rage. Qingfeng smiled coldly and walked towards Hu Wang. He emitted a strong and powerful aura.

"Fellow, I will show you how strong I am today," Hu Wang said as he cracked his joints and popped his muscles.

There was a reason that Hu Wang could become a Leader of the Underground forces of Eastern Sea city. He was very strong and a three-time champion of the Eastern Sea City Boxing Competition.

Hu Wang slammed his feet on the ground. The ground instantly trembled. He propelled towards Qingfeng and his left fist slammed heavily towards Qingfeng.

Qingfeng’s left hand curled slightly and he easily held onto Hu Wang’s fist.

Oh my God! Brother Hu’s fist was stopped. The thugs behind Hu Wang were all stunned. Their eyes were all filled with disbelief.
These thugs had all seen Brother Hu breaking thick planks. But now, the same fist was stopped by the young man. The young man was too strong.

Hu Wang’s face reddened. He felt that his fist was grabbed by a pair of metal pincers. He could not move his fist at all. He used all his might but could not remove his first. This caused him to be stunned and slightly fearful.

"Fellow, let go of my fist," Hu Wang said darkly.

Qingfeng clenched his left hand and Hu Wang’s fist was broken. His white bones were revealed and looked tragic.