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Chapter 276: Feeding Xue Lin

Chapter 276: Feeding Xue Lin

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"Ahhhhhhhhh, it hurts so much!" Hu Wang screamed in pain as his fist was broken.

"What are you guys doing? Beat him up," Hu Wang said to the thugs behind him.

At his words, the bunch of thugs ran towards Qingfeng with clubs in their hands. Unfortunately, they were too weak and not a match for Qingfeng.

Punch punch punch..

Qingfeng held onto Hu Wang’s fist with a single hand and waved his other hand towards the thugs. In a moment, the dozens of thugs ended on the ground.

Qingfeng held onto Hu Wang’s throat and asked coldly, "Do you still want to teach me a lesson?"

"No…no…" Hu Wang said fearfully.

Qingfeng held onto his throat. His life was in Qingfeng’s hands. If Qingfeng clenched his hand, his life would be over. As for the thugs behind him, they were lying on the ground and screaming cries of pain.

"Hu Wang, you smashed my wife’s BMW. What should you do?" Qingfeng asked while pointing to the smashed BMW.

"I will pay you. I will pay for it," Hu Wang said fearfully.

The young man ahead was too powerful. He defeated more than a dozen of his subordinates in an instant. Hu Wang was a smart man. He knew that he could not defeat the young man.

"Big brother, this is a check for 1 million Yuan to repay the BMW," Hu Wang took out a check and handed it over to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng shook his head and said, "It is too little."

"Big brother, here is 2 million Yuan."

"Too little."

"Big brother, here is 3 million Yuan."

"Too little."

"Big brother, here is 5 million Yuan. That is all the money I have in the bank," Hu Wang said. His face was pale and he looked like his parents had died. He not only suffered a beating but had to compensate Qingfeng money.

In the end, Hu Wang compensated Qingfeng 5 million Yuan.

Since Xue Lin’s BMW was smashed, Qingfeng and Xue Lin could only take a taxi home.

The two returned to the mansion. Qingfeng went to cook while Xue Lin went to take a shower. When Qingfeng finished cooking, Xue Lin had finished taking a shower and changed into a white set of pajamas. Xue Lin was truly pretty. Her face was gorgeous and she had a pointed nose and cherry lips. Her eyes shone like stars in the sky.

Her skin was snowy white and her breasts were big with a deep cleavage. The sight made heated Qingfeng up.

"Wife, I want to feed you dinner," Qingfeng said heatedly.

Xue Lin nodded and agreed to his request. But the next moment, Xue Lin was filled with regret. Qingfeng did not feed her with chopsticks. Instead, he used his mouth.

Qingfeng placed the food in his mouth and fed Xue Lin directly with his lips. This made Xue Lin very embarrassed.

"Scoundrel, you only know how to bully me," Xue Lin thought as she glared at Qingfeng.

For the entire meal, Qingfeng used his lips to feed Xue Lin and took advantage of her. After dinner and taking a rest, Qingfeng carried Xue Lin towards the bedroom on the second floor. He decided that he will claim Xue Lin tonight.

Xue Lin lied on the bed. Her face was charming and her eyes were like pools of water. She was like red wine – charming and vibrant. Her snow-white chest made one want to rub her chest.

Qingfeng could not resist this beauty. He threw himself onto the bed and prepared to xxoo Xue Lin. He decided that he would xxoo Xue Lin a hundred times tonight. Just when Qingfeng was about to start, Xue Lin’s words sent him into a daze.

"Dear, my period came," Xue Lin said shyly.

What? Period?

Holy f*cking fck. Qingfeng was so mad.

He had taken off his clothes and was about to start when Xue Lin told him her period was here. She was going to kill him. Qingfeng was a godly doctor so he naturally knew the physiology behind a period. The period was the menstrual cycle and happened in women of reproductive age. During a period, the endometrium of the uterus would shed.

Qingfeng knew that when a woman’s period arrived, it would stay for 3-5 days. In these few days, xxoo activities were prohibited.

Thus, in the next few days, Qingfeng could not xxoo Xue Lin.

"Dear, I’m sorry," Xue Lin said when she saw Qingfeng’s furious expression.

She did not expect her period would come. She could only inconvenience her husband now. Qingfeng’s blood boiled when he saw the seductive Xue Lin. He waved his hand and walked speechlessly out of Xue Lin’s bedroom. Truthfully, Qingfeng wanted to sleep with Xue Lin but he was afraid that he could not control himself. Thus, he could only return to his room and finish it off himself.

Qingfeng turned on his computer and logged into a mysterious website. He found his favorite woman and used her to get rid of his desires.

At the moment, in the deep mountains of the rural Eastern Sea City.

A mysterious man who wore a black robe and held onto a poisonous snake was sitting on a rock. Two people stood in front of the mysterious man. One was a middle-aged man, the other was a young man. The middle-aged man had a broad face and a high nose bridge but he was pale.

The young man resembled the middle-aged man. He also had a high nose bridge. However, his complexion was even paler than the middle-aged man. It was also because he fooled around too much with women.

If Qingfeng was here, he would recognize that the young man was none other than the young master of the Wang Family, Kai Wang.

The middle-aged man was the head of the Wang Family, Yi Wang. He was also Kai Wang’s father.

"Did you guys finished what I asked you to do?" The man in the black robe asked the two men as he played with the poisonous snake in his hand.

"Yes. Here is Qingfeng Li’s information," Yi Wang said as he handed over the documents to the man in the black robe.

The document was all of Qingfeng’s information that could be found in Eastern Sea City. It contained information such as his address and his job and his connections.

"Good job, as long as you guys do what I say, I will give you the antidote to the Penta-Poison snake after the matter is resolved," The man in black robe said lightly.

"Thank you, sir," Yi Wang and Kai Wang said with a bow and left.

They were both poisoned by the man in the black robe. The poison caused them to be overwhelmed with pain. They tried to seek treatment in the hospital but discovered that only the man in the black robe could cure them.

If they wanted to live, they had to follow his orders. Only after Qingfeng had died would the man in black robe give them the antidote.