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Chapter 277: Hao Luo“s Wedding

Chapter 277: Hao Luo's Wedding

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The next morning, Qingfeng Li got up at 4am. Xue Lin also woke up early. It was Hao Luo's wedding day after all.

After they woke up, they quickly cleaned up and brought their tea set present over to Hao Luo's house. Since Qingfeng Li was the groomsman, he especially wore a Seven Wolf-branded tuxedo. He wore a white dress shirt with a blue tie on the top and a pair of black pants and black leather shoes on the bottom. He was especially handsome.

Hao Luo lived in Peaceful Neighborhood. In was resided by mostly white-collars or senior management level professionals.

Hao Luo used to live in Shanty Community but ever since he got a promotion and became the Director of Security Department, his salary raised and was able to buy a house with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room.

He lived on Unit One of Floor 4. It wasn't too high or low and it faced towards the sun. Overall, it was a good location. When Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin arrived at Hao Luo's house, he was already at the door waiting. He got very excited when he saw the company's president.

"President, you're so busy. How did you find time to attend my wedding?" His face turned red, obviously from his excitement.

Xue Lin smiled and replied "You're my husband's friend. To attend your wedding is a must, this is your wedding present."

Hao Luo excitedly took the tea set. He was very touched. For the president to attend his wedding was such an honor for him.

He knew though, that the reason the president is attending his wedding was because of his friendship with Qingfeng Li. The president came only because he worked for Brother Feng.

It was all because of Brother Feng. Hao Luo gave Qingfeng Li a look of gratitude.

"Brother Feng, sorry for having you wake up so early." Hao Luo scratched his head and spoke apologetically.

"No worries. I'm your best man today so of course, I had to arrive early." Qingfeng Li patted Hao Luo shoulder and smiled.

Qingfeng Li appreciated the fatty Hao Luo. Hao Luo was very loyal to him and followed his instructions very well.
For his obedient little brother, he was very willing to lend a hand.
Qingfeng Li helped him prepare all the necessary wedding materials, flowers, tea sets, candies, red envelopes, etc.

The bride's family lived near the mountains so all the relatives came to Eastern Sea City early. They all stayed at a nearby hotel. They were preparing for the bride to be picked up at 8 there.

By the time everything was prepared, it was already 7 am. They quickly arrived at the wedding hall and discussed the details with the wedding planner. Once everything was discussed, they ate a quick breakfast and at 8 am, they got onto the wedding car and drove towards the hotel.

To meet the bride's side, Qingfeng Li already prepared red pockets. The bride was Xiao Hong, a nice and pretty girl who matched Hao Luo fairly well.

Once they picked up the bride, they paraded in a circle around the outer streets of the city and finally drove to the wedding hall. As for the bride's family, they were picked up by other cars and drove straight to the hall.

At around 11:30, all the remaining friends and relatives started arriving at the hall.

At the wedding, they gathered quite a bit of wedding money. Especially now that Hao Luo got a promotion, a lot of people wanted to have a good relationship with him thus giving him a lot of wedding money. Some gave a minimum of 500 while others gave 1000, there were even some who gave 2000 Yuan.
As his big brother, Qingfeng was not stingy at all. He gave 10 000 Yuan, surprising all the bride's relatives.

Everybody was shocked by the amount. How were they supposed to save their face when they gave only 1000 and Qingfeng Li gave 10 times their amount.

But they all misunderstood Qingfeng Li. He had always kept a low profile. He originally wanted to give 100 000 but he didn't want the bride's relatives to feel too bad so he decided to only give 10 000. The
wedding red pocket was just a number. Him attending Hao Luo wedding was the greatest blessing from Hao Luo's perspective.

At noon, when the couple was ready to say their wedding oaths, a huge problem occurred. There weren't enough rooms in the wedding hall. A young boy named Chen Song was hogging it.

Chen Song wasn't booking it for himself. His friend also was having his wedding today and didn't have enough rooms and asked Chen Song for his help.

When Qingfeng Li saw Chen Song, he slightly frowned because he recognized him. When he helped Mengyao Xu pose as her boyfriend and ate with her dad, he had seen the young guy. At that time, Chen Song wanted to chase Mengyao Xu and her father wanted them to be together so Mengyao Xu sought Qingfeng Li's help as a shield and ridiculed the other guy.

At the wedding hall, Hao Luo, Chen Song and the hotel's manager were discussing about the rooms situation.

"The rooms in this hotel will be used by my friend, do you have any problems?" Chen Song smiled at the manager.

The hall manager was a chubby and middle-aged, sporting a pair of classes. He was called Tao Liu.

Hao Liu recognized Chen Song, he knew that he was the son of the deputy mayor in Eastern Sea City. As for Hao Luo, he was just another employee in the company to whom the manager had no problems offending.

"Mr. Song. Of course, the rooms can be used by your friend." Tao Liu smiled back at him.

Upon hearing Tao Liu's words, Hao Luo's face turned purple with rage. "Manager Liu, today's my wedding day, the rooms here were already pre-booked by me. What do you mean you are giving it to someone else?"

Facing Hao Luo's rage, Tao liu smiled lightly and replied. "Mr. Song's friend needs these rooms. Why don't you let your relatives squeeze outside in the remaining area or find another hall."

"Manager Liu, it's already noon. By the time we find another area, it would already be too late." Hao Luo was furious, he did not plan to leave the hall.

He knew that at the time, even if he was able to find another hotel, there may not be enough space, and they would definitely be late.

"Hao Luo, let me tell you this. With Chen Song's background, you can't afford to offend him. There are no more rooms in this hotel, you have to leave." Tao Liu coldly smiled and replied to Hao Luo.
Hao Luo's body shook with rage. Tao Liu would not let his relatives into the hotel.