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Chapter 279: Two Women Battling for Love

Chapter 279: Two Women Battling for Love

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"Because you offended Qingfeng Li." Tao Liu was shocked by Ruyan Liu's words.

Yes, he offended Qingfeng Li but it was all for the sake of the hotel. Song Chen was nobody to mess with. To ask Mr. Chen out was not going to end well for the hotel. He did not know that in Ruyan Liu's eyes, even ten Song Chen added together would not be as important as one Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was her man, nobody would be as important as Qingfeng Li.

"President. I'm unsatisfied with your decision. Asking Qingfeng Li to go out is the correct choice for the hotel. You can't fire me for this." Tao Liu attempted to explain for himself.

The Liu Corporation was a huge company in Eastern Sea City and River Scene Hotel was one of its properties. His salary there was high, amounting to several millions. He did not want to lose his job.
On top of that, in his eyes, he made the correct choice for the hotel. The president should award him, not fire him.


Another slap landed on his face as Ruyan Liu spoke "Get out."

Tao Liu's face changed as his saw the cold expression on the president's face. He knew that the president was very angry, if he did not leave now, he would not even be compensated for his termination.

He dejectedly left the hotel, his hands still clasped to his bruised face. Until now, he still did not understand the reason for his termination. Ruyan Liu's fierceness was there for all to see. A hotel's manager, with just a few words, was fired.

"Chen Song. The hotel will be used by Qingfeng Li today. Please leave." Ruyan Liu spoke to Chen Song.

If her firing Tao Liu was a shock to all, her asking Chen Song to leave was even more of a surprise. Chen Song was the son of the second most powerful man in Eastern Sea City. His background was even stronger than the four famous young masters of Eastern Sea City. To make him leave like that was not leaving him with any face.

He could not believe her words. Even he did not expect her to make him leave.

"Ms. Liu, do you know who I am? You dare ask me to leave?" Chen Song grimly spoke out.

Her eyes flashed with annoyance as she spoke "Get out."

Her fierceness surprised all that was around her.

"Ok ok, fine. Ms. Liu, just you wait." He turned and left, face purple with rage.

He left with all his friends and relatives feeling as if he was ridiculed, to be asked out by the president of Liu Corporation.

"Mr. Chen, apologies for delaying your wedding time today." Ruyan Liu smiled and spoke to Chen Luo.

"Not, not, not a problem. Thank you for providing all the rooms". He stuttered as he replied the president.

Hao Luo had heard a lot about this president. She was one of the queens in the business community in Eastern Sea City. Her existence was on the same level as their president, Xue Lin.

And the Liu Corporation had the support of the Liu family from the Jing Capital so they were a lot more successful than Ice Snow Corporation.

"You're Qingfeng Liu's friend, you should thank him instead." She glanced at Qingfeng Li as she replied.

It was all because of Qingfeng Li that she went through all the efforts for.

As Qingfeng Li's friend, she naturally wanted to help Hao Luo.
Immediately Hao Luo sent Qingfeng Li a look of appreciation. He was very confused awhile ago as to why Ms. Liu would ask him, now he understood. It was all because of Brother Li.

Qingfeng Li frowned and sighed. He knew that he now owed Ruayn Liu another favor as she had once again helped him out.

"Everybody, I am the president of Liu Corporation. Today is Mr. Chen's wedding. I didn't bring any wedding red pocket but the entire bill today is on the house." Ruyan Liu smiled as she introduced herself to everybody.

Everybody was shocked by her words.

"Hao Luo sure gained face today, the entire bill today is free. "

"I know right. I've heard of Liu Corporation before, it's a multi-billion dollar corporation. They sure gave Hao Luo face today."

"That's not the case. Didn't you hear, they were doing it for Qingfeng Li. Hao Luo is Qingfeng Li's friend, that's why she helped him."

"True, Qingfeng Li definitely showed himself today. Hao Luo is so lucky, to be his friend."

Hao Luo's relatives and friends looked at him with admiration and jealousy as they discussed. When Hao Luo was asked to leave the hotel, everybody was ridiculing him. How things have turned now with everybody trying to suck up to him. Hao Luo ignored all those pretentious praises as he walked towards Qingfeng Li and thanked him. "Brother Li. Thank you."

He knew that if not for Brother Li, his wedding could not have been completed. It was all because of Brother Li.

"Fatty, no need to thank me. It's already 12, hurry and continue your ceremony." Qingfeng Li smiled and patted him.

After all the commotion, much time was wasted. The planning quickly brought the couple to the stage and they started their oath.
As his best man, Qingfeng Li naturally stood by his side. On the opposite side, there was no maid of honor. She fell sick today and couldn't make it.

There was a best man but no maid of honor. They now faced another problem.

At this time both Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu walked towards the stage, both intending to be the maid of honor. Today was Hao Luo's wedding. After their oath, the newly wedded couple needed to cross their arms and drink their wedding wine.

At that time the best man and maid of honor needed to also drink for the couple. Xue Lin didn't want Qingfeng Li to cross-drink with another guy. That was why she wanted to be maid of honor. As for Ruyan Liu, she knew that she could not marry Qingfeng Li. She wanted to drink the wedding wine with Qingfeng Li at Hao Luo wedding to satisfy her unfulfilled dream. Her last departing gift for herself before leaving Eastern Sea City.

Both Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu wanted to be maid of honor. They stared at each other not intending to back down. The two women began to fight, neither wanting to see the other woman drink the wedlock wine with Qingfeng.