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Chapter 280: The Battle to be the Maid of Honor

Chapter 280: The Battle to be the Maid of Honor

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"Hao Luo, I want to be your wife's maid of honor. Are you ok with that?" Xue lin spoke to Hao Luo.

She was going to be maid of honor for sure because the best man was Qingfeng Li. As his wife, naturally she would have to be the maid of honor.

Hao Luo nodded his head as he agreed "The President as the maid of honor, of course, I agree."

The woman in front of him was his company's president. As his boss, he would not dare disagree.

"Mr. Hao Luo, I also want to be your wife's maid of honor." Ruyan Liu quickly glanced at Xue Lin before speaking to Hao Luo.

Hao Luo was shocked as he heard her words. How could Ms. Liu also want to be maid of honor? He just agreed to Xue Lin, so if he let her be maid of honor, it would make Xue Lin unhappy.

But he couldn't reject Ruyan Liu as she had just helped him. If not for her help, they would have already been escorted out the hotel. Hao Luo thought about the situation carefully and spoke "Sure, it would be an honor for Ms. Liu to be the maid of honor."

"Hao Luo, you just agreed to me being the maid of honor." Xue Lin facial expression changed as she expressed her discomfort.

"Mr. Hao, you also agreed with me." Ruyan Liu spoke out too, unwilling to show any weakness.

Upon hearing their bickering, he suddenly understood. They both want to be maid of honor because of Qingfeng Li and he just happened to be in the middle of the crossfire. He did not dare offend either one of the two so he quickly sent Qingfeng Li a look of desperation.

Qingfeng Li also felt despair as he saw Hao Luo's eyes pleading for help. The host, by the side, kept on hurrying them. They needed to make a decision quickly.

Qingfeng Li knew that they had no time to waste so he walked forwards and help both women's hands.

"No need to argue, you can both be maids of honor."

What, two maids of honors?

Both women were shocked, eyes flashing with anger, not wanting to share the spot with the other woman.

"No, I want to be the maid of honor, make Ruyan Liu leave." Xue Lin spoke out.

"Humph, keep on dreaming. I want to be the maid of honor, make Xue Lin leave." Ruyan Liu stared down at Xue Lin, her tone just as firm.

Both women fighting for the maid of honor position was giving Qingfeng Li a huge headache.

"Both of you, be quiet. It's already past 12, do you want to delay his wedding even more?" At the most important moment, he stepped forward and made them both shut their mouths.

It's ok for a man to listen to woman normally but when it comes to important decisions, as a man, he's got to bring out his manly side.
He felt that he spoiled the two women too much in the past. For them to fight and argue in front of him was very damaging to his manly image.

"No need to argue, you are both the maid of honor today." Qingfeng Li took both their hands and boldly announced.

Qingfeng Li, with one woman on each hand, brought them to the bride's side. The audience gave him a look of admiration. It was indeed very impressive of him, both women fought for him but were also subdued by him.

Were they really satisfied? Of course not. But they allowed it to happen because they didn't want their bickering to delay Hao Luo's wedding so they begrudgingly accepted to be both maids of honor.

Xue Lin stood on the left and Ruyan Liu stood on the right, both staring at each other.

Xue Lin stared at Ruyan Liu with hatred and she thought of the other as a sly woman daring to try to seduce her husband. Ruyan Liu also stared at Xue Lin with hatred. They married but the woman bore no child, it was either because they had not bed together yet or that she could not have children. Either way, Ruyan Liu could have his baby so the other woman had no right to be staring at her.

Both were very unsatisfied and didn't like the other. The two were born to be enemies, both fighting every time they see each other.
Qingfeng Li stood at the side, his face not too bright. Thank goodnight it was Hao Luo wedding today so they did not outright argue. Or else, it would have been very problematic for Qingfeng Li.
The host finally started and asked Hao Luo if he loved the bride to which he replied yes. The process repeated with the bride to which she also replied yes.

After the oath, they exchanged their rings, bowed to their parents. Their parents replied in kind with their red pocket money.
Qingfeng Li then poured alcohol for the groom and the two women poured alcohol for the bride.

When he saw the 2 cups of alcohol, Hao Luo was very confused. There was only one cup from the best man's side but two from the maid of honor's side.
The problem was that the bride could only one cup to drink, the bride did not know whose cup to take from. In the end, Qingfeng Li thought of the solution to pour both women's drink into one cup and let the bride take said cup.
After the newly wedded couple had the drink, Xue Lin wanted to drink with Qingfeng Li. Ruyan Liu, upon seeing her gesture, also wanted to drink with Qingfeng Li.
They both held up their cups and grabbed Qingfeng Li's elbow intending to drink with him.

"Husband, let's drink. Come to think of it, we have never drank together before right?" Xue Lin raised her cup and spoke to Qingfeng Li.

"My gan-brother. We should drink too. As for the reason, you know why." Ruyan Liu smiled and gave Qingfeng Li a knowing look.

The smile was very obvious. You've got my body, it is only natural for us to drink the wedding wine.
If one beautiful woman wanted to drink the wedding wine with you, it was a very happy event. But if two beautiful women both wanted to drink the wedding wine with you, it was a very frustrating situation.

To whom should he drink with first? Xue Lin or Ruyan Liu? It was a very difficult question to answer.

If he was to drink with Xue Lin first, Ruyan Liu would be unhappy.
Likewise, if he was to drink with Ruyan Liu first, Xue Lin would be unhappy. No matter which one he chose, it would make the other one displeased. He looked at Xue Lin on the left and Ruyan Liu on the right, feeling miserable.

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