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Chapter 281: The Loneliness Inside Ruyan Liu

Chapter 281: The Loneliness Inside Ruyan Liu

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"Have the wedding wine with me, dear," Commanded Xue Lin when she turned her cold elegant face towards Qingfeng Li and blinked at him.

"My gan- brother, why not have the wedding wine with me?" then Ruyan Liu threw an enchanting smile at him.

Qingfeng Li looked around, not being able to make the decision on whom he should have the wine with. On the left was his wife, it made sense that he had a drink with her first. However, since he already slept with Ruyan Liu, who was on the right side of him, it seemed inappropriate if he turned her down.

People around couldn't believe their eyes on what was going on. Two gorgeous women wanted to have wedding wine with the same man?

What a lucky man. Qingfeng Li was soon drowned in everyone’s envy and jealousy. For any ordinary man, it would be the greatest honor to have either Ruyan Liu or Xue Lin, since both of them were stunners. But now, Qingfeng Li could have them both at once.

Although everyone was jealous of Qingfeng Li, he was suffering some unspeakable reluctance. He knew clearly that this was not simply having some wine. Two women were involved, if he couldn’t handle this properly, then a conflict would be triggered.

Qingfeng Li didn’t want to upset Xue Lin or Ruyan Liu with a glass of wine. They both treated him nicely, it would make him such a jerk if he hurt either of them.

He also knew that he couldn’t waste any more time, he had to make a decision since people around were waiting for him.
It was Hao Luo’s wedding, he couldn’t mess it up on such a big day.

"Let’s not argue about this, I’ll have the drink with both of you." Qingfeng Li said heroically.
He crossed his left arm with Xue Lin’s, while crossed the other arm with Ruyan Liu’s, then drank from both glasses at the same time.
Qingfeng Li showed his heroic spirit at this critical moment. Having wedding wine with two women at the same time, what a marvel he created.

What a genius. People around were all surprised, wondering how he came up with the idea of having drinks with two women simultaneously. They admired him not only for the fact that he had good fortune in affairs, but he also had the intelligence to handle the affair.

Being able to have their drinks with Qingfeng Li didn’t solve the problem, their impressions on each other hardly got any better. The look they threw at each other was distasteful. However, as sophisticated women, they knew the most important thing right now was to cater to Qingfeng Li, as a man had to set up an excellent image in public.

Smart women understood what a good image meant to a man, especially in front of a huge crowd of people. She could do whatever to please her man in public, however, when they were in private, it was up to the woman how she wanted to punish her man for that.
If Xue Lin ever wanted to punish Qingfeng Li, she had to wait until they got back home. But she would never show her annoyance in public.

A crisis of wedding wine was defused masterly by Qingfeng Li. In terms of the thoughts of the two women, he didn’t bother to figure them out.

Once the wedding ceremony was done, all the men and bridesmaids had their fun and all the guests went to the dining room to enjoy the meals and drinks.

Qingfeng Li was seated at the male table. Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were women so they were supposed to be seated at the female table but they insisted that they wanted to sit with Qingfeng Li.
During the meal, Xue Lin was sitting at his left side, while Ruyan Liu was on his right.

Ruyan Liu served Qingfeng Li a duck leg as soon as Xue Lin offered him with a chicken leg. Apparently, neither of them would like to give in.

"My dear, do you think I look gorgeous today?" asked Xue Lin with a bright smile on her face, while holding his left arm.

What else could Qingfeng Li say, he could only agree with her. But to be honest, she was indeed charming so it wasn't a lie.

Seeing Xue Lin holding Qingfeng Li’s arm, Ruyan Liu didn’t want to get outdone. She slowly put her hand under the table and reached his thigh, which made him shiver and force himself to hold back his excitement.

"How about me, do you think I look pretty, my gan-brother?" said Ruyan Liu charmingly.

Qingfeng Li had to nod, and admit that she was also beautiful. His arm was held by Xue Lin, and his thigh was touched by Ruyan Liu. He did enjoy the moment, yet was also worried.

It was said that being with one woman was a pleasure, but was torture when there were two women.

Poor Qingfeng Li, had to have his meal with extreme delicacy, so that Xue Lin wouldn’t find out about Ruyan Liu’s moves under the table.
Thanks to Qingfeng Li, Hao Luo had a fabulous wedding. Therefore, Hao Luo offered Qingfeng Li some more wine while doing the toast to show his appreciation.

It was Hao Luo’s big day, thus he had so much wine out of great joy that he started to lose control over himself. He felt he didn’t show enough appreciation to Qingfeng Li, so he decided to get on his knees and bow to him. It took Qingfeng Li a while to stop him from doing that.

People left the wedding bit by bit after enjoying the great meals and drinks, so did Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin, followed by Ruyan Liu.

Outside the hotel.

Xue Lin took a glance at Ruyan Liu, said, "My husband and I are going home now, you wanna go back with us?"

Ruyan Liu’s face turned into disappointed upon Xue Lin’s words. Sorrow overflowed her eyes. After all, Qingfeng Li was not her husband. She could only reply with a bitter smile before she turned around and got in her Maserati.


Ruyan Liu drove fast onto the street, and nobody noticed the loneliness in her eyes.

She couldn't know any better that there was no way that she could be with Qingfeng Li. Her father from Jing Capital called her yesterday and told her to go back home and marry Shaoyang Wang. She said no to him, because she wanted to stay in Eastern Sea City a bit longer so that she could see Qingfeng Li a few more times.

Ruyan Liu knew that it was impossible to see him again once she left Eastern Sea City and got married to Shaoyang Wang in the Jing Capital. The most distant way in the world was not the way from life and death, it was when I stood in front of you, but you didn't know that I love you. It was that we loved each other, but we couldn't be together.

Would it upset you if I left you one day?

Tears covered Ruyan Liu’s face as she was driving. Falling in love with Qingfeng Li was such a terrible mistake for her, as he was married already.

However, she couldn't be blamed for that. She had no clue that Qingfeng Li was married when they first started seeing each other.
Seeing Ruyan Liu walking away and left him a lonely shadow, somehow, Qingfeng Li felt sorry for her all of a sudden.

To be honest, he wished that he could leave with Ruyan Liu, but he held that thought back since Xue Lin was right beside him. One of them would get hurt no matter who he chose to go with.

"She’s gone, why are you still looking?" Jealousy showed up on Xue Lin’s face when she saw Qingfeng Li was still staring at the way Ruyan Liu went.

She was jealous, she was jealous of Ruyan Liu. It made her really uncomfortable when she found out that Ruyan Liu was truly into her husband.
Qingfeng Lin gave her an awkward smile, and said, "Let's go home."

A smart man would never talk about one woman with another, it had nothing to do with whether that woman was nice or not. There was only one thing he had to remember, he could place that woman in his heart, but he was never allowed to mention her.