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Chapter 282: Xue Lin Wanted a Wedding

Chapter 282: Xue Lin Wanted a Wedding

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Outside the hotel, although Ruyan Liu left already, it still bothered Xue Lin. She frowned, her eyes beautiful as usual when she looked at Qingfeng Li, but there were doubts in them this time.
Qingfeng Li looked down, trying to avoid her sight. He knew that the best answer right now was silence.

"My dear, is there anything between you and Ruyan Liu?" Xue Lin opened her lovely red lips, and finally let her question out.

She was planning to make Qingfeng Li tell the truth, but apparently he refused to say anything about it as he was still silent. The question Xue Lin had actually made him think about his relationship with Ruyan Liu. Was that friendship, or love?

Qingfeng Li wanted to figure that out, but their relationship seemed too complicated. Of course it was, how couldn't it be after they slept together.

"We are just friends." Qingfeng Li answered and gave her a nice smile.

Could he tell Xue Lin his relationship with Ruyan Liu. Apparently not since he would be in big trouble if Xue Lin knew about it.

Although Xue Lin maintained her image of a cold elegant goddess like usual, she turned docile and tender in private due to Qingfeng Li’s efforts. However, she had her bottom line. Once he went beyond that line, then there was no doubt she would teach him a lesson.

"Are you sure you are just friends with her?"

"Yes I’m sure, it’s just pure friendship."

"Fine, I trust you." Xue Lin nodded. She had to trust him since he said so, even though some doubts were still stuck in her head.

Xue Lin was so impressed by the wonderful wedding Hao Luo had today, especially the moment when Hao Luo put on the ring for his bride. Her heart melted at that moment.

All of a sudden, Xue Lin was dying for a wedding, a wedding for her and Qingfeng Li. Although they had their marriage certificates, they never had a real wedding ceremony, on which they would receive wishes and happiness from all of their families and friends.

What’s more, most of the people didn’t even know that they were married, except for Xue Lin’s father, Qingfeng Li’s uncle.

In her opinion, her marriage would be complete and perfect only if they had a wedding ceremony, a pledge and put on rings for each other.

"My dear, I would love to have our own wedding," said Xue Lin while giving Qingfeng Li a sweet smile.

"Don’t we have the marriage certificates already?"

"I’m talking about the wedding ceremony, like the one Hao Luo had. You say the pledge to me, and put on the ring for me"

"Why did you mention that suddenly?"

"I never have a ring put on by you, which is such a pity," said Xue Lin in a low and regretful tone.

To a woman, there was nothing more important than a happy marriage. It was her dream to have her ring put on by the man she loved. Until then her marriage and her life could be called perfect.
She wanted a wedding ceremony, she wanted Qingfeng Li to put on the ring for her.

"Sure, when do you want the ceremony? You can decide on the date and location." Qingfeng Li nodded.

He knew that he owed this woman too much, therefore he wouldn’t disagree if she wanted a wedding ceremony. Joy flushed on Xue Lin’s face when she heard Qingfeng Li say yes. She hadn’t made up her mind on the date or location, but she had time to plan for that.

"Oh, by the way, let’s go get a new car." Xue Lin asked Qingfeng Li suddenly.

They took a taxi to the wedding today because her BMW was destroyed by Hu Wang last night.

As a CEO, it was inappropriate to go to work by taxi every day. She needed her own car, so that it would be convenient for commuting or visiting business partners.

"Sure, Hu Wang gave me five million as compensation, which is enough for a nice car," said Qingfeng Li as he was reaching for his pocket.

They had a short discussion on what car to get, Qingfeng Li suggested Audi or Porsche, but Xue Lin preferred BMW. Qingfeng Li agreed with BMW since it would be Xue Lin driving the car. Then they got on a taxi and headed to the BMW 4S center on Renmin Road.

The BMW 4S center there was enormous, taking up a few thousand square meters. It had a huge collection of BMWs, from BMW 1 series to 5 series. It also offered all kinds of vehicle models and colors.

There were some saleswomen in the center. They were in their twenties and all good looking. Although people who worked here got paid really well, they were required to meet the high standards, which were young age, an excellent knowledge of cars and great appearance.

The manager was a woman in her thirties, who dyed her hair blonde, and looked pretty with red lipstick and mascara.

The manager went up to Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin as soon as she saw them coming. Her detailed introduction of the function, performance, and price of all cars showed that she was really knowledgeable. Her commissions were based on the numbers of cars she sold so therefore, the more she sold, the more she got paid.

Xue Lin finally decided to get a BMW X5 after looking at various models. She had a test drive, and was very satisfied with that.
This BMW 4S center provided excellent services, it would get all the paperwork done sufficiently as long as it was fully paid.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin drove the car away right after he made the payment.

However, Qingfeng Li got a phone call from King Kong not long after they left.

"What’s up King Kong?" Qingfeng Li answered the phone.

"Big brother Li, this is not King Kong, this is Qiang Zhang, his friend." A strange voice came up.

Thinking for a while, Qingfeng Li realized that King Kong did have a fellow named Qiang Zhang, but why did he call me with King Kong’s phone?

Qingfeng Li knew that as the leader of many bullies, King Kong always had his phone on him. If anybody called, it would be King Kong. Why did his fellow call this time then?

It seemed that Qing Zhang sensed Qingfeng Li’s confusion so he explained, "So it’s like this, big brother Li, King Kong went to an underground force summit in Eastern Sea City. He handed his phone to me before he left, and asked me to call you to rescue him if he couldn’t come back within a day. "

Rescuing King Kong from an underground force summit? Qingfeng Li figured out that there was something wrong. King Kong was his fellow, and wasn’t used to call him a lot. However, once he called, then it meant something terrible happened.

Qingfeng Li frowned, and asked, "Where are you, Qiang Zhang? "

"Big brother Li, King Kong told me to wait for you on Mount Sole." said Qiang Zhang with great respect.

"Ok, I’m heading to Lone Mountain in a bit" then Qingfeng Li hung up the phone.

If Kingkong's in danger, Qingfeng Li naturally had to rescue him.

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