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Chapter 283: The Underground Force Summit

Chapter 283: The Underground Force Summit

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"My dear, I have to run an errand. You should just drive home alone." Qingfeng Li hopped out of the car right after telling Xue Lin.

Fights couldn't be avoided if he was going to rescue King Kong. He didn't want her to know and worry about that. She was a woman, after all. There was always something that she shouldn't get involved in.

"Be careful my dear." Xue Lin frowned and warned.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand, indicating that there was nothing to worry about. He stopped a taxi and then headed to Mount Sole.

He got there after a while, and saw a young guy with his hair dyed blonde at the bottom of the mountain. The young guy looked worried as he kept walking back and forth.

The young guy walked up to Qingfeng Li in a hurry, and greeted, "Hello Big brother Li, I'm Qiang Zhang."

Qiang Zhang had seen Qingfeng Li before, and knew he was a real boss. Even King Kong was willing to call him boss and to be his subordinate.

"Qiang Zhang, do you know where the underground force summit is held?" Qingfeng Li raised his eyebrows and asked.

"I know, it’s at the Bay Villa in the suburbs. I'll take you there." Qiang Zhang nodded, asked Qingfeng Li to get in the car and drove to the summit.

The Bay Villa was remote and located in the southern suburban area in Eastern Sea City. There was an artificial lake in front, that was how it got the name.

Meanwhile, in the villa.

The lobby took up about a thousand square meters, and more than a dozen of tables were placed there. Behind each table sat a leader of an underground force in Eastern Sea City.

Every leader there had the ability to make huge waves in Eastern Sea City. There were at least ten bodyguards standing behind each leader.

Among all the leaders, there was Hu Wang from the Ferocious Tiger Clan, Bao Chen from the Triple Panther Clan and Lang Ye from the Lone Wolf Clan.

Hu Wang, Bao Chen and Lang Ye were the top three most powerful people among the underground force in Eastern Sea City.

The summit was more like a gathering for wiping out and merging other rivals, instead of an underground force summit.

The other forces were already incorporated into Hu Wang, Bao Chen and Lang Ye’s clan. The three of them had all agreed on dividing up the underground forces in Eastern Sea City and establishing the Eastern Sea League.

"Have you made up your mind yet, King Kong. The only way that you can stay alive is to join our Eastern Sea League," said Hu Wang, whose face was downcast and hand was bandaged up.

His fist was crushed by Qingfeng Li yesterday, that was why it was still bandaged. He wasn’t planning to attend the summit, but he changed his mind out of concern that Bao Chen and Lang Ye would take over his territory.

King Kong bursted into laughter hearing Hu Wang’s words, he sneered, "Not a chance, I will never be part of the Eastern Sea League."

Apparently, King Kong wouldn’t join the Eastern Sea League, since he knew that all his forces on Lone Hill were under Qingfeng Li’s control. He couldn’t betray Qingfeng Li.

In King Kong’s opinion, nobody else in Eastern Sea City but Qingfeng Li was qualified for the leader.

"Hu Wang, it seems like King Kong failed to appreciate your kindness, then why not screw him and take over his force." Bao Chen sneered and offered his advice.

"Sure." Hu Wang nodded and agreed with Bao Chen.
Bao Chen stood up and walked towards King Kong. Although he was not as tall as King Kong, his muscles were solid and powerful, and there were layers of calluses on his hands, which were the results of working out frequently.

King Kong couldn’t know any better about how strong Bao Chen was. Bao Chen was among the top three most powerful underground forces in Eastern Sea City.

Every step Bao Chen made added more fierceness to him, and it finally hit the top level of his fierceness when he walked up to King Kong.

Bao Chen viciously threw his right fist at King Kong all of a sudden with a huge sonic boom. King Kong lifted his arm in front of his face to block the coming fist.


Bao Chen’s fist landed on King Kong’s arm, letting out a dull noise. King Kong’s face soon distorted since his arm was burning and the pain was extremely sharp as if the arm was about to break. He didn't expect Bao Chen to be that powerful. He was pushed back at least seven steps till he stopped.

Bao Chen was indeed one of the top three tough guys in Eastern Sea City, King Kong couldn't even take one strike from him.
Not to mention the bodyguards King Kong brought with him, they were eliminated as soon as he refused to join the Eastern Sea League.

"King Kong, how dare you fight against me when you can't even take one strike?" asked Bao Chen, his laugh was full of sarcasm.

King Kong’s face turned pale, but he didn't reply with anything. Although he knew he couldn't defend against Bao Chen, he wouldn't choose to give in.

Bao Chen sneered, and was ready to teach King Kong another tough lesson. If King Kong didn't give in, then he was going to end his life.
Whoosh! Bao Chen instantly shifted towards King Kong like a panther, his right leg wiped through King Kong fiercely, which was so fast that nobody could capture its shadow.

King King tried to avoid the kick but unfortunately, he failed since that kick was so fast that it didn't allow him to react, and he was kicked off immediately.

Bao Chen walked forward and stepped on King Kong’s chest as he was about to get up.

"This is your last chance, are you going to join us or you’d rather be a piece of rubbish with broken tendons and blood vessels?" Bao Chen looked down at him and threatened.

Once someone’s tendons and blood vessel were cut off, then his entire arm would be ruined and he could never expect to do anything with it.

King Kong responded to Bao Chen’s threat with a sneer, "It’s better you just set me free. Otherwise you will be screwed when Big brother Li comes."

"Hahaha, Big brother Li? That's hilarious. Where is your bro while you are suffering here? He is just a coward." Bao Chen scorned, obviously he didn't give a damn about Qingfeng Li.

As far as he concerned, there were few people that could be bracketed with him in Eastern Sea City, and that number wouldn't go beyond the number of his fingers. Talking about Big brother Li, who the hell was him?

Hu Wang got frightened when he heard the name of Big brother Li. He didn't forget that his fist was destroyed by Qingfeng Li last night because Mrs. Wang had a bit of history with Qingfeng Li. Hopefully, Big brother Li was not Qingfeng Li.

It was impossible, wouldn't that be such a coincidence. Hu Wang nodded, trying to get rid of that terrible thought.

"King Kong, I'm going to cut off your tendons and blood vessels since you aren't listening to me." A chilling smile showed up on Bao Chen’s face, then he took out a dagger and was about to get started.


A piece of stone shot at Bao Chen’s hand out of nowhere, and went through his palm directly. The dagger dropped on the floor and blood started pouring off immediately.

"Who is going to cut off the tendons and blood vessels of my brother? Did you have enough of your damn life?" A harsh voice came from outside, revealing the rage and aggressiveness of its owner.