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Chapter 284: Grand Daddy Li of Eastern Sea

Chapter 284: Grand Daddy Li of Eastern Sea

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"Big brother Li is here! He’s here!" Joy flushed on King Kong’s face as he heard the aggressive voice from outside.

He couldn’t be any more familiar with that voice, it was from Big brother Li. No one else could be as rampant as him.

As he expected, Qingfeng Li walked in with Qiang Zhang, with a piece of stone in his hand. A piece had already shot through Bao Chen’s palm.

"Who the hell are you dude?" Bao Chen turned down his face and asked.

"I am your goddamn grandfather." Qingfeng Li replied with a gallant laughter, as aggressive as usual.

He never showed his rage and aggressiveness when he was with Xue Lin, because Xue Lin was his wife. Only cowards would show off in front of his wife. He had his dignity and aggressive attitude, which were only for his enemy.

"I will give you a chance to survive only if you let King Kong go and get on your knees to apologize." said Qingfeng Li while walking forward ragingly.

People around were all astonished at that wildly domineering voice, since they had never seen anyone like that except for Bao Chen.

"What if I don’t?" Bao Chen shook his head and refused.

If he obeyed Qingfeng Li, got on his knees and made an apology in front of so many people, then how could he ever be able to stay in Eastern Sea City or convince others of his authority.

In order to receive respect from others in this society, dignity was absolutely necessary, especially for a leader like him.


Qingfeng Li bent his finger and shot the second stone, which went through Bao Chen’s other palm as fast as a flash of lightning.


Bao Chen gave out a miserable cry. He could hold the pain when one of his palms got injured. However, the extreme pain from both of his palms went so much beyond his tolerance that he started screaming desperately.

How was he this powerful! Astonishment flashed across his eyes. He was extremely impressed by the strength this young man had, who was able to cut through his palm only using a small stone.

Qingfeng Li walked up to Bao Chen, reaching his hand to Bao Chen’s throat. Bao Chen was about to evade. Unfortunately, he didn't make it as Qingfeng Li grabbed his throat instantly, leaving him no time to struggle.

Bao Chen got frightened, his eyes were full of fear. Finally, he realized that he had provoked a devil. He wished he could beg for his life, but it was too late.

"Anyone who harasses my follower, dies!" Qingfeng Li added more strength to his hand, Bao Chen’s throats got crushed with a sound of a crack.

The light in Bao Chen’s eyes slowly faded, his body turned to the side then fell to the ground, becoming lifeless eventually.

This was what people called arrogance and aggressiveness. Nobody could survive once the y provoked this man.

Those leaders of the underground force used to think they were arrogant, however, they were far away from being able to compare themselves with Qingfeng Li.

What, Bao Chen was dead?

People around couldn't believe in their eyes, then they looked at Qingfeng Li with terror, wondering how Bao Chen, one of the top three strongest underground force leaders in Eastern Sea City, couldn't even take one single strike from Qingfeng Li.

Who was this young man, how could he be so powerful? Everyone was shocked but felt lucky at the same time, as it was Bao Chen instead of them that went against Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li stretched out his arm to pull King Kong up, and asked, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Big brother Li." King Kong expressed his appreciation with great respect.

King Kong’s appreciation was not only for Qingfeng Li saving his life, but also for avenging him by killing Bao Chen.

He heard about how formidable Qingfeng Li was, but he never expected it to go that far. Qingfeng Li ended Bao Chen’s life with great ease, which seemed as simple as killing an ant.

It embarrassed King Kong thinking of how unbeatable Big brother Li was, and what a shame that he couldn’t even take one strike from Bao Chen, while Big brother Li killed Bao Chen with one shot. They were at absolutely different levels, and he didn’t expect the gap could be that huge.

"Is there such a thing that people were having an underground force summit and planning to establish the Eastern Sea League?" asked Qingfeng Li while keeping his hands at the back.

Although he asked in a mild tone, people were still terrified by the domineering vibe. People stared at each other back and forth, remained silent. They weren't sure how to answer the question, and didn’t want to risk pissing off the guy who just killed Bao Chen.

Sensing the silence and reluctance of the crowd, Qingfeng Li said aggressively, "Any problem with King Kong being the leader of the underground force in Eastern Sea City?"

Some people weren’t convinced with Qingfeng Li’s decision. They could hardly sit still, and dissatisfaction overflowed from their eyes.

The first person that got up was Lang Ye from the Lone Wolf Clan, he stood up all of a sudden and yelled, "King Kong doesn’t have the capability to be the leader. "


Hearing the disapproval from Lang Ye, Qingfeng Li grabbed his neck and strangled him.

"Is anyone else not happy with that? Get your ass up," asked Qingfeng Li ragingly.

All the leaders there couldn’t hold in the fear on their faces. It totally freaked them out seeing both Bao Chen and Lang Ye got killed.
They knew the man they were facing right now was a heartless tough man. They couldn’t afford the results if they disobeyed him.

"I agree that King Kong should be the leader."

"So do I."

"You are right, King King should be the leader." Those leaders were all shouting to show their approval.

Wang Hu was the only one kept quiet. He used to be the leader of one of the biggest underground forces in Eastern Sea City, as well as the champion of martial arts. Therefore, it made sense that he felt unfairly treated if he had to surrender.

"What about you, Hu Wang?" obviously Qingfeng Li knew Hu Wang, who was taught a lesson by Qingfeng Li because he destroyed Xue Lin’s BMW yesterday.

"Yes, I agree, I agree." Hu Wang lowered his head, acknowledging his allegiance to Qingfeng Li.

Beggars couldn’t be choosers. He understood how terrifying this young man was, he was too weak to be his competitor. The only way he could survive was to give in.

An underground force summit was entirely changed because of Qingfeng Li’s intervention.

Apparently, King Kong was very excited and flattered to be the leader.

"Big Brother Kong," everyone bowed and made a salute to King Kong.
Receiving a salute from the crowd, King Kong didn’t lose his mind, he knew it clearly that everything he had right now was given by Qingfeng Li. he would probably be dead without Qingfeng Li’s help.

"From now on, he will be Grandpa Li (TL: it’s like calling someone daddy, and it shows respect), and everyone should obey his orders." said King Kong while pointing at Qingfeng Li.

He was the leader now and named Big Brother Kong. It would be inappropriate to call Qingfeng Li big brother Li. Therefore, he had upgraded his appellation to Grandpa Li.

"Sir Feng." everyone bowed to him with great respect.

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