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Chapter 285: Xue Lin Got Poisoned

Chapter 285: Xue Lin Got Poisoned

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"Hello Grand Daddy Li." every leader in the lobby bowed and saluted to Qingfeng Li, changing his appellation to Grand Daddy Li.

In addition to the leaders, all the bodyguards standing behind started to bow down and call him Grand Daddy Li.

That was the law of jungle in the underground force society. People admired strong fists and aggressiveness, so they only obey those who were tough and vicious.

Qingfeng Li had unbreakable fists and was tough enough, then there was no doubt that he got all the respect from others. Nobody expected the appearance of Qingfeng Li, and things went out of control when King Kong, the man everybody used to look down on, became the leader; and Qingfeng Li became their Grand Daddy Li.

Qingfeng Li had always been vigorous and speedy. He would be willing to help King Kong expand his territory, enlarge the league and influence it since it was him that appointed King Kong to be the leader. Many small clans would soon join them under the influence of Qingfeng Li.

King Kong also established a new league named the "Qingfeng League". King Kong was just the nominal leader, The real leader was Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li had no interest in the expansions and battles among all the forces. Therefore, he waved at King Kong, turned around and left swiftly once he finished his task, which was helping King Kong become the leader.

He was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent, and the Wolf Fang Clan he led was extremely powerful. Anyone from the clan would be able to kill all of those people.

The Wolf Fang Clan overran the entire Wolf Continent, perfectly completed countless tasks, protected a European billionaire, wiping out lawless mercenaries and even killing a giant monster boa in the Amazon rainforest.

Qingfeng Li walked out of the Bay Villa, headed to his home.


In the meantime, an unannounced guest showed up in Villa No.13.

Xue Lin was having a rest inside when she suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. It turned out to be a water delivery man after she got the door.

The water delivery man was middle-aged, dressed in a blue uniform, and carrying a barrel of water on his shoulder.

"Hello, here is the barrelled water you ordered." said the delivery man with a smile on his face.

Barrelled water?

Xue Lin hesitated for a few seconds, confusion flashing across her eyes. She didn't remember ordering any barrelled water, why would anybody deliver it to her?

"I'm sorry but I never placed an order for that." Xue Lin shook her head, indicating that she didn't order the water.

It seemed that the delivery man already knew what Xue Lin was going to ask, so he smiled and explained, "This is a gift for all the residences in Noble Palace to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year."

Hearing what the delivery man said, Xue Lin took a tumble all of a sudden. The Noble Palace was the most upscale area in Eastern Sea City. Each of the villas here cost millions of dollars, which wasn’t affordable for anyone.

Although the housing price in Noble Palace was extremely high, it provided high-class services in return. All the residents would get gifts during holidays. She remembered the gift from last year was also barrelled water. It was not about how much the gift was worth, but the cordiality that mattered.

"Thank you, please just put the barrelled water on top of the dispenser." Xue Lin pointed at the water dispenser in the living room with a nice smile.

It was actually the right time to deliver the water, since she was running out of it now.

After putting the barrel on the top of the dispenser, the delivery man turned around and walked out. However, as he was leaving, a creepy flash crossed his eyes.

Xue Lin didn't see the creepy expression in the delivery man’s eyes and didn't expect anything was wrong with him.

It couldn't be denied that the Noble Palace was the most upscale real estate in Eastern Sea City. It was developed by Family Wang, one of the Big Four in the city. In terms of the quality of the property, security and tenement services, they were all taken good care of.

It had been many years ever since Noble Palace was built, and not one single accident had happened, which really proved how experienced and professional Family Wang was in the development of real estate.

Xue Lin felt quite thirsty, so she went to get some water from the dispenser. She took a sip immediately, as she didn't notice any problem with the water.

Water went down from Xue Lin’s mouth to her throat, finally reaching to her stomach. Her face twisted suddenly, as she felt an irritable pain coming from her stomach.

The pain in her stomach was so overwhelming that her face turned dreadfully pale, she started losing balance and vision, then she fell on the floor and fainted.

The delivery man took off his uniform after leaving the villa, he got in a black car and headed to Family Wang’s. Inside Family Wang’s house, the father and son were desperately waiting for the results. They got poisoned by the man in the black robe, if they wanted to survive then they had to do him a favor.

The man in black robe gave them a pack of drugs to mix in the water sent to Villa No.13, where Qingfeng Li lived. As long as he drank the water, then he would be dead with no doubt.

The man in the black robe told them that they could get the antidote only if they follow his instruction. In order to get the antidote, they arranged their most trustworthy subordinate to deliver the poisoned water to Qingfeng Li’s place.

The villa that Qingfeng Li lived in was in Noble Palace, which was one of Family Wang’s property, and thanks to that they knew well about the establishment there and were able to deliver the poisoned water.

It seemed like it had been centuries before the delivery man finally came back.

"Uncle Wang, did you deliver the water to Qingfeng Li’s home?" as soon as middle-aged man came back, Kai Wang asked him in a hurry.

This was a matter of his life, he couldn't be any more concerned about it.

"Young Master, the water was delivered to Villa No.13 successfully." the middle-aged man answered with respect.

Finally, the father and the son got a chance to be relieved hearing the middle-aged man’s words. Joy flashed across their eyes.

"That's good, did Qingfeng Li notice anything wrong?"

"Young Master, Qingfeng Li wasn't home at that time."

"What? How did you get in while he isn't home?"

"Young Master, his wife Xue Lin was home, so I put the barrel on the water dispenser."

"Good job, after Qingfeng Li goes back home and has some of the water, then he will be dead for sure." Kai Wang sneered, while a beam of chilling light came out of his eyes.

Unfortunately, what Kai Wang didn't know about was that before Qingfeng Li had the chance to drink the water, Xue Lin got thirsty and had a sip of the water already.

Qingfeng Li sensed something was wrong on the way home from the underground force summit. He couldn't tell what exactly that was but felt it wasn't anything good.

He gave the taxi driver another hundred Yuan bill so that he could drive him home faster. Qingfeng Li started knocking at the door when he was back at Villa No.13. Nobody answered after he made many knocks.

That was weird, the BMW Xue Lin just bought was parked at the front so that meant she was home, but why didn't she open the door?

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and called Xue Lin, but she didn't pick it up.

Wait, I can even hear the ringtone here from the living room, then she could hear that for sure. Why didn't she pick it up when it was ringing over and over again?

Qingfeng Li’s face turned down, what was happening didn't seem right to me, a foreboding thought started marinating in his mind.