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Chapter 286: Qingfeng Became Furious

Chapter 286: Qingfeng Became Furious

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Qingfeng Li couldn't get into the villa because he forgot to bring his keys today. However, he knew something was happening and he could not wait.


Qingfeng Li extended his right leg and kicked the door open. His kick was so powerful that it smashed open the door right away. However, what jumped into his sight was Xue Lin laying on the floor.

"What happened to you, honey?" Qingfeng Li was shocked seeing this, he rushed towards Xue Lin fast like a sharp arrow.

He tried to wake her up by calling her name, but it didn't work. Her face was dull black which was a symptom of poisoning.

The water was poisoned?

Qingfeng Li’s attention was caught by the glass on the floor, realizing that Xue Lin was poisoned by the water she drank.

Was that from the barrelled water in the dispenser?

Qingfeng Li took out a silver needle, dipped it into the water, and it turned black immediately.

Qingfeng Li was a highly skilled doctor, it wasn't hard for him to tell that the poison wasn't a regular one. It was a kind of snake venom called "black viper", which was highly toxic. Anyone that took it would end up dying without the help of antidote.

The antidote of this kind of snake venom was the black viper’s tail. Qingfeng Li was familiar with the underworld and knew that the assassin Viper from the Skeleton League always had a black viper on him and loved to kill people with its poison.

"Poisonous snake? Must be that." it was very smart of Qingfeng Li to detect who the assassin behind was by figuring out what poison it was.

Seeing Xue Lin’s face turning darker and darker, Qingfeng Li took out his acupuncture needles immediately, and inserted them into all the important acupoints over her body in order to stop the poison from spreading over her system.

The acupuncture he just gave was called the Nine Shots from God’s Will, which was passed on from his master. This method worked extremely well in the prevention of poison spread. However, Qingfeng Li was only able to hold the poison for three hours. Xue Lin would be dead for sure if he couldn’t get her the antidote within that amount of time.

Luckily, Xue Lin only had one sip of the water and Qingfeng Li found her in a short time, otherwise, there would be no way to save her life no matter how skillful he was.

Qingfeng Li slowed down the poison spread with the help of acupuncture, then he gave a call to Red Butterfly Yip to ask her to find out the where the poisonous snake was, as well as who delivered the water today.

"Damn you Viper! I swear I will tear you to pieces."

Qingfeng Li sneered, and the murderous spirit inside of his body was so strong that it scared a passing fly to death. Qingfeng Li placed Xue Lin on the bed then walked out. He had to find the poisonous snake within three hours, kill it and get the antidote.

Red Butterfly Yip called back not long after he left the villa. She told Qingfeng Li that she hadn’t found out where the poisonous snake was yet, but Noble Palace was under the name of the Wang Family and it was definitely someone from the Wang Family that delivered the water.

Well done Wang Family, seems like you guys have gad enough with your life. A chilling smile showed up on his face, and he drove to the Wang Family’s place in Xue Lin’s BMW.

He knew already that all the big families in Eastern Sea City were doing some monkey business. Last time was the Chen Family colluding with the Tiger King, and now the Wang Family teamed up with the Viper.

Apparently destroying the Chen Family didn't overawe all those people. Then he had to teach them another tough lesson by eliminating Wang Family.

Qingfeng Li went mad now, he wanted to give them a bloody lesson, that they had to pay the cost in blood if they ever dare to hurt anyone he loved.


Qingfeng Li drove to Wang Family like he was against the clock. He had to go on the rampage, as he was running out of time to get the antidote for Xue Lin.

His car was able to surf through the congested traffic like a flexible fish. It didn't take him too long to arrive at the Wang Family’s villa after squeezing through the crowded streets.

The Wang Family’s villa was located on the north side of downtown. Same as the Chen Family, they lived in a luxurious building as well, and both the father and the son were living there.

It wasn't surprising that they had a state of the art security system. At the front door there stood two tall and muscular bodyguards, and there were more than a dozen of bodyguards walking around in the backyard. It was the norm for the rich to have bodyguards, as there was nothing more important than their own safety.

"Hey you, stop here. Here is the Wang Family’s property, no car is allowed to go inside." seeing Qingfeng Li driving closer, the bodyguard shouted at him.

However, Qingfeng Li replied with a cold smile, pressed the accelerator harder and the car suddenly turned into a mechanical monster, rushing towards the front door frantically.

The two bodyguards at the front door were trying to stop the car, but got hit and were thrown right into the air. Finally, they landed heavily after making a 360 rotation in the air, and it was hard to tell if they were dead or alive.

The only question the two bodyguards had in their mind before fainting was who that guy was. Why was he so crazy, hitting the front door with his car.

With a huge banging noise, the car went through the firm front door of the Wang Family and left a huge hole. At this moment, nothing could stop Qingfeng Li from driving towards the villa.

If any director had the chance to witness what just happened, he would be shocked and admitted this was the real way to shoot a Hollywood movie. Qingfeng Li slammed open the door with his car, which was so violent.

The banging noise Qingfeng Li made while hitting the door was so loud that even the bodyguard and the Wangs in the villa could hear clearly. The first thing they saw after they walked out was a car driving through the front door, dashing around madly like a crazy monster.

"Stop your car! Stop your car!" all the bodyguards shouted at Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li didn't care what they said, a blaze of indignation was burning furiously in his eyes. He kept accelerating the car and drove towards the bodyguards. There was no time for them to avoid the fast coming winged car, as a result, they could only let themselves hit by the car. All of a sudden, the bodyguards were laying on the ground miserably, with their arms and legs missing.

The tragedy of the bodyguards didn't slow down Qingfeng Li, he kept driving towards the father Wang and his son.

Both of their faces turned dreadfully pale. They were too frightened to move their feet, all they did was standing still and shivering. They attempted to turn around and run away from the car, but the car was so close to them that it would hit them the next second.

Insane, the person who drove the car was insane. The fear on both their pale faces showed that they never saw any crazy person like him, who would dare to hit a firm door and a group of people with his car and didn't give a damn of his own life.


Qingfeng Li turned the steering wheel when it was about to hit the father and his son. After drifting at an extreme speed and making an emergency brake, the car turned all the way around and parked at exact ten centimeters in front of the father and the son.

Ten centimeters, both of them were only ten centimeters away from death. However, Qingfeng Li stopped the car at the urgent moment.

Didn't Qingfeng Li want to kill them? He wished he could end their lives right now. But he wouldn't be able to find out where Viper was if they were dead.

Father Wang and his son had to die, but not before they confessed where Viper was.

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