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Chapter 287: Death of the Wang Family

Chapter 287: Death of the Wang Family

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Qingfeng stopped his car right in front of the Wang Family with a drifted sharp brake and got off afterwards.

"Qingfeng Li? It’s you?" Kai Wang yelled surprisingly. He could recognize Qingfeng since he has seen him before.

Besides surprise, he also felt confused since he wondered how Qingfeng was still alive after he asked the others to poison his water in his villa. Could it be that Qingfeng didn’t drink the water?

"Kai Wang, are you that surprised seeing me?" Qingfeng smiled while walking towards Kai Wang aggressively.

"Qingfeng, this is the Wang Family, what do you want?" Kai Wang changed his face after he saw Qingfeng’s aggression.

"Tell me where Viper is."

"I don’t know what you are talking about. Viper? What is that?"

"You don’t know? Alright," Qingfeng smiled and stretched his hand towards Kai’s throat.

Kai was suddenly being choked by Qingfeng and couldn’t breathe. He looked at him terrifyingly with a pale face. He could feel the young man in front of him was extraordinary since he was choked by him before he even realized it. Besides, the way he looked at him was like a devil ready to murder him at any second, which extremely frightened him.

"Leave my son alone," Yi Wang was suddenly panicked and yelled at Qingfeng when he saw his son was choked by Qingfeng.

That was his own son! Yi Wang didn’t really care whether the bodyguards outside were dead since he could just hire more as long as they were rich. There were tons of people out there that would be willing to do anything, even sacrificing their life for money. But if his son dies, that would be a different story.

While Qingfeng kept choking Kai and ignoring his threat, Yi tried to punch Qingfeng by pushing his fist into Qingfeng’s body.


Qingfeng stretched his leg and kicked right on Yi’s stomach. Yi was pushed meters away and he spat a pool of blood with his pale face.

"Tell me, where is Viper?" Qingfeng asked Kai mercilessly.

Kai shook his head to indicate he didn’t know.

"Well, then go to hell," Qingfeng smiled coldly and snapped Kai’s throat, throwing him on the ground.

Qingfeng turned around and walked towards Yi Wang. The viciousness around him intensified as if he was the devil from the hell.

Yi Wang was terrified and looked at this young man with extreme fear after seeing Kai’s throat was snapped by him within a second.
Devil. This man right in front of him was indeed a real devil. He could sense the death as he walked closer.

"Tell me now! Where is Viper?" Qingfeng walked up to Yi Wang, kicking him on the floor and put his foot on his face while asking.

"I don’t know what the heck is the Viper that you are talking about is," Yi Wang kept shaking his head and said with fear.

In fact, he really had no clue about Viper, but this young man right in front was too scary for him to explain anything clearly since he felt like he was about to die. All the sudden, Qingfeng blinked his eyes and realized that Viper would definitely cover his identity and not tell the Wang Family his name if it had come to Huaxia.

After he realized that fact, he soon asked, "Then who asked you to deliver the poisonous barreled water?"

The poisonous barreled water?
Yi changed his face to pale since he knew his trick was caught. However, he wouldn’t expose anything about the Black Cape man since doing so would make him lose the antidote and he would die undoubtedly.


Qingfeng grabbed one of Yi’s fingers and snapped immediately. Yi started to scream devastatingly as he felt the extreme pain.

"Tell me, who asked you to deliver the poison water?" Qingfeng asked again with his creepy smile.

As Yi didn’t respond, Qingfeng snapped his second finger. Yi almost lost himself by this severe pain after his fingers were snapped twice consecutively.

"Ok, I tell you! A black cape man gave me the poison. He asked me to put that in the bucket water and send it to your place," Yi disclosed everything to Qingfeng while looking frightened.

"Where is the black cape man?"

"Will you let me live if I tell you?" Yi asked as he shrunk away from Qingfeng.

"No," Qingfeng smiled coldly and shook his head.

Yi became hopeless after hearing Qingfeng. He stopped disclosing the information onthe black cape man to Qingfeng since he knew he would die anyway.

"If you don’t tell me about him, I’ll snap all of your ten fingers, and smash your bones in your body. You want to try me?" Qingfeng smiled mercilessly and snapped his third fingers directly.

Yi screamed out loud again. When his eighth finger was snapped, he could finally no longer hold the pain and revealed the secret place the black cape man was hiding.

"The black cape man is in a cave deep in the mountains in the rural area," Yi looked at Qingfeng desperately and wanted his life to just be finished.

He suddenly realized that the Wang Family was destroyed by a young man. It must be this one right in front of him.

Yi knew that he has got someone he should’ve have touched into trouble. This young man was ten times more horrifying than the black cape man.


Qingfeng broke Yi’s neck and left without a single hesitation.
The owner of the Wang Family was done.

The Wang family, as the top magnate and one of the four most influential families in the Eastern Sea City, was legitimately finished by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng has got the information from Yi Wang that the black cape man was living in the cave in a rural place.

He knew this type of killer wouldn’t hide himself in the city since it was, first of all, not good for escaping. The Viper is strong at assassination and camouflage, the best place to hide would definitely be a rural cave.


Qingfeng drove towards the cave in the suburban with his BMW since he knew he didn’t have much time left.

Half an hour has passed and Xue Lin had only two more hours to live. Qingfeng had to kill both the Viper and his black viper, and take the black bile within these two hours so that he could save Xue Lin.

Meanwhile, the black cape man was chilling with his black viper in his hands, and he was a feeling a bit ill at ease.

He called the Wang Family just now and nobody answered it.
As the top assassin in the Skull Assassin Organization, he was highly sensitive and alert about danger and he could sense something going wrong.

"Switch locations," the black cape man mumbled and stood up, he was about to leave to another location.

However, when he was about to turn around, a young man suddenly appeared right in front of him in such a hidden and silent way. It was unrecognizable enough that even the black cape man didn’t notice anything at all.

Didn’t notice someone coming to his side was the biggest mistake as a top tier assassin.