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Chapter 288: Detoxification for Xue Lin

Chapter 288: Detoxification for Xue Lin

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"Viper, where are you going? "Qingfeng Li smiled grimly and his eyes were cold and piercing when he looked at the man in black.

"Oh no, the Wolf King is here!" Viper lost countenance and his eyes widened in fright. For an assassin, having his hiding spot discovered was fatal.

Viper’s foot stomped on the ground and his body rapidly backed off. However, Qingfeng Li was still faster than him, he rushed forward, like a bolt of lightning. Qingfeng rushed to the front of him instantly, swung right fist abruptly and punched at his body.
Viper shook his fist against Qingfeng's. At the moment of the collision, he felt a powerful force came from the other one and his body kept backing away.

He glanced at his own fist, startlingly finding a broken crack on there. And his blood flowed out along the crack with a burning pain.
Just one punch, Qingfeng Li was able to wound Viper.
Just from the short round, Viper knew that he couldn’t beat the Wolf King. Although he was one of the top assassins of the Skeleton League, the difference between his skill when compared with the Wolf King's was still very big.


Viper threw out the black-bellied snake from his hand to get it attack to Qingfeng Li, and then turned around to run away. He knew that if once he was discovered by the Wolf King, he could only try to flee.

Qingfeng Li took out his Life-Reaping dagger, forcibly chopped the head of the black-bellied snake. To his surprise, the black-bellied snake didn’t die after beheaded by him. The snakehead continued to bite at him.

"Huh, you’re seeking death!" A cold and piercing light flashed across Qingfeng Li's eyes. He was surprised that the black-bellied snake was that hard to defeat.

Swish! Swish! Swish! ...

Qingfeng Li waved his dagger dozens of times in a row and directly cut the snakehead into dozens of shredded flesh. Like the fluttering ribbons, the pieces fell onto the ground. The snake was completely dead.

After killing the black-bellied snake, Qingfeng Li took out the dagger again and cut through its ventral, found inside a snake gall. The snake gall was black as ink and was exactly Xue Lin’s antidote.
With this snake gall, the toxin in Xue Lin’s body could be resolved. Qingfeng Li carefully put the snake gall next to his skin and a touch of joy flashed across his eyes.

"Snake, did you think you can get away? "Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and chased after Snake.

Viper must die! This assassin was hidden in the dark, not knowing when he will give him a fatal blow. Qingfeng Li was not afraid of him but the people around him couldn’t handle an opponent like Viper.

Running and running, Viper had gotten a headstart 1-kilometer. Didn’t see the Wolf King caught up, his eyes were flashed with content. It appeared that the black-bellied snake attacking the Wolf King has bought escaping time for him.

Viper truly thought he could get away this time. But when he looked up and saw a familiar figure standing in front of him, he lost countenance. Because this figure was the Wolf King.

"Viper, you can go die now! "Qingfeng Li smiled grimly, radiated a strong murderous aura. He swung his Life-Reaping dagger towards Snake.

Viper took out his knife and wanted to resist. With a sound of a clash, his knife was startlingly ruined by Wolf King’s dagger.
The Life-Reaping dagger was able to cut through anything. Any weapons would be cut into halves when encountering the Life-Reaping dagger.


Qingfeng Li’s Life-Reaping dagger directly cut through Viper’s throat. Viper’s blood spattered out, he covered his throat, was not resigned but had to fall on the ground, and then lost his breath.
One of the top assassins of the Hell Alliance, Viper, -- dead.

Qingfeng Li carried the snake gall and quickly ran out of the woods, without even a last glance at Snake who was lying on the ground. He then drove away hastily towards his villa.

Two hours have passed when Qingfeng Li went back to the villa. Luckily he had used the silver needle to control the toxin spreading in Xue Lin’s body, that her life was prolonged for three hours.

Qingfeng Li didn’t want to lose time. He cleaned the snake gall in a hurry and took the bile for Xue Lin. The bile from the snake gall was Xue Lin’s antidote.

After taking the snake gall, Xue Lin’s facial color began to change. The once dark poisoned color gradually turned to white, which was a symptom of toxins getting dissolved.

After about 10 minutes, the snake gall has dissolved all the toxins in Xue Lin’s body. Xue Lin slightly frowned and slowly opened her eyes.

When she just opened her eyes, she saw Qingfeng Li was holding herself with a concerned face.

"Dear, what was going on with me? "Xue Lin looked confused, apparently still not knowing what had happened.

"You were poisoned. "

"What? You said I was poisoned?! "

"Yes, the water was poisonous..."Qingfeng Li told Xue Lin the whole story.

After hearing what had happened from Qingfeng, Xue Lin finally realized why her stomach had severe pain after drinking the barrelled water and that she fainted onto the ground. It was because the barrelled water was poisoned.

"Those assassins, why would they be so vicious? The last time they had killed Ms.Zhang, this time they wanted to kill you. " Xue Lin's face was pale, she said fearfully.

To be honest, Xue Lin was really scared. She was afraid of Qingfeng Li getting murdered by those assassins.

Qingfeng Li knew well that Xue Lin was worried. No matter Xue was poisoned or kidnapped, it was all because of him. Those assassins were here to kill him but hurt Xue Lin instead. Qingfeng Li felt very guilty.

"Don't worry, those assassins won't come again. "Qingfeng rubbed the Xue Lin’s face and comforted her.

He has decided to go to the Tiger Continent within this period of time, to eradicate assassin groups such as the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance, so that they wouldn’t be able to continuously send people to kill him and those around him.

Although Qingfeng had dissolved the toxins in Xue Lin’s body with the snake gall, she had just woke up and her body was still very weak.

Qingfeng came to the kitchen and made some food for Xue Lin. After feeding her the food, he put her on the bed to have some rest.
Qingfeng went back to his bedroom on the first floor after Xue Lin fell asleep.

He opened his computer, entered the password and went in a mysterious online chat room. After a little while, Alice’s charming face appeared on the screen.

"Wolf Fang Highness, it's so late at night. What can I do for you? "Alice licked her red lips and asked seductively.

"Alice, take a look at the headquarters of the two assassin groups, the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance. I'm going to the Tiger Continent tomorrow. "

"You are coming to the Tiger Continent, Wolf Fang Highness? "

"Yes, the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance sent assassins to kill me and they almost killed Xue Lin. I will make them disappear like ashes. "Qingfeng Li smiled grimly and said imperiously.

Heard what Qingfeng Li just said, Alice's charming face appeared a touch of joy. She has been wanted to see the Wolf King for a while, unfortunately, he has been in Huaxia. But now he would come to the Tiger Continent, therefore she was very happy.

Alice spoke excitedly, "Wolf Fang Highness, please be assured that I will hand you the information about the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance before you come tomorrow."

"Alright, Alice, see you tomorrow at the Tiger Continent. "Qingfeng smiled and then closed the chat.

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